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Eric Olden guest lecture UC Berkeley March 2013
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Eric Olden guest lecture UC Berkeley March 2013


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The Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (CET), in collaboration with Berkeley Skydeck, is delighted to host a lecture by Eric Olden, March 5 2013, at Skydeck. …

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (CET), in collaboration with Berkeley Skydeck, is delighted to host a lecture by Eric Olden, March 5 2013, at Skydeck.

Eric Olden, angel investor, multiple founder, and startup CEO of Symplified and CTO of Securant Technologies, will share his experiences starting an internet security software company while at Cal. Eric took Securant, a security software startup that began as an idea on campus and grew to become the largest provider of Web identity management until its acquisition by RSA Security for $140,000,000.

With multiple patents to his name, Eric is an authority on security and cloud infrastructure. Olden co-authored the initial SAML federated identity standard and has been published in engineering journals. Next Tuesday, he will share strategies, tactics, and resources to help you make your startup successful. From creating a lean startup, finding initial funding and venture capital, to building a great team, phenomenal culture, and a killer commercial product; come and learn from someone who's been through startup experience several times.

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  • 1. Everything You Wanted To Know About Launching A Startup At Cal But Didn’t Know Who To Ask Eric Olden Symplified
  • 2. Who Am I? Berkeley Class of 1995Self-taught engineer and geek – Founder, CEO and CTOSecurant Technologies - Web security• Founded first company my senior year on campus• Moved to San Francisco and grew to ~300 employees• Raised $40,000,000 and acquired a few months later for $140,000,000Became active angel investor focused on infrastructure, enterprise software and securitySymplified – Cloud SecurityCEO, Chairman and FounderRaised $38,000,000 building cloud security and identityTotal venture capital raised - $78,000,000Total enterprise value created - nearly $225,000,000 Eric Olden Symplified
  • 3. What I Do Now Founder Veloci Partners Helping startups kick ass faster Strategy | Lean startups | Bought Not SoldAngel investments, capital raising, team buildingand company formation Eric Olden Symplified
  • 4. Agenda1. What it takes to succeed2. Show me the money3. If I could do it over again...4. Questions and answers Eric Olden Symplified
  • 5. What it takes1. Guts2. Great team3. Ideas are free - execution is the key4. Innovation is overrated - dont fall in love with your idea5. Resilience - know when to pivot6. Bootstrapping - do it the old fashioned way, earn it7. Money - best from customers, or angels or VC (last resort)8. Culture is king - no jerks9. Know the difference between success and winning alottery10. Help others - what goes around comes around Eric Olden Symplified
  • 6. Guts Eric Olden Symplified
  • 7. Startups are like train wrecks where a lucky few survive (chaos means opportunity) Eric Olden Symplified
  • 8. Startups are HARD and SCARY Eric Olden Symplified
  • 9. Great Teams Mean Everything Eric Olden Symplified
  • 10. Ideal Blend Of Specialists And Generalists Look For Cultural Fit and IQ Eric Olden Symplified
  • 11. Team and culture eats strategy for breakfast Tom Curren Eric Olden Symplified
  • 12. Eric Olden Symplified
  • 13. Ideas are freeIt’s the EXECUTION that matters Eric Olden Symplified
  • 14. Find a really painful thing to fixThe more painful the bigger the potential Eric Olden Symplified
  • 15. Eric Olden Symplified
  • 16. Eric Olden Symplified
  • 17. Know When To Change (pivot)Be Data Driven & Intellectually Honest Eric Olden Symplified
  • 18. The MoneyBootstrap Prove It Nail It Scale It Eric Olden Symplified
  • 19. The Valley Of Death Eric Olden Symplified
  • 20. The Valley Of Death Eric Olden Symplified
  • 21. Bootstrap1. Do2. Spend3. Wait4. Hire Slowly Eric Olden Symplified
  • 22. Eric Olden Symplified
  • 23. Angel investors are more common than everLook for investors that can bring more than money – networks, advice, recruiting Cost of startups has never been lower in history. Use this! Eric Olden Symplified
  • 24. The Valley Of Death Eric Olden Symplified
  • 25. Angel List Amazon Meets Venture Capital Eric Olden Symplified
  • 26. Kick Starter Sell Your Product Not Your Company Eric Olden Symplified
  • 27. Indie GoGo Sell Your Product Not Your Company Eric Olden Symplified
  • 28. The Funded Yelp For Venture Capital Eric Olden Symplified
  • 29. If I Could Do It Over Again Change Wouldn’t Change- Don’t take too much money - Just Do It- Don’t get obsessed with being - Great teams 1st - Learn and leverage others’- Grow slowly and smart experience- Protect culture!- Build a great board- Sell when value created – founders and VC have totally different motivators Eric Olden Symplified
  • 30. Pay It Forward Give Before You AskWhat Goes Around Comes Around Eric Olden Symplified
  • 31. Questions?If you have an idea or a startup that you’d like to take to the next level email me.Most seed startup initial engagements are free for Cal students and alumni. This presentation will be on Eric Olden Symplified