How to Create, Equip & Manage an Event Tech, Mobile & Social Media Toolbox Increase Engagement, Decrease Cost & Improve Attendee Experience

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Social media and mobile technologies offer new opportunities, but many think these tools are reserved for organizations with larger budgets and resources. For the constrained event professional, it …

Social media and mobile technologies offer new opportunities, but many think these tools are reserved for organizations with larger budgets and resources. For the constrained event professional, it can be a challenge to incorporate new approaches into your programs. Join us for an interactive and hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how to:

• Convert “blue sky” ideas into reality

• Tackle difficult goals with easy and low cost implementation

• Experiment with new approaches to gauge audience responsiveness and effectiveness

• Structure technology to increase traffic, optimize leads, and improve quality of engagement

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  • 1. S619How to Create, Equip & Manage an Event Tech, Mobile & Social Media ToolboxIncrease Engagement, Decrease Cost & Improve Attendee Experience Eric Lukazewski & Desiree Lehrbaum March 04, 2012
  • 2. Introductory Survey
  • 3. Who are you & what do youwant to learn today?
  • 4. the current landscape
  • 5. Advantages of social & mobileevent marketing • Extend messaging “beyond the exhibit boundaries” • Lengthen the life term of channels of communication • Create cohesive bridges between various brand facets • Offer messaging to off-site attendees and customers
  • 6. What is the current size of themobile market? 27% 1.08 billion 75% are smartphones 3.05 billion are SMS enabled25% 950 million phones are not SMS enabled source: - 2010 end of year report
  • 7. Do people want to receive offerson their mobile phones?65% are open to receiving offers29% are turned off by them 6% don’t know source: - June 2011
  • 8. The Mobile Executive • 82% of executives use a smartphone and on average carry 3.46 devices • Nearly 2/3 are comfortable making a purchase on their mobile device • 45% believe a smartphone will be their primary device in three years Source: Fobres Insights “The Untethered Executive: Business Information in the age of mobility” October 2010
  • 9. Millenials • 40% of the workforce will be comprised of Gen Y/ Millennials by 2015 • 80% of current Gen Y/Millenials browse news via mobile web
  • 10. Identifying objectives & vehicles
  • 11. POST Methodology P O S T PEOPLE OBJECTIVES STRATEGY TECHNOLOGY Know your Audience Decide on objective Visualize the endpoint Utilize the technology before deciding and work back to the that best meets the technology beginning objectives*Source : Forrester Research/Groundswell:
  • 12. People • Who is your demographic? • Who is the event’s demographic? • Identify avenues in which your audience receives information most successfully
  • 13. Objectives• Identify core objectives for entire event program, but individualize each event based upon people• Develop social/mobile specific objectives (Increase Facebook fans, Blog subscribers, etc.)• The deeper your data objectives, the easier the results will be measurable
  • 14. Strategy• What changes are made as a result of the event?• How are your attendees interacting with your brand?• Develop an “end-to- start” timeline
  • 15. Technology• Incorporate technologies that best fit your People, Objectives & Strategies• Consider costs associated with them - ownership, subscription, development time, etc.• Make sure it is easy to understand and use for team members and attendees
  • 16. Integration process
  • 17. Event Lifecycle Integration PRE-EVENT ON-SITE POST-EVENT STRATEGY EXECUTION • Research • Connecting • Feedback • Speaker recos • Optimizing • Extend the Life • Content feedback • Monitoring • Measurement • POST Methodology • Updates • Celebrate • Budget • Education/Awareness
  • 18. Measurement• Determine what worked & what didn’t• Link mobile & social CTAs (calls to action) back to an event landing page and measure conversions• Segregate and compare direct traffic and branded organic traffic during event hours• Compare daily event activity - are certain days of an event more successful than others?
  • 19. Measurement Google Analytics Social Integration TwitterCounter Facebook Insights• Measure social data and compare its growth with historical trends• Isolate mobile platform metrics & web traffic during event periods
  • 20. The Toolbox
