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Pedicure voetverzorging
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Pedicure voetverzorging


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Presentatie van de nieuwe voetverzorging voor professionele behandeling van de voeten.

Presentatie van de nieuwe voetverzorging voor professionele behandeling van de voeten.

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  • 1. FOOT REPAIR ENZYMATIC PEEL OFF• The feet are: constantly called upon too often neglected. 8 out of 10 people suffer from their feet.• The skin of the feet is: Poorly moisturized Irritated. On the sites of pressure: itchiness fissures cracks.
  • 2. FOOT REPAIR ENZYMATIC PEEL OFFIN THE EPIDERMIS: SPECIFIC PROTEOLYTIC ENZYMES → Responsible for the complex process of desquamation.When the balance is upset → the degeneration of the epidermis is activated, ⇒ the skin becomes: thicker, dryer, irritated.Several factors are involved Endogenous: deficient enzymes Exogenous: environment, repeated mechanical stress, poor hygiene.
  • 3. FOOT REPAIR ENZYMATIC PEEL OFFRecent research in the field of cell biology andbiochemistry has given rise to PEDICARE, acomprehensive and specific foot treatment.Our research department selected PROZYMEXHBT LS 9142: a powerful complex of stabilizedenzymes, obtained by biosynthesis.PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142, very rich in proteases:→ Exerts a strong keratolytic action: PEEL OFF ACTION→ Accelerates cell renewal→ Suitable for the epidermal pH. PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142 boosts the effect of the endogenous epidermal enzymes.
  • 4. EPIDERMIS• The skin is the largest organwith three main layers: EPIDERMIS Epidermis Dermis Hypodermis. • Thickness of the epidermis: DERMIS 0.1 mm EXCEPT on the soles of thefeet and the palms of thehands: → The thickness may reach HYPODERMIS1mm or more.
  • 5. REMINDER OF THE EPIDERMIS STRUCTUREThe epidermis is composed of severallayers. Horny layer• BASAL LAYER:Continuous renewal of epidermal cells. Clear layerA single row of cells able to dividethemselves frequently. Granular layer→ Half of the cells begins the maturationprocess. Spinous layer→ The other half stays in the basal layerand divides over and over. Basal layer• SPINOUS LAYER• GRANULAR LAYER: the cells produce Basement Membranekeratin.• CLEAR LAYER, present only in thick skin → feet and hands: reduces thefriction forces between the granular and stratum corneum layers.
  • 6. REMINDER OF THE EPIDERMIS STRUCTURE • HORNY LAYER: → The cells migrate from the basal layer to the superficial layer or stratum corneum → they differentiate: corneocytes. Corneocytes: “bricks and mortar” type structure are held together by corneosomes and the intercellular cement. • Components of the intercellular cement: → Proteins → Lipids.
  • 7. DESQUAMATION THE SKIN’S NATURAL EXFOLIATION PROCESS• Epidermal desquamation:From the birth of a keratinocyte in the basal layer until it is exfoliated fromthe epidermal surface→ 4 weeks.• But the migration process can also take:→ 75 days depending on the age and skin conditions. • Over time, the intercellular cement becomes denser. Exfoliation becomes more difficult. Cells pile up in the stratum corneum.
  • 8. DESQUAMATION THE SKIN’S NATURAL EXFOLIATION PROCESS• EPIDERMAL DESQUAMATION: Induced by different enzymes: PROTEASES or proteolytic enzymes produced by the stratum corneum They break the peptide bonds of the proteins. Remove corneocytes on the surface of the epidermis by hydrolyzing the peptide bonds between them. The hydrolysis parts corneocytes from one another.
  • 9. DESQUAMATION THE SKIN’S NATURAL EXFOLIATION PROCESS• IMPORTANCE OF EXFOLIATION Stimulates the cell renewal Improves the skin appearance and texture.• DISORDERS OF EXFOLIATION PROCESS → Environmental factors → Hormonal influences → Vitamin deficiency → Enzyme deficiency.• CONSEQUENCES Degeneration of the epidermis the skin becomes: Thicker Dryer Irritated.
