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  1. 1. Driving India into the future.SAIG – India Cooperation Proposal
  2. 2. Driving India into thePrefac future. SAIG (Self Assembled International Group), a subsidiary of the KPC Group; is currently exploring international expansion options in India.e A cutting edge transportation company, SAIG currently manufactures low cost electric vehicles in Vietnam for global distribution. Our philosophy is to provide eco-friendly transportation as a safe and affordable option to low income families while making a positive impact in the markets we faithfully serve. Through the 3 principles of environment, education, and employment; SAIG wishes to support India’s innovation and people. The following proposal outlines how we will accomplish this through cooperation.
  3. 3. SAIG was founded in 2009 to develop the worlds first modular, lowest priced, easy to assemble; Electric Vehicles. wOw EV has been designed to offer our users maximum flexibility in terms of range, design and purpose. Bongo wOw EV features many platform options and packages.SAIG Today wOw EVs unique size and range ability make it ideal for multiple fleet purposes. The low cost of acquisition is a cost effective way to introduce an EV program and demonstrate your commitment to the environment. SAIG currently manufactures wOw Cars in Da Nang and Vung Tau, Vietnam.
  5. 5. SAIG Today
  6. 6. SAIG company profile… SAIG Today Chairman and Founder of the KPC Group of Companies, has reached an unprecedented level of success through extraordinary vision, acute entrepreneurial spirit and relentless hard work. The KPC Group is engaged in numerous businesses around the world serving diverse industries such as healthcare services and facilities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, education, real estate, infrastructure development, agriculture, architecture and engineering, alternative energy, wasteDr. Kali Pradip management, travel services and information technology.ChaudhuriFACIP, FAAPM, FICS, FAAOS, FACSCHAIRMAN
  7. 7. SAIG Dr. Kali Pradip Chaudhuri SAIG Chairman FACIP, FAAPM, FICS, FAAOS, FACS CHAIRMAN TodayDr. Chaudhuri completed his intermediate science at the MC College in Sylhet. He obtained his MBBS degree inKolkata and was also educated in Malaysia, England, Canada and the United States. Having earned extraordinarycredentials and prestigious honors, Dr. Chaudhuri has practiced orthopedic surgery since 1982. He is certified bythe American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. In addition, Dr. Chaudhuri is a Fellow of the American Academy ofOrthopedic Surgeons, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.Dr. Chaudhuri diversified his quest for progress in many business verticals while enhancing his footprint in thehealthcare services and facilities industry. During the last four months of 2010, Dr. Chaudhuri and his groupacquired a $70 million note on four hospitals in California including Western Medical Center in Santa Ana,Western Medical Center in Anaheim, Chapman Medical Center and Coastal Communities Hospital in OrangeCounty. In addition, Dr. Chaudhuri successfully acquired two hospitals: Hemet Valley Medical Center and MenifeeValley Medical Center for $172 million. His latest hospital acquisition includes Victor Valley Community Hospital inVictorville, California.A real estate entrepreneur with widely diversified property acquisitions worldwide, Dr. Chaudhuri has enhanced hisfootprint significantly over the last several years. The KPC Group has been contracted to execute the prestigious―City of Corona Redevelopment‖ project – worth $ 1.8 billion over a period of several years. The Group hasacquired the multi-million dollar high profile 300,000 SF commercial complex in Corona, California and named itKPC Summit. In addition, Dr. Chaudhuri and his group are currently engaged in the development and constructionof more than 3.3 million sq. ft. of commercial real estate comprising of hotels, resorts, apartments, old age homesand educational institutions.
