Age Concepts' Business Opportunity Presentation


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An opportunity to be beautiful inside and out.

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Age Concepts' Business Opportunity Presentation

  1. 1. “Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living; profits make you a fortune.” Jim Rohn
  2. 2. The poor and middle class work hard for their money and the rich have their money work hard for them I work for money My money works for me
  3. 3. AGE 25 AGE 65 We call this the 40 Year Plan Americans at age 65 90% of us are Dead, Dead Broke, or rely on friends/family or charity for help, while trying to survive on Social Security! 5% still work 4% OK financially Only 1% is wealthy or gets to the TOP! . THE OLD BUSINESS MODEL (“Corporate Pyramids”) Limited Income (your efforts only) Limited Time (no work-no pay) Limited Control (decisions made by others)
  5. 5. TRADITIONAL MODEL VS NETWORK MARKETING Traditional Business Network Marketing In traditional business goods and services move from one channel to the other with the increase of prices at every channel. Same price or minimal increase in price.
  6. 6. The New Business System 1. Get off the 40 Year Plan. 2. Create Leverage through your Network Marketing Business 3. Plan to: Retire Early with Residual Income!
  7. 7. VISION STATEMENT We envision a society where people are beautiful inside & out, supporting each other in improving the quality of life through entrepreneurship.
  8. 8. MISSION STATEMENT Age Concepts is a network marketing company that has high regard on Ethical Business Practice, committed in providing access to valuable products and great income opportunities while promoting social responsibilities.
  9. 9. CORE VALUES  Altruism  Gregariousness  Excellence Commitment Open-mindedness Nature Credibility Education Prosperity Thankfulness Success
  10. 10. PEOPLE BEHIND THE COMPANY  AGE Concepts is a business enterprise composed of experienced management team for over 15years in the network marketing, wholesale & retail industries and more than 10 years in the consumer products manufacturing.  It is a marketing company owned and managed by people who have high regard for ethical business practice and social advocacy.
  11. 11. OUR PRODUCTS
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITIES Direct Selling (25-40% discount) AGE Concepts Unique Marketing Plan Learning Opportunities  Business Trainings  Leadership Trainings  Personality Development
  13. 13. AGE INCOME PLAN Product Package: Php7,500.00 (Anti- Aging Set) Potential Income: Php400- Direct Sales Commission Php1,400- Sales Match Bonus Business Development Bonus up to 5th Level (Php50) Patronage Bonus Leadership Bonus Loyalty Bonus
  14. 14. AGE INCOME PLAN You A C D B E F 1400 400 400 1400 400 400400400 1400 Php2200 Php3000 Php2200 Php2200 Php5200
  15. 15. AGE INCOME PLAN Product Package: Php1,500.00 (Whitening Set) Potential Income: Php500- Direct Sales Commission Business Development Bonus up to 6th Level (Php50) Patronage Bonus Leadership Bonus Loyalty Bonus
  16. 16. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BONUS Level Members Income Total 1st 5 500 2,500 2nd 25 50 1,250 3rd 125 50 6,250 4th 625 50 31,250 5th 3,125 50 156,250 6th 15,625 50 781,250 Total Potential Income Php978,750
  17. 17. AGE CONCEPTS CENTER PACKAGE  Mobile Business Center – Php65,000.00  Distribution Center- Php130,000.00  Mega Distribution Center – Php500,000.00
  18. 18. MOBILE DEALER BENEFITS Gold Distributor Position (15%) 20% of PV from Repeat Purchase 1.5% from Paylite Packages 2% from Unilevel Package 0.8% from Binary package Two (2) small and One (1) big tarpaulin. 1Company Sponsored Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM)
  19. 19. BUSINESS CENTER BENEFITS  Diamond Distributor Position (23%)  30% of PV from Repeat Purchase  2.5% from Paylite Packages  4% from Unilevel Package  1.2% from Binary package  Four (4) small and Two (2) big tarpaulins.  3 Company Sponsored Business Opportunity Meeting for the first 3 months
  20. 20. EDC BENEFITS  Senior Diamond Distributor Position  40% of PV from Repeat Purchase  3.5% from Paylite Package  6% from Unilevel Package  2.5% from Binary Package  Six (6) small and three (3) big tarpaulins.  2 Company Sponsored Business Opportunity Meeting monthly for the first 3 months  1 Company Sponsored Business Opportunity Meeting monthly for the next 3 months
  21. 21. OUR COMMITMENT “Be beautiful & bountiful. Be beautiful outside through the excellent quality of our products and beautiful inside like angels by cultivating our natural goodness and enhancing our talents and skills towards excellence so that together we soar high like eagles.” ehr