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Second Home Property owned the collaborative way that transforms you financially, physically, socially, intellectually and spiritually. Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play lifestyle / system / environment

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  1. 1. Property That Transforms .... …. Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play Financially, Physically, Socially,Intellectually, Emotionally & Spiritually.. www.sohominium.com
  2. 2. Your Future is in ….. SECOND HOME PROPERTY… …. the Collaborative Way !!! …. Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play (LW-T-LP) Lifestyle No Mortgage Loan Required!!! ….. Your own Hypercube Master Mind (HMM) Group for Passive Income!!!
  3. 3. Live-Work-Travel-Learn-PlayLife-transforming Productive Experiences via the following elements (LW-T-LP):* Second Home / Third Place (LIVE)* Business Incubator / Telework (WORK)* Couchsurfing / Hosting (TRAVEL)* Life-Long-Learning Network (LEARN)* Productive Experience / Flow (PLAY) www.sohominium.com
  4. 4. HyperCube @ SOHO*landLive-Work-Travel-Learn-Play:
  5. 5. Second Home / Third Place* (LIVE)(1) Week-end Retreat(2) Guest accommodation(3) Social / Bachelor Mess(4) Therapeutic Sanctuary(5) Lean Startup Facilities(6) Home Stay Program ... etc.(* In place-making terminology, Home is the First Place, Office or work-place is the Second Place, whereas Third Place is place for socializing / networking and relaxation)
  6. 6. Business Incubator / Telework (WORK)* Full facilities Business Centre* High-Speed Broadband Wifi* Coworking arrangement* Lean Startup mentoring* E-commerce ... etc.
  7. 7. Couchsurfing & Hosting (TRAVEL)• Couchsurfing & Hosting opportunities www.couchsurfing.org/people/erico47* Travel & Holiday Exchange* Cultural & Work Exchange* International Networking ... etc
  8. 8. Life-Long-Learning Network (LEARN)* Collaborative Consumption* Whuffie Factor* Future of Work Consortium* Transition Network .... etc
  9. 9. The Flow Moment (PLAY)* Experiencing the Presence & the Flow* Productive Experiences* Serial Mastery / Innovative Connector / Impassionated Producer* Combining Work & Play & Higher Purpose* Meaning of Life & Meaning of Lite* Integral Values ... etc. etc
  10. 10. HyperCube @ SOHO*landHyperCube @ SOHO*land
  11. 11. HyperCube Property Investment* Zero Down (100% financing provided)(a) No Deposit required(b) Extended payment period (5 years)* Seller Financing (100% @ zero rate)(a) 100% Seller Finance(b) Zero Interest: 0% p.a.* Incoming Producing (Multiple sources)(a) Home-Stay program(b) Business Incubator / Mentoring(c) Lean Start-Up
  12. 12. HyperCube Property Investment* Sustainable & Regenerative (Transition Lifestyle: Low-carbon foot-print)* Fractional & Freehold & Free-trade (Active re- sale market)* Crowd-Invested Placemaking (Crowd- Sourced Impact Investment)* Mosaic Lifestyles in Boutique Property* Locavesting & Global Connections (Glocal)* Integral Values (Triple Bottom Lines) ... etc
  13. 13. Investment Example: Illustration* Fractional Ownership: 1/10 (one-tenth REALshare)* Hosting Days Entitlement: 109 days* Home Stay Program Revenue: RM 5,450 /yr (9% p.a)* Lean Start-up Revenue: RM 3,600 / yr* Networking & Travel Opportunities: RM 2,000 / yr* Health / Emotional / Spiritual Wealth: RM 3,000 / yr* Capital Gain / Appreciation: RM 15,000 over 5-yr* Investment / Instalments: (a) RM 60,000 @ 0% p.a over 5 years (b) Instalment per month: RM 1,000 / month (c) 12-month FREE maintenance
  14. 14. HyperCube Master Mind (HMM) Group• Building your own Hypercube Property Chain• Start / Syndicate your own Hypercube Master Mind (HMM) group• Organizing Hypercube Consortium / Exchange• Crowd-sourcing & Crowd-funding techniques• Continual Passive Incomes … www.sohominium.com
  15. 15. Available Locations / PlannedExpansion* Langat Jaya Condominium, Cheras, Selangor* Villa Wangsamas Condo, Wangsa Maju, KL* South City Apartments, Serdang, Selangor
  16. 16. SOHO*landCrowd-Invested Placemaking:Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play (LW-T-LP)
  17. 17. Appendix: Relevant Linkages* Houses That Transform You.. http://sohominium.blogspot.com/2011/07/houses-that-transform-you-hypercube.html* Visualizing A Hypercube Home http://sohominium.blogspot.com/2011/03/this- is-how-hypercube-could-be.html• Instant Office Consortium http://sohominium.blogspot.com/2008/01/instant-office-consortium.html* Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play Extension http://sohominium.blogspot.com/2012/04/live-work-travel-learn• You Are Hosting @ SOHOland http://sohominium.blogspot.com/2012/07/you-are-hosting-soholand-compared-to.html• LW-T-LP http ://www.sohominium.com/home/live-work-travel-learn-play•www.sohominium.com Lean Start Up for Business http://www.sohominium.com/home/lean-start- up-for-business
  18. 18. About Us (Small-Office-Home-Office in Condominium) SOHO Learning And Network Demo (LAND) Unit A-1-E, Langat Jaya Condominium, Jalan Dato Alias, off Jalan Hulu Langat, 43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: +603-9081-0832 Fax: +603-9074-8026 Mobile: +60122134968 Email: erico@pc.jaring.my SOHOland is a Real Estate Agency firm (E(3)-1325) licensed / registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia. The Principal, Mr. Eric Y.F. Lim had successfully launched and managed the first "SMART-HOME" condominium project in Malaysia in the early 90s (and was honored for this pioneering effort by the Centre for International Co-operation in Computerization, Japan) which evolved into the SOHOMINIUM (Small-Office-Home- Office in Condominium) concept in China and Malaysia in the early 2000s. The HyperCube Concept and its associated LW-T-LP (Live-Work-TRAVEL- Learn-Play) program is an enhancement of the original SMART-HOME andwww.sohominium.com SOHOMINIUM innovations.