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  • 1. Compare: Latin American Idol and American IdolIn the beginning of the show of American Idol the auditions take place throughoutdifferent states of the United States. The main state of where it takes place is in Los Angeles,California, and broadcast by CBS television. The host is Ryan Seacrest. The judges are, MariahCarey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban. For the Latin American Idol the two hostare from Venezuelan Erika de La Vega and Monchi Balestra from Argentina. The judges are JonSecada (Cuba), Oscar Mediavilla (Argentina) and Elizabeth Meza (Mexico), however everyseason they change judges. Both show look for the best singer/Pop star.Some differences do exist between Latin American Idol and American Idol. Onedifference is in Latin American Idol, the contestant’s audition is in their native country to laterwin a ticket to go Buenos Aires, Argentina through Sony entertainment. Second, the languages,one is in Spanish and the other one is English. Third, the auditions are also different. AmericanIdol has only one audition to make it to the show. Latin American Idol has two auditions to makeit to the show. American Idol sets up the first audition with the judges, then Hollywood weekwhere they are broken down into groups. There are 24-36 contestants, and they would sing asong cappella.In Latin American Idol, just the first audition it’s not with the same judges, when they getthe ticket to go Argentina that’s when they meet the judges of the show. In American Idol, thesemi-final is only 13 contestants and in Latin American Idol; there are 12 contestants in the semi-final. Hispanic cultures are different than American culture. In this case the cultures are veryinvolved in the different shows. Americans are more direct when it comes to explaining
  • 2. something. In this case, it would be the first audition of American Idol, when the contestant is notgood they say,” No honey, not today,” they don’t explain why they are not good. They sometimescan sound a little mean. However, it is not their intention, so by explaining less it is better forthem. On the other hand, during Latin American Idol’s audition the judges are more creative withtheir answer when a contestant is not good. The judges try to not sound so offensive toward thecontestant. They explain why they cannot be in the show, what they need to work on, and how itwould be better for them to come back. Sometimes when the contestant is really bad, they justsay something like, “you are pretty, you can try for modeling,” or “I think comedy is better foryou”.At the end of both shows, American Idol; the final contestant has to present his style if heget to be the next American Idol than the end for him is to have record deal many albums andsecure a contract with “American Idol-affiliated 19 management” (Wikipedia, 2012). In LatinAmerican Idol, the contestant wins a car and record album. Latin American Idol has a low budgetcompared to American Idol. The logos are similar but Latin American Idol is low print and oldquality. In American Idol, the stage is bigger and has more lighting, camera shots and anglescontain close up, medium close up, and long angles.In Latin American Idol, they have medium close-up shots, specifically long angles. Theaudiences are constantly shown on the stages of Hollywood, and in Argentina the audiences arefar from where the contestants are singing. In Latin American Idol it takes place on a theaterstage, and in American Idol it takes place on a concert stage. The lighting is also differentbetween the two shows. In American Idol the lighting is purple and blue. In Latin American idol
  • 3. the lighting is blue, but they also used different colors, and the stage light is brighter whichreflects that culture. In American Idol the curtain is red and in Latin American Idol it is orange.ReferencesWikipedia , E. (2012). Latin American idol. Washington, D.C.: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.Retrieved from , E. (2012). American idol. Washington, D.C.: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Retrievedfrom, H. (2009). Latin American Idol 4ta temporada (casting argentina - participantes debolivia) miercoles 23 de sept 2009 - [Web]. Retrieved from, D. (2009). Anahi-mi delirio en Latin American Idol(nov. 2009) [Web]. Retrieved from (2009). Las sorpresas y peores audiciones en Latin American idol 2008[Web].Retrieved from