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CSR-in-A-Box in the form of The Triple Way (3xSOHO) program, delivering Social-Environmental-Entrepreneurship via ICT / CSR / SOHO, in overcoming the challenged presented to the Generation-E (Environment, Energy, Equity, Enterprise, Emotion and E-commerce)

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CSR In A Box

  1. 1. The Triple Way (3xSOHO) ( 三元三重道 ) CSR-in-A-Box Holistic CSR practices for Personal & Corporate 3BL Health / Wealth / Happiness (Unique Soil-Sun-Soul or Toil-Tech-Touch approach)
  2. 2. Quotable Quotes …..  Buckminster Fuller said ….. that spaceship earth was so ingeniously designed, that no one has a clue that we are on one, flying through the universe at a million miles per hour, with no need for seatbelts, lots of room in coach, and really good food ----- but all that is changing  Working for the earth is not a way to get rich, it is a way to be rich……Paul Hawken, renowned entrepreneur, visionary environmental activist.  The Triple Way (3xSOHO) is a unique Social-Environmental- Entrepreneurship via ICT / CSR / SOHO ..... “CSR-in-A-Box”
  3. 3. The Generation-E in History  We are the generation that faces the following threats / opportunities concurrently:  Environment: Degradation  Energy: Peak Oil & Renewal Energies  Equity: Income-Disparity & Social Equity  Emotion: Psychology & Spirituality  Enterprise: Entrepreneurship & Human Development  E-commerce: Web 2.0 / Web 3.0  We are the first self-conscious Generation-E in human history
  4. 4. Social-Environmental Entrepreneurship (SEE)  Social-Environmental Entrepreneurship (SEE) is the only effective tool in meeting the challenges in this critical Generation-E.  It addresses all the 6-E issues of Environment / Energy / Equity / Emotion / Enterprise / E-commerce  Attainment of Personal and Corporate Health / Wealth / Happiness is the ultimate concern in meeting these challenges.  It is also the Triple-Bottom-Line (3BL) of (People-Planet- Profit) or (Equity-Ecology-Economy)  It is the ideal approach to holistic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices…. “CSR-in-A-Box”
  5. 5. Health / Wealth / Happiness  Pursue of Health / Wealth / Happiness is human ultimate concerns, addressing the physical, mental and spiritual needs of mankind.  This is equivalent to “Act locally, Think globally, and Connect cosmically” for individuals and corporations.  It is also the promotion of Scientific, Social and Philosophical perspectives in pursuing Health / Wealth / Happiness as holistic solution.
  6. 6. Holistic Perspective  The Local-Global-Cosmic principle has its Scientific, Social and Philosophical foundation in the following Three SOHOs (3xSOHO)( 三元三重 道 ):  Small Office Home Office (SOHO-1), representing the local perspective (Soil or Toil)  Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO-2), representing the global perspective (Sun or Tech)  Self-Organizing Holarchi Open (SOHO-3) system, representing the cosmic perspective (Soul or Touch)
  7. 7. The Soil, The Sun and The Soul or High (Toil, Tech and Touch)  The Soil (or High Toil) in entrepreneurship is well represented by Small Office Home Office (SOHO-1), solving Enterprise / E-commerce / Equity issues (“Office- in-Every-Home” theme)  The Sun (or High Tech) in Green Economy is well represented by Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO-2), solving Environment / Energy issues (“Home- in-Every-Office” theme)  The Soul (or High Touch) in Personal Development is well represented by Self-Organizing Holarchi Open (SOHO-3) system, solving Emotion / Equity issues (“Network-in-Everywhere” theme)
  8. 8. The Triple Way (3xSOHO)( 三元三重道 )  The Triple Way (3xSOHO) is therefore based sound Scientific, Social and Philosophic foundation.  The Triple Way (3xSOHO) promotes Scientific, Social and Philosophical thinking and perspectives.  The Triple Way (3xSOHO) promotes holistic solution of acting locally, thinking globally and connecting cosmically  Ideal Corporate Social Responsibility platform
  9. 9. The 3-in-1 Themes  Triple Bottom Line (3BL) of Profit-People- Planet or Economy-Equity-Ecology  Social-Environmental Entrepreneurship (SEE)  Location integration of Home (First Place), Work-Place (Second Place) and Social- Network (Third-Place)
  10. 10. The Role of Social-Networks  Home / Work-Place / Social-Network  Social-Networks:  SEE Business Start-up supports  NGOs and NPOs  “Office-in-Every-Home”  “Home-in-Every-Office”  “Network-in-Everywhere”  Virtual Networks
  11. 11. Best of East & West: Triple Way
  12. 12. Happiness & Sense of Coherence  Hedonistic (Pleasure / Pleasant Life)  Desire (Engagement / Good Life)  Objective Meaning (Meaningful Life)  Authentic Happiness:  All Three combined  Salutogenesis / Sense of Coherence  Manageability  Comprehensibility  Meaningfulness
  13. 13. Business Savvies vs. Values Savvies  Business Savvies vs. Systems Savvies  Systems Savvies vs. Sustainability Savvies  Sustainability Savvies vs. Ecosystems Savvies  Ecosystems Savvies vs. Holism Savvies  Holism Savvies vs. Theology Savvies
  14. 14. So, what are we selling …?  In the market economy, there can be recognized five types of economic offering as follows:  Agrarian  Industrial  Service  Experience  Transformation ….. “CSR-in-A-Box”  We like to classify ourselves as the last category, even though the Triple Way (3xSOHO) approach certainly contains the other elements as well… “CSR-in-A-Box”  You can definitely recognize the relevant components as you explore deeper and participate actively in the full range of offerings ……. “CSR-in-A-Box”
  15. 15. What are we offering:  “CSR-in-A-Box”: Holistic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) packages / programs designed with Triple Way (3xSOHO) methodologies  Opportunities to endorse / sponsor the Social- Environmental Entrepreneurship (SEE) program via tax- deductible funding or donations.  Opportunities to endorse / implement The Triple Way (3xSOHO) in respective environment or capacities for the benefits of employees / customers etc  Social-Environmental-Entrepreneurship via ICT / CSR / SOHO – “CSR-in-A-Box”
  16. 16. Additional Triple-Way (3xSOHO) Implementations ( 三元三重道 )  Promoting & implementing Local, Global / Cosmic Triple-Way perspectives:  Best “Triple-Way” products / services etc  Best “Triple-Way” locations / towns etc  Best “Triple-Way” leaders / CEOs etc  Best “Triple-Way” corporations / Co., etc  Best “Triple-Way” states / countries etc
  17. 17. Promoting Holistic Corporate Social Responsibility practices The Triple Way (3xSOHO) (Unique Soil-Sun-Soul or Toil-Tech-Touch approach)
  18. 18. For further Information on: ”CSR-in-A-Box” Blog: www.sohominium.blogspot.com Lens: www.squidoo.com/tripleway E-mail: erico@pc.jaring.my