Netiquette for Real Estate Professionals | Ericleen Jucal


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Day 1 Lesson | Creating Multiple Victories for Real Estate Professionals | Overview of the Series, Internet Etiquette, Importance of Having a Website

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Netiquette for Real Estate Professionals | Ericleen Jucal

  1. 1. Ericleen
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. SAN KA WORK?
  4. 4. THEY THINK…
  5. 5. What I really do…
  6. 6. About Me
  7. 7. SAN KA WORK?
  8. 8. THEY THINK…
  9. 9. What I really do…
  10. 10. ERICLEEN(Web developer , SEO Practitioner, Social Media Strategist) Jomar Hilario – Internet Jay McLean– Internet Marketer (Philippines) Marketer (Australia) Amy Porterfield - Facebook Tim Benette- Marketer Guru Webinar amd Internet Marketing Expert
  11. 11. YEARS
  12. 12. NetiquetteEtiquette on the Internet
  13. 13. Online Courtesy
  14. 14. Be Be careful not Remember that universal. to use rude or the written word is bad language hard to interpret. online. Dont breakDo unto others, as any laws.youd have others do unto you. BASIC RULES Make a OF good Be brief NETIQUETTE impression. whenever possible. Always Do not TYPE ALL identify IN CAPITAL Be patient yourself. LETTERS for with emphasis. newcomers.
  15. 15. Treat Others the Way YouWould Want to be Treated
  16. 16. NetiquetteEmail Tips
  17. 17. Use DescriptiveMessage Subjects Make it clear and descriptive so the recipient will know exactly what the message is about.
  18. 18. Writing your Message Make your message clear, concise and as brief as possible.
  19. 19. Writing your Message Email messages are not substitutes for long documents, letters or reports.
  20. 20. Writing your Message Make them attachments to your email.
  21. 21. Read and Re-read yourMessage Before You Send It Read it over to make sure that it is clear and you said what you want to say
  22. 22. Reply Properly Copy the portion of the email to which you are responding
  23. 23. Forwarding Messages Make sure that you delete the email addresses of persons who previously received the email
  24. 24. Plain Text, HTML or Rich Text Format Message is what is important, not how you format it.
  25. 25. Using All Caps in your Messages Use All Caps sparingly. It is similar to shouting.
  26. 26. Fill out your online profiles completely withinformation about you and your business.
  27. 27. Use a different profile oraccount for your personal connections.
  28. 28. Don’t get mad if someonedoesn’t want to be your fan or friend
  29. 29. Don’t post anything that offends. Be nice. Bepositive and encouraging.
  30. 30. Do share things that are useful, entertaining,informative, or otherwise valuable
  31. 31. Don’t repeat yourself
  32. 32. Do comment onwhat others say
  33. 33. Don’t spam. Do show respect
  34. 34. Do proofread
  35. 35. Don’t friend or follow people only to get them to buy something
  36. 36. Ask before you tag! Don’t tag people to get theirfriends see your promotional offer
  37. 37. Stop and Thinkbefore you hit submit
  38. 38. 10 Reasons Forand Benefits of Having A RealEstate Website
  39. 39. Studies have shownthat more than 75%of buyers start theirsearch for homes onthe Internet
  40. 40. You will bewhere thebuyers are
  41. 41. Modernbusiness runson the Internet
  42. 42. You will beperceived asa modernbusiness
  43. 43. Buyers aregetting youngerand real estateagents arent
  44. 44. Youngerbuyers willbe able torelate to you
  45. 45. You cancompete withthe big boys
  46. 46. You can outmaneuver yourlargercompetitors withthe flexibility youare allowed
  47. 47. Customer Service
  48. 48. You can use Yourweb site as a focalpoint for forms,feedback etc foryour clients
  49. 49. Differentiation
  50. 50. You can letcustomers andpotential customerssee how differentyou are and thebenefits of workingwith you
  51. 51. You can savetime for clients and you
  52. 52. You only haveto do manythings once
  53. 53. Buyers who use the Internet usually buyquicker once they choose an agent
  54. 54. You will bethere whenthe buyers areready
  55. 55. Sellers are impressed byseeing their home on the Internet
  56. 56. You will be theone impressingthe seller in yourlisting andprelistingpresentations
  57. 57. Every step of customercontact can be recorded
  58. 58. You can keepbetter recordsand avoidmisunderstandings