  8. 8. Dr. Kali Pradip Chaudhuri SAIG Chairman (continued)In 2003, Dr. Chaudhuri successfully established the first private medical school in West Bengal, India. On asprawling 25 acres state-of-the-art campus with more than 1.8 million sq. ft. of construction, the KPC Medical SAIGCollege & Hospital, Shova Rani Nursing College and Paramedical College provide health and educationalservices to millions of Indians residing in the city of Kolkata. TodayIn April 2010, The KPC Group’s pharmaceutical company, Chemgen Pharma International, partnered with FerrerGrupo based in Barcelona, Spain to develop The KPC-Ferrer Institute for Infectious and Tropical Diseases. Thecollaboration with Ferrer will combine and enhance the expertise of the two companies in the design of chemicalcompounds for developing anti-infective drugs. Also in 2010, Chemgen Pharma International, entered into anagreement with Orthopadietechnik KG in Germany to develop OrthoChemgen, a multi-million dollar companywith bases in India and Germany.Dr. Chaudhuri’s Group along with Mobidough, Inc., created, a mobile & web-based travelservices company enabling virtual, ―home-based‖ travel agents to book international & domestic air, car, cruise,hotel, custom packages, and group sales reservations at deep discounts with easy payment & ticket redemptiontechnology.Dr. Chaudhuri and his Group are also involved in the Information Technology andArchitectural/Engineering/Construction sector. In 2005, his Group created DowcoMAX Services to provideautomated structural steel facilities to the worldwide steel market. DowcoMAX contributed to high-profile projectssuch as the Freedom Tower in New York City, the Goldman Sachs World Headquarter in New York, and manyothers including Oil and Gas refineries throughout the world. In 2011, Dr. Chaudhuri acquired DowcoMAX byenhancing his ownership position from 40% to 100% and renamed it ITeMAX Engineering Services.Dr. Chaudhuri is a driven leader who has derived his inspiration to build his dream from South Asian traditionalculture, heritage and values. He has two children, Kali Priyo and Sumanta. Dr. Chaudhuri resides in Hemet,California with his wife Sunanda.
  9. 9. SAIG Dr . Randy Tuan Ly, DBA, SAIG President TodayHis family settled in the United States at the end of the war in 1975, was educated there and in the UK. Afterreceiving a scholarship to study at Ferrum College, USIU, Oxford and Cambridge, he went to work with the WorldBank and the International Finance Corporation in London. Realizing that he is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, heset out to develop his own consulting practice called Key Systems in 1996 and has a global network of expertsproviding business solutions worldwide. Key Systems are currently operating in Vietnam as VietnameseResources Consultants to support multinational companies ventured into Vietnam. Randy was Shareholder andCEO of Perception Management International Vietnam in 2008.Randy is a veteran in business development and has been a pioneer in many projects in the United States as wellas from the International Real Estate Development International cooperation . As a member of the Council , hehas worked with Creative Motion Pictures to produce "The Black Magic" in 1999 and developed the project "JackieChan Theme Park" in Asia during 2005 and 2006. Randy served as Executive Director of the Organization of Eastern Development and Construction, a companyfor Investment and Real Estate Development established in Orlando, Florida in 2000. The company merged withGlobal Equity Partners in 2005 to develop Independent Living Communities in Panama and Ecuador.Randy currently is CEO to SAIG and is developing leading Electric Vehicle technologies.​
  10. 10. SAIG Asun Mawardi, Ph.D., SAIG Board of Advisors TodayAn entrepreneur at heart, Asun Mawardi had obtained a PhD in Business Administration before deciding as amovie buff, to attend and graduate from the prestigious New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.Subsequently, in 2000 he founded the international production company, Creative Motion Pictures (CMP), inorder to combine the best of the west and Asian approaches and resources to make highest quality English andAsian language films.Inspired by the experience from his first Hollywood feature, ―The Black Magic‖, Asun has produced and directedaward-winning projects such as ―I Do I Do‖, ―Untukmu‖ , ―Rindu Kami Pada Mu‖ and the ―Tsunami‖documentary.Asun decided in 2008 that there were many entertainment industry projects which could benefit from the ―CMPapproach‖ of combining leading industry talent and creativity with best business practices, and so he foundedPEM – Pro Entertainment Management as a sister company to CMP.In 2011 Asun, wrote, directed and produced The Pirate Brothers.’ Pirate Brothers won the prestigious PlatinumRemi Awards at the 45th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival 2012. Pirate Brothers is also the officialselection of the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival 2012 and the winner of Best Action Sequence MartialArts Feature, along with being the 1st Runner Up for Action Movie of the Year at the 8th Annual Action On FilmInternational Film Festival 2012. Pirate Brothers’ greatest achievement was perhaps winning Best Director andBest Film together with Best Screenplay and Best Lead Actor at the 5th Annual International Filmmaker Festival2012 in the UK.