  • 10. DEHYDRATION / HYPERKERATINIZATION CRACKS AND CALLUSES• Various factors contribute to dry feet: Exposure to high temperatures Repeated baths or showers.• Different skin disorders: Eczema Diabetes Fungal infections.• Repeated mechanical stress: → the stratum corneum thickens CALLUSES.• SHORT-TERM EFFECT, a dehydrated skin: → Loses its flexibility → CRACKS.• LONG-TERM EFFECT, the skin CRACKS deeply: → The cracks are forming CALLUSES.
  • 11. VASCULAR SYSTEM / EDEMA SWOLLEN FEET• Arteries carry the blood rich in oxygen fromthe heart to the tissues.• Veins carry oxygen-depleted blood from thelower limbs to the heart.• A system of VALVES prevents the bloodfrom flowing back down. • Any malfunctioning of the system causes a VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY: Heavy legs Swelling legs Discomfort Pain Edema Varicose veins. • Heat increases the venous insufficiency.
  • 12. FOOT FUNGAL INFECTION• INFECTION CAUSED BY: Dermatophytes, which feed on keratin Yeast like candida.• CAUSES of the contamination : Humid environment Shoes promoting perspiration.• Foot fungal infection is characterized by: Scaling (desquamation) Itching Fissuring of the infected area.• Nail fungal infection: Onychomycosis.
  • 13. PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142• PROZYMEX, synergistic complex of highly stabilized proteases. SUBTILISIN, bacterial protease PROTEASE derived from biotechnology→ Accelerates the natural exfoliation of the epidermal upper layers.→ Promotes cell renewal in the epidermis• PROZYMEX Compensates for the epidermal enzyme deficiency.
  • 14. PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142 IN VITRO TEST: KERATOLYTIC ACTIVITY• From human epidermis: extraction of the keratin + addition of differentPROZIMEX concentrations and then keratin dosage amount. KERATIN DECREASED BY 60% IN 3 HOURS
  • 15. PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142 EX VIVO TEST: KERATOLYTIC EFFECT• On human skin: deterioration of the keratin proteins into amino acids.• The deeper the color the more free amino acids there are the moresignificant the desquamation effect is. PROZYMEX INCREASES EPIDERMAL DESQUAMATION
  • 16. UREA• PROPERTIES: HYGROSCOPIC Its binds water on the surface to the other layers of the epidermis. Maintains good hydration of the epidermis. Effective and long-lasting moisturizing effect. KERATOLYTIC Eases scaling of the epidermal corneocytes. SOOTHING: Itching sensations of the dry skins.
  • 17. 70% GLYCOLIC ACID• Obtained from a sugar cane, beetroot or grape extract.• The smallest of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids: excellent ability to be absorbed into the skin.• Removes the dead cells by breaking the bonds between the lipids of the stratum corneum: intercellular cement. HYGROSCOPIC AND MOISTURIZING EFFECT
  • 18. REGENERATING ACTIVE INGREDIENTS KOKUM BUTTER Ultra-nourishing Repairing SHEA BUTTER Protective Healing Regenerating BEESWAX Protective Nourishing Antibacterial
  • 21. GLYCOLIC SOLUTION INDICATION Due to a high concentration of glycolic acid, providescleansing, balancing, regenerating and purifying functions. DIRECTION FOR USE Pour 3 capfuls (30ml) into a bowl of lukewarm water. Soak feet for 15 minutes. COMPOSITION PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142: keratolytic, stimulates cell renewal   EVOSINA NA2GP: anti-mycotic, antibacterial  GLYCOLIC ACID: keratolytic PRESENTATION Retail: not available Professional use: 500-ml bottle - Ref. E873
  • 22. EXFOLIANT PEEL OFF INDICATION  Exfoliate thoroughly due to the micro-beads and creamy texture. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Perform a massage in circular movements focusing on rough and damaged areas. Rinse it off with warm water. COMPOSITION  PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142: keratolytic, stimulates cell renewal  GLYCOLIC ACID: keratolytic  ETHYLEXYLGLYCERIN: antibacterial  UREA: moisturizing, keratolytic  D-PANTHENOL: healing, repairing PRESENTATION Retail: not available Professional use: 150-ml tube Ref. E874
