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As presented for San Jacinto College Social Media Week

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  • Some of these also look up candidates before they've contacted you.
  • Recruiters are twice as likely to find something to disqualify you as a candidate than to hire you.
  • Scott Bartosiewicz, Watch the type of information you post personally, because even though you may not accidentally post to a company handle, be aware that what you post can still reflect upon your online reputation
  • James Andrews from Ketchum (New York office) who made some unflattering remarks about Memphis this morning before he presented on digital media to the worldwide communications group at FedEx (150+) people.
  • "Timothy DeLaGhetto," aka @Traphik, Timothy, a server at CPK, was none too happy about a recent uniform change, so he turned to Twitter to tell his company how he felt. The Twitterer was tracked down to a Long Beach CPK store and fired for his behavior.
  • Up 10% in just two years.
  • Don’t be this guy.
  • Online Reputation Management

    1. @EricTTung Holy Crap, You Can Get Fired For Facebook Posts? All About Reputation on Social
    2. @EricTTung Anthony Weiner Resigned From Congress… Due to inappropriate Tweet How Can You Maintain A Good Reputation Online?
    3. @EricTTung “39% of employers use social networking to research job candidates” @EricTTung
    4. @EricTTung “43% have found info factored into their decision not to hire a candidate” @EricTTung
    5. @EricTTung “19% have found info that influenced their decision to hire a candidate” @EricTTung
    6. @EricTTung Hi! Eric T. Tung • Social Media Manager @ BMC • Univ. Texas 05 Graduate • 5 Years in Social • 65,000 Twitter followers • Forbes #1 Social Media Network
    7. @EricTTung What I‟m Gonna Tell Ya. • 1. Social Media is Huge. • 2. Online Reputation Oops. • 3. Online Reputation for Jobs. • 4. How to Fix Your Social. – Facebook Privacy Settings • 5. Extra Stuff You Should Do.
    8. @EricTTung Social Media is Huge
    9. @EricTTung Social Networking is HUGE. World Populations China 1,354M India 1,210M 1,060M 500M 400M USA 315M Indonesia 237M Brazil 194M Pakistan 182M Nigeria 170M Russia 152M @EricTTung
    10. @EricTTung slide 10 The media landscape is changing… @EricTTung
    11. @EricTTung Francis vs. Benedict:
    12. @EricTTung Bush „01 Obama „13 @EricTTung
    13. @EricTTung Maybe even no more newspapers… @EricTTung
    14. @EricTTung People are shifting from web-based email to mobile, SMS, Facebook… @EricTTung
    15. @EricTTung Importance of Social Media 10% of organizations report an employee who has done something via Social media that damaged its reputation @EricTTung
    16. @EricTTung Be Professional. @EricTTung
    17. @EricTTung Conduct Guidelines – Be Professional “We do not know the total millions of dollars FedEx pays Ketchum…We are confident however, it is enough to expect a greater level of respect and awareness from someone in your position…A hazard of social networking is people will read what you write.” Be Nice. @EricTTung
    18. @EricTTung "@calpizzakitchen black button ups are the lamest shit ever!!!."
    19. @EricTTung Ex NFL Star, Brian Holloway
    20. @EricTTung Estimated $20,000-$30,000 in Damage @EricTTung
    21. @EricTTung
    22. @EricTTung What You Post Online… Lives Forever. @EricTTung
    23. @EricTTung Online Reputation For Job Applicants
    24. @EricTTung Over 90% of companies will use social media for hiring @EricTTung
    25. @EricTTung Recruiters On Social At All-Time High 82% 89% 92% 2010 2011 2012
    26. @EricTTung Social Networks Used for Hiring 78% 55% 45% 87% 55% 47% 93% 66% 54% LinkedIn Facebook Twitter 2010 2011 2012
    27. @EricTTung 86% of Recruiters Likely to Look at Social Profiles 48% 25% 13% 14% Always Use Occasionally If Provided Never
    28. @EricTTung How To Clean Up Social How to not be this guy…
    29. @EricTTung
    30. @EricTTung What Do Recruiters Not Like Seeing? @EricTTung
    31. @EricTTung Illegal Drug Use -78% @EricTTung
    32. @EricTTung Sexual Posts -66% @EricTTung
    33. @EricTTung Profanity -61% @EricTTung
    34. @EricTTung Spelling/Grammar Errors -54% @EricTTung
    35. @EricTTung Alcohol Consumption -47% @EricTTung
    36. @EricTTung YES,54% of recruiters said poor spelling & grammar were negative.. and only said that photos consuming alcohol were. 47%
    37. @EricTTung Clean Up Your F‟n Language… And Learn Grammar.
    38. @EricTTung
    39. @EricTTung
    40. @EricTTung Learn How To Spell
    41. @EricTTung Religious Posts – 53% Neutral Political Posts – 62% Neutral @EricTTung
    42. @EricTTung Professional Orgs – 80%
    43. @EricTTung Non-Profit Involvement – 66% @EricTTung
    44. @EricTTung
    45. @EricTTung What You Need To Do. Now.
    46. @EricTTung
    47. @EricTTung
    48. @EricTTung
    49. @EricTTung Untag or Secure Your Photos @EricTTung
    50. @EricTTung Check Out Your Groups @EricTTung
    51. @EricTTung Update Your Work & Education Info @EricTTung
    52. @EricTTung More Facebook Tips… • Ask Friends to Remove content. • Contact Facebook to remove content. @EricTTung
    53. @EricTTung When You Think You‟re Done… “View As” Public. @EricTTung
    54. @EricTTung Yourself. @EricTTung
    55. @EricTTung Yes, Images Too. @EricTTung
    56. @EricTTung • Check Links for professionalism. • Look several pages deep. • Remove Pages from Google. – (Google “Remove Pages from Google”) • Bury The Info. – Get more pages that talk about you (LinkedIn,, etc). Yourself. @EricTTung
    57. @EricTTung ”If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.” - Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman @EricTTung
    58. @EricTTung
    59. @EricTTung Get on LinkedIn. 1.Build Your Network 2.Opportunities Come To You 3.Industry Group Connections 4.Keep Resume Up to Date 5.Read Industry News 6.Get Noticed on Google @EricTTung
    60. @EricTTung Get on #Twitter. 1.Stay on top of news & trends 2.Follow People in your field 3.Develop your Voice/Following 4.Connect with Brands 5.Connect with Celebs @EricTTung
    61. @EricTTung Blog. Establish a voice. Make connections. Great for Search Engines. Amazing for Job Applications. @EricTTung
    62. @EricTTung Show The World You Mean Business. Register Your Domain. @EricTTung
    63. @EricTTung
    64. @EricTTung
    65. @EricTTung
    66. @EricTTung
    67. @EricTTung
    68. @EricTTung
    69. @EricTTung
    70. @EricTTung What You Should Do. • Check Facebook Privacy Settings • Check Posts, Photos, Profile • Google Yourself. • Sign up for Twitter, LinkedIn, and your domain. • Blog, blog, blog. • Provide Value. Be Yourself.
    71. @EricTTung Thank You! • All Networks: EricTTung • Web: • Email: • SMS Card: Text “EricTTung” to 50500