Wedding on Bayou LaFouche


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A wedding on the Bayou - yee-haw, now ain't that some down home gol-durned good times???

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Wedding on Bayou LaFouche

  1. Wedding Day on Bayou La Fouche' 10:00 a.m. – Guests Arrive
  2. 10:30 a.m. Photo shoot with bride and the cute sister. Guess which one is which.
  3. Bride Mother of Bride Daughter of Bride Daughter of Daughter of Bride Groom’s mistress/niece
  4. Bride Groom Special Note – Notice grip around child’s larynx. Keeps him from tellin’ everyone he was just sodomized on the boat.
  5. 11:30 Limo Arrives
  6. Honestly, what wedding wouldn’t be complete without a catfish shaped cake? Not one, not two, not three, but 6 – count’em 6!! PIES
  7. Sacrificial Altar?
  8. More people would have singed the guestbook, but when they saw X as one of the names they all thought they had already signed.
  9. Where do I begin? I don’t know whats more scary, This guy? Or the fact that he’s wearing a camo CLIP-ON tie and suspenders!! He’s ready for huntin’ or board meetin’ at a moments notice!!
  10. Pops explanin’ the family tree to the clergyman.
  11. Im Larry, this is my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl.
  12. MMMmmm.. Who’s gonna get a crack at the bridesmaids first?
  13. This guy
  14. Ahh, the traditional ‘Throwing of the Bouquet of Swamp Flora” Notice the usher havin’ a smoke on the campsite crapper.
  15. Her vows: I promise to clean yer fish. You kill it. I’ll grill it I’ll love, honor and obey you, so you don’t punch me in the face. I promise to pick vomit out of that beaver on your chin when you get too drunk every night. His vows: You got a real purdy mouth. Passin’ out in your bed after bangin’ yur sister was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  16. I now pronounce you husband and wife! Y’all go have fun now’ ya hear!
  17. Anyone seen a cake around here? We left it on the table and it seemed to blend into the surroundings..
  18. How you’s doin little camera boy? How’s about you come on around here and help me lay some pipe?
  19. Next on Maury – DNA tests will prove, one of these men is this boys daddy.
  20. The MD20/20 toast.
  21. Wins my vote for coolest mullet ever. He’s thinkin – What are you a moron? Safety Orange after Labor Day? Idiot!!! GAWD!!
  22. This cake was made to scale – There’s HUGE F’ING DUCKS in Louisiana.
  23. Why am I hearing the theme from “Deliverance”?.
  24. Well Hoooodeee!!! Im just cookin’ up a pot of possum belly stew. I hit a family of ‘em on the way up here.
  25. Just ‘Redneck’ Married