  • 23. PROTEOLYTIC REPAIR INDICATION  Regeneration cream with a keratolytic effect. Genuine treatment for calluses and cracks. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Massage until complete absorption focusing on heels and damaged areas. COMPOSITION PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142: keratolytic, stimulates cell renewal  EVOSINA NA2GP: anti-mycotic, anti-bacterial  GLYCOLIC ACID: keratolytic  UREA: moisturizing, keratolytic  KOKUM BUTTER: ultra-nourishing, repairing  SHEA BUTTER: protective active, healing  BEESWAX: protective, antibacterial PRESENTATION Retail: not available Professional use: 150-ml tube - Ref. E875
  • 24. PODO-CLINIC MASK INDICATION Repairing mask, warming and relaxing effect. Nourish dry skin in depth. Provides intense skin renewal. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Apply a thick layer. Carry out a long massage. Coverthe feet with an extra thick layer and put each foot in aPODO-SOCK. Leave for 15 min. Rinse it off with warmwater.COMPOSITION PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142: keratolytic, stimulates cell renewal SALICYLIC ACID: stimulates cell renewal WILLOW EXTRACT: rich in salicylic acidARNICA EXTRACT: repairing, healing PRESENTATION Retail: not available Professional use: 150-ml tube - Ref. E876
  • 25. PODO-SOCKSINDICATIONDisposable podo-clinic socks essential to the PEDICARE treatment.Ease the absorption of active ingredients.DIRECTIONS FOR USEAfter carrying out a long massage with PODO-CLINIC MASK E876, cover the feetwith an extra layer of mask. Leave for 15 min.PRESENTATION Retail: not available Professional use: bag of 10 pairs of disposable PODO-SOCKS - Ref. E878
  • 26. ENZYMATIC REPAIR INDICATION Light cream, nourishes dry and rough skin,repairs cracks, fights against calluses. Promotesskin renewal. DIRECTIONS FOR USEMassage until complete absorption. Focus onheels and damaged areas. COMPOSITION PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142: keratolytic, stimulates cell renewal EVOSINA NA2GP: anti-mycotic, anti-bacterial  GLYCOLIC ACID: keratolytic PRESENTATION Retail: 60-ml tube - Ref. E871 Professional use: not available
  • 27. DECONGESTION REFRESH INDICATION  Decongestion cream that comforts tired, mistreated feet. “Ice effect” immediately removes all feelings of heaviness, swelling and hot sensations. DIRECTIONS FOR USE  Apply in the morning or at any time of the day depending the needs. Massage from the foot up to ankle. COMPOSITION  PROZYMEX HBT LS 9142: keratolytic, stimulates cell renewal  EVOSINA NA2GP: anti-mycotic, anti-bacterial  GLYCOLIC ACID: keratolytic  MENTHOL: refreshing, relieves congestion  CAMPHOR: venotonic, relieves congestion PRESENTATION Retail: 60-ml tube - Ref. E872 Professional use: 150-ml tube - Ref. E877
  • 28. PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT PROTOCOL GLYCOLIC SOLUTION BATH E873 Pour 3 capfuls (30ml) of GLYCOLIC SOLUTION into a bowl of lukewarm water. Soak feet for 15 minutes. EXFOLIANT PEEL OFF E874 Perform a massage with circular movements. Focus on rough and damaged areas. PROTEOLYTIC REPAIR E875 Massage until complete absorption. Focus on heels and damaged areas.
  • 29. PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT PROTOCOL PODO-CLINIC MASK E876 Apply a thick layer, and do a long massage. Apply an extra thick layer, put each foot in a PODO-SOCK: leave for 15min. Rinse off with warm water. DECONGESTION REFRESH E877 Apply to the foot and ankle, massage until complete absorption. DURATION OF ONE TREATMENT = 45 minutes 1 COURSE = 4 TREATMENTS FREQUENCY = ONCE A WEEK