  11. 11. SAIG company profile… SAIG Eric Stevens -SAIG Board of Advisors TodayAs a culmination of his experience, Eric is involved in several industries including: Green technology, bamboodevelopment, finance, and consumer products. Expansion of Eric’s numerous companies succeeded on hisability to manage a vast network in the U.S., Vietnam and Asia; assisting in the development and manufacturing ofhis products and services portfolio. Just in Vietnam alone, Eric has financed several developments by courting USinvestment and ramping up factories for Fortune 500 companies. He has worked with the Governments ofVietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, and Media Development Authority in Singapore.Eric has been regarded as a visionary leader in emerging markets, green technology investment, global productdevelopment, and green solutions. As a result, Eric has been interviewed by CNBC, CNN Money, Wall StreetJournal, The Economist, Wealth Manager, and Reforma among others and spoken at conferences internationally.Through ES & Associates, a boutique consultancy firm, he manages product development, business start-up,marketing and market entrance worldwide; Eric has had the pleasure of working with leaders in productmanufacturing, entertainment, marketing, and green solutions industries. His clients include: Honeywell, Intel,Hubbell, Tigon Studios, Everlast, Navistar, Fiskars, Government of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, MediaDevelopment Authority Singapore, and Thang Long Securities.An inventor at heart, Eric invented the BumperBib, Fresh Saver Pet Bowl, Kewi, and other successful consumerproducts distributed through Costco, BJ’s, Zellers, Target and other large chains.
  12. 12. Eric Stevens – SAIG Board of Advisors (continued) SAIG company profile… SAIGIn 2011, Eric Stevens founded Mandalei Corporation dedicated to the growth of green product technology and a Todaynew standard reporting system based on the five stages of a products lifecycle. Our subsidiary, Global EcoInitiatives is developing a ―nutritional facts‖ label affixed to products presenting the ―green‖ merits of thatproducts’ construction, use, and recyclability. This resulted in an ―eco‖ database of an enormous magnitude.Stored are international ratings and source energies for the world’s power plants, and chemical components.Eric’s love for Bamboo: The Bamboo Group, a Mandalei Corporation subsidiary; is involved in developing newproduction processes and uses for bamboo and is regarded as a leader in developing a bamboo industry in theUnited States. He is currently working on Bamboo composites, housing, bio fuel energy, and consumerproducts. Recent activities include development of the Lei-boo brand focusing on low cost bamboo products, biomass energy, and low-cost, as well as easily assembled bamboo prefabricated housing via Global Hom.A proponent for a greener world, Eric joined the advisory board of Self Assembly International Group working onthe evolution of an electric vehicle produced for low income populations focusing on the ―Autonomous AssemblyPlant‖ utilizing local sourcing and low impact manufacturing in an unprecedented model of shared prosperitywith the local population through environment, education and employment.Personally, he resides in Los Angeles, CA and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with his fiancée and 5 childrenawaiting their newest addition due in May 2013. A USMC Gulf War Veteran; his oldest son has just joined theUSMC being the 4th generation to carry on the Stevens tradition.
  13. 13. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday Keith Brinksman SAIG Board of Advisors Keith Brinksman is the founder, president and CEO of the BC & T Group, Inc., An international business development consultancy. He has an extensive background in management, organization, strategy and financial consulting. He started his consulting career with Marketing and Manpower International (MMI), based in Surrey, England, and management consulting projects for global clients such as Johnson Controls, Calgon, and National Westminster Bank . In 1980, returned to the U.S., he was Mellon Bank offered a job where he had been promoted to Vice President, Consulting and Corporate Finance. While working with Mellon Bank, he is a regular speaker for the ABA and the BMA, and is a faculty member of the Graduate School Stonier Bank at Rutgers University. He founded the Group BC & T in 1988, and since then has worked with clients in many different business development projects across the globe in different fields.