  • 21. Event Landing Page • Acts as the gateway between social/mobile and your website • Various messages can be funneled and organized • Great inbound marketing opportunities • Bridges off-site attendees to your event
  • 22. Social media feedsBooth interaction foroff-site customers CTA!! Incentives Show specific newsletter
  • 23. • Over 500 million registered users• 100 million active users• 33 billion Tweets every day
  • 24. Where Tweet?Why peep tweet
  • 25. Twitter chats can be used to generated community discussions• TweetChat• What the Hashtag• Archiving abilities
  • 26. Visible Tweets
  • 27. Facebook for Business – Great resource for building pages, ads and more Facebook Preferred Developer Consultants (PDC) preferreddevelopers/
  • 28. • Great tool just not sexy• 100 Million+ Users• Groups• New Company Pages
  • 29. Pinterest grew 37x between January and October 2011
  • 30. Want to check what has been pinned on your site? Use this URL to check what’s been shared on your website or blog YOUR URL HERE)
  • 31. • Apparel—men’s, women’s and children’s• Food/beverages, especially recipe-driven• Architecture• Interior design• Wedding themed• Technology• Sports• Health care• Personal care• Home improvement/DIY• Accessories• Pets• Kids products/toys• Travel
  • 32. • Curate social networks to build social stories bringing together media scattered across the web into a coherent narrative.• Excellent for post-event for a interactive, dynamic, and social media Bing London Event starts-online-bing-event
  • 33. Geolocation • “Gaming” increases engagement and ties exhibit information in to fun activities • Foursquare, Facebook Places - Existing applications that many attendees may be using • Opportunities for check-in rewards
  • 34. Geolocation
  • 35. QR Codes • Expedite information exchange (registration, biz card, contact info, etc.) • “Scan and Go” - information can be downloaded and digested without needing to be stationary. • Attendees can scan and consume content at their convenience  • Segmented metrics
  • 36. QR Codes
  • 37. SMS • With opt-in, content is delivered at your demandInvites opportunities for engagement and can easily tie in to promotional/sponsorship campaigns • Universal access - SMS features are enabled on most mobile phones
  • 38. • Great for organizing ideas, content and collaborating with others
  • 39. • Dropbox is great for sharing large files and collaborating with others• Share folders with colleagues• Provides auto syncing when there is a change to the folder’s assets – updated PPT, new PDF uploaded• Dropbox for teamsSimilar tools:YouSendItInSync (Google Doc Integration)
  • 40. • Perfect post event• Extend the reach and life of your presentation
  • 41. • OTS solution that can set-up 30 minutes• Web based mobile app includes schedules, networking, polling, maps• New Gamify App• Badges, leaderboard, scavenger hunt
  • 42. eVenuesCool site that enablesyou to search andsecure small meetingspace by the hour,day or week.
  • 43. Lead Capture • Complete customization • Customizable action items • Works offline • Run real-time reports • Exports to ExcelLead Syncer iLeads
  • 44. Product Cataloging • Digital catalog for product inventory • Searchable database • Deals can be signed & closed within • Purchasing features the appHandshake FatStaxSales Order
  • 45. Seven Deadly Sins 1. Forgetting a CTA (call to action) 2. Forgetting to test 3. No option to unsubscribe 4. Treating everyone the same 5. Overloading customers 6. Focus only on selling 7. An app not useful to customers source: - January 2012
  • 46. Real World Examples
  • 47. • Tweet your favorite exhibitor using the #exhibitor2012 + #TCaward• Winner to be featured in social media channels + April issue
  • 48. Swyft TechnologyDreamforce 2010 • Exhibitor received 60+ check- ins from 40 unique attendees • Tied in check ins with iPad promotional giveaway and mayor t-shirt
  • 49. Sports SouthSHOT Show 2012 • Custom iPad App Development • Linked to realtime inventory database via search or scan function • Integrated in to POS for attendee interaction and future dealer usage
  • 50. Gilbarco Veeder-RootNACS 2011• Custom iPad App Development• Functioned as a stand-alone production info interaction• Featured demos (movie embedding) & ability to email information (attendee data capture) learn more!
  • 51. Closing “Innovaon  does  not  necessarily  mean   technology  adopon”   -­‐  Michelle  Bruno  
  • 52. Takeaways • Take a couple min to write down what 2 things you will takeaway from today’s session? • What one person have you added as a connection and/or resource?
  • 53. Connection & Resources get all resources hereDesiree Lehrbaum LukazewskiEchelon