  14. 14. A Chosen Brand SAIG company profile…SAIGToday
  15. 15. SAIG company profile… The FactorySAIGTodayTheSAIG |Future
  16. 16. SAIG company profile… SAIG wOw EVs 2013 strategies for Indian Electric Automobile markets include the 16 wOw resort EV models, in addition to development of City EVs, EV Conversion of existing Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles, Smart SAIG Long Lasting Batteries, and Rapid Wireless EV Charging.SAIG | The SAIG Today Additional configurations of our EV models have been Future developed for the following applications:Tomorrow Road certified passenger cars and trucks Commercial fleets Public transportation Public Service
  17. 17. SAIGNew Power 20th Century: 21st Century: Age of the combustion engine Age of the electric vehicle Higher population densities, shrinking cities, falling VKT, smart Lower population densities, large travel distances. growth. Larger vehicles with high performance and long endurance. Smaller, pedestrian-friendly vehicles. Abundant, indigenous petroleum. Peak oil and price volatility. Geo-political conflict. Exhaust emissions soaked up by atmosphere. Urban smog and chronic health problems. Car tailpipes less-smelly than horses. Global warming hadn’t been invented yet Climate change mitigation and adaptation. Nationalised electric grids, centralized and subsidized Privatised electric grids, traded on open markets. Electricity provided on-demand Extreme peak demand growth, T&D bottlenecks. ―Dirty‖ electricity – emissions soaked up by atmosphere Mandatory targets for renewable energy
  18. 18. A Collaboration in Green Technologies: SAIG companyBio engineering profile… EV Clean Manufacturing Processes SAIGSAIG | The SAIG Today FutureTomorrow
  19. 19. SAIG in cooperation with KPC Group is currently developing a low-cost polymer lithium battery for use in autos and consumer products. We are aiming to get between 10 and 50 miles of driving range per minute of charge.Low Cost Operation
  20. 20. Autonomous Assembly • First Self sustaining factory. • Solar /Bio Mass Power matrix • The FIRST • Water Reclamation Local sourcing: creates jobs andBamboo Composites GREEN PEOPLE’S opportunities in agriculture. ( Bio fiber, Bio Mass) EV! • Places batteries in the safest location • Provides optimum weight distribution for ideal/predictable handling • Allows for 5 passenger seating by not intruding into cabin spaceOur Researchers haveexpanded their expertise in theproduct design by applying theusage of raw materials likebamboo fiber which is strongeras well as can be utilized ingenerating high end qualitysustainable automotive bodiesand panels New Polymer Lithium Battery
  21. 21. Competition in the markets of newly-developing countries: low-cost carsThe global entry car strategy Launch low-cost cars in over 15 countries beginning in 2016 Platform exclusively for Segment A Status cars with modern styling and a roomy interior 3 types of models Production to start in 2014 Thailand India China Vietnam
  22. 22. Becoming a leader with zero-emission vehicles SAIG advanced lithium ion battery technology Double output Double energy Half the size > 2.5 kW/kg* 140 Wh/kg* Compact and flexible packaging Conventio Laminated Conventio Laminated nal type type nal type type Cylindrical Laminated * After endurance experiments * After endurance experiments type type Charge Lithium manganese spinel with stable crystal structure even under overcharged conditions Discharge A laminated structure having outstanding cooling performance Securing of stability through cell management
  23. 23. SAIG in cooperation with KPC Group iscurrently developing a low-cost wireless rapidcharge system.
  24. 24. SAIG in cooperation with KPC Group is currently developing the SMART Network Smart House Smart Community Smart Grid Smart GridUtilization of Share electricity and Connect to clean electricrenewable energy and create a network poweroptimized management between facilitiesof electricity Electricity storage and supply
  25. 25. The Circle of Green Prosperity Zero-emission vehicle engineering & manufacturing Collaborating with Governments Battery engineering & manufacturing Battery secondary- use 4R businessSmart-grid research, EV recyclingCharging network SAIG-made QC
  26. 26. 2015 onwards New EV Size Compact class No. of 4 to 5 passengersCruising distance Over 160 km Newly-developed laminated lithium- Battery ion battery Newly-developed highly responsive, Motor high-output motor
  27. 27. Bamboo Composite R+D ……………………………... Input: Bamboo and other natural grass fibers. ……………………………… Usage: Power, Auto Bodies, Seats, Interior Panels,Our bamboo plastic composite from bamboo powdercontent, particle size, type of coupling agent, etc. Thebamboo-plastic composite is made of extrusion andinjection molding process. Results show: when bamboopowder content is 30%, impacting strength of thematerial is the highest; the bamboo-plastic compositewhich made of Silane and MAPE has higher impactingstrength than others; when PP: HDPE = 2:3, theimpacting strength of the bamboo-plastic composite isthe highest. Compared with these factors, the couplingagent on impacting strength is the most obviousinfluence.
  28. 28. Bamboo Composite R+D ……………………………... Input: Bamboo and other natural grass fibers. ……………………………… Usage: Power, Auto Bodies, Seats, Interior Panels,The Bamboo Group is currently involved the development ofplastics for car interiors made from plant-based resin and bamboofiber. that the use can help replace processed wood and oil of bioplastics -based materials in car interiors.The plastic, called polybutylene succinate, or PBS, is a resin madefrom corn or sugar cane, and reinforced with fibers from the fast—growing bamboo plant. Test results showing an estimated 50%reduction in lifecycle CO2 emissions over petrol-basedpolypropylene, and a roughly 80% VOC reduction over processedwood hardboard.
  29. 29. A Cooperation in Innovation and Prosperity SAIG company profile…SAIGToday
  30. 30. The 3 E Principle SAIG company profile…SAIG Environment EducationToday Employment
  31. 31. Environme ntFrom production to product SAIG is an innovator in eco-friendly technologies. Our environmental efforts include: Low impact manufacturing facilities. Clean power generating manufacturing facilities. Electric vehicles strategically priced to compete with higher polluting options including, motorbikes, commercial delivery vehicles, and public transit. Over 60% locally sourced supply chain model. EV Conversion of existing Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles Rapid Wireless EV Charging Cutting edge battery storage development technology. 93% of components are recyclable.
  32. 32. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday Environment : SAIG wOw Factory Facilities Construction and operations plans call for use of both solar and bio-mass power that will reduce dependency Energy usage: 700Mw est. on the India power grid within 2 years. These facilities ……………………………... Output: will have the capacity of powering additional vendor 35,000 units per annum factories and homes in the area and supply the West (2 shifts) Bengal power grid. 60,000 units per annum (3 shifts) Water reclamation and filtration featuring the latest in ……………………………… closed loop manufacturing systems. Land usage: 250 acres/ 122ha; Inline with use of land in EU. Air Filtration: Harmful exhaust will be filtered via Bamboo charcoal filtration capturing mercury and May 2005, Toyota-Peugeot car factory near Prague produces toxins. 300,000 cars/year and spans an area of 124 ha (306 Acres). Bio Char availability to area farmers for use as fertilizer and carbon sequestration for 1000 years.
  33. 33. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday wOw Cars Environment : Configurations: Resort vehicles, Product wOw Cars is envisioned as the four wheeler for those passenger autos/trucks, commercial who can only afford a two wheeler, due to its affordable and delivery vehicles price. Pricepoint: 2500usd – 12,000usd depending on model Contributing to the lower cost of ownership and the Drivetrain: Electric opportunity to make a positive impact on the Charge: 240V environment; SAIG commits to eco-friendly products. Body: Bamboo biodegradable composite As Indians choose the wOw-Car over the competition, Interior: Biodegradable plastics the number of two wheelers and gasoline powered Tires: 12‖ micro cars on the road will likely significantly decrease over the next decade along with the amount of pollution Emissions: meets BS II, III, IV which are Euro II, II, IV equivalent in India urban centers.
  34. 34. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday Environment : wOw Batteries and Product wOw Cars is envisioned as the innovator in new battery Chargers and storage technology. Wireless charge Systems and lithium polymer battery applications give this technology Configurations: Consumer a widened variety of uses from consumer products to Electronics , passenger vehicles. autos/trucks, commercial and delivery vehicles This will create many ancillary businesses in the India Type: Polymer Lithium economy including government revenue in export fees, Drivetrain: Electric and simultaneous domestic sales. Charge: 48V System : Wireless
  35. 35. SAIG company profile…SAIG KPC Medical College & Hospital, JadavpurToday Education Dr Kali P. Chaudhuri founded the first private medical school in West Bengal. The medical college is approved by the Medical Council of India and the State Government. It is affiliated with West Bengal University of Health Sciences. In continuing with Dr. Kali P. Chaudhuri’s philosophy of higher education being made available to the masses; SAIG will make investments into the training the workforce via public universities, and National Council for Vocational training in: Engineering Production Computer Science CAD ( Computer-Aided Design) Green Technology Power Storage
  36. 36. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday SAIG Factory – Automotive Employment ……………………………... The SAIG Factories - India will employ between 6,000 Direct employment: and 10,000 workers for a total output of 60, 000 units per 2,000 (2 shifts) annum for cars and 300,000 batteries in an array of 3,500 (3 shifts) applications. ……………………………… Indirect Employment: Indirect employment resulting from the operations in West Bengal: 10,000 SAIG Factory – Battery + Chargers Component vendor operations ……………………………... Local source agriculture in Bamboo and other bio Direct employment: mass Transportation 4,000 (2 shifts) Factory support industries 6,500 (3 shifts) ……………………………… Customer Service Indirect Employment: Dealership Network 15,000
  37. 37. SAIG brings India many opportunities indirect and indirect employment, technologytransfer, and the Notoriety of being the India’s AdvantageGREEN Automotive manufacturer.
  38. 38. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday wOw Cars – India SAIG requests consideration with respect to: Project Location (s): 100-1000 Acres (75 Acres in Special Economic Zones) Subsidy : 2 Years 700 Kwh per year. Soft Loan: Capital equipment acquisition. Support in Bamboo technology: in forms of subsidies, technology transfer, and other incentives not yet identified. Support in Battery and Electric Vehicle technology: in forms of subsidies, technology transfer, and other incentives not yet identified.
  39. 39. SAIG company profile… THANK YOUSAIG FOR YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION ………………………………Today