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Moodwire Company Brochure


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Moodwire Company Brochure

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Moodwire Company Brochure

  1. 1. AboutMoodwireWedeliversolutionsthattuneintothevoiceoftheconsumer ,helpingyoudiscover,track,andclassifyopinionandemotionaboutyourbrand,products,andservi ces.Inaddition,ourdiverseplatformofferstheabilitytobenchmarkyourofferingsagainstyourcom petitorsandselectivelyparticipateinthedialogue.Ourgoalistoprovideafasteranddeeperunderst andingofinnovationandpositioningopportunitiesaswellaschangingmarketperceptionsandtheir influenceonbuyingdecisions. Our Leadership Team • Manu Chatterjee,Chief Executive Officer Mr. Chatterjee has spent 20 years creating software for speech recognition to DSP to embedded microcontrollers. Previously he founded Lampdesk which was acquired by Palm in 2007 and led to the creation of Palm/HP webOS. While there he also created Touchstone, the first mass produced wireless power & data system for mobile devices. Manu has 28 issued patents, with over 50 pending. • Erick Watson,ChiefProductOfficer Mr. Watson is the CPO for Moodwire, where he is charged with commercializing Moodwire‟s extensive IP portfolio in text analytics, classification, sentiment analysis and influence. Prior to Moodwire, Mr. Watson spent 10 years at Microsoft, where he led successful initiatives in research & development, partner strategy, and professional services. Mr. Watson has led product development for several successful start-ups including Consonus and Excell Data. • Kevin Perillo,Director of Engineering Mr. Perillo has 25 years of experience working in technology roles across a variety of software development companies. He is responsible for design and implementation of Moodwire‟s online services to Fortune 500 customers. He enjoys the challenge of building great products and strong teams. • Dr.Rabia Nuray-Turan,Chief Scientist Dr. Nuray-Turan is a computer science PhD with a passion to derive actionable insights from massive amounts of textual data. She fell in love with NLP, when she was working on a class project to build a Turkish syllable detection for the Automata Theory class. Ever since, her passion has been studying and designing/building algorithms for entity resolution, text mining, entity extraction, and record linkage. • Brian Lue, Director of Quality Assurance Mr. Lue is focused on how information is manifested in linguistic, business, chemical and biological systems. He is obsessed with figuring how to innovate and make such systems more useful to people. He has been a key player at startup organizations in small and multi-billion dollar companies. At Applied Materials he was the seventh employee of the HDPCVD division that leveraged his technology to grow to over $4 billion in sales. http://www.moodwire.com• 650.391.9314
  2. 2. The Pulse of the Web™ SocialwebsitessuchastwitterandFacebookhavegenerateda“BigBang”ofsocialexpression- analways-on,worldwidephenomenon.Astheimportanceofthissocialwebcontentincreases,sotoodoestheneedtodecipherit.Unfort unately,morethan90%ofthiscontentisunstructured,creatingrealdifficultiesforbrandswhoareinterestedinsepa ratingthesignalfromthenoise.Intheresultingchaos,theopinionsthatindividualsexpressandbrandsdesireisdrow nedoutandlost. Imagineifyoucouldeffectivelyaccessanddeciphertherelevantsocialwebcontent.Imagineuncoveringthelatenttr easurehiddeninsocialconversationsandgaugingrealtimeconsumersentimentandinfluences.WithMoodwire‟ssocialsentimentplatform,youcan. MoodwireEngine™ TheMoodwire‟sEngine,gathers raw social data in the form of tweets, blogs, product reviews and relevant news stories and literallyreads people‟s actual comments to transform the rawdataintouseabletaxonomies. Moodwire‟s engine identifies companies, products, and industries and provides simple categories and deep search capabilities to quickly find pearls of wisdom in the ocean of data that is the World Wide Web. MoodwireWeb Console™(alpha) Investigatehowyourproductsandservicesperformincomparisontoyourcompetitors.Moodwire‟sWebConsoleoff ershighlycustomizablefiltersthathelpyouanalyzesentimentexpressionsprocessedbyMoodwire‟sSentimentEngi ne.Youcanviewthedataintextorgraphicalformor„clickthrough‟totheactualwebpagetoseethesentimentinthefull contextofthepost.Becausethe WebVane Consoleisdeployedas a securesoftware-as-aservice(SaaS),itdoesnotrequireanyon premiseinstallation. MoodwireBuzzRank™ BuzzRank captures the valid occurrences of companies or products in raw data. BuzzRank filters away spam, repeated tweets, and non-relevant text. For example, a text passage containing the word “apple” could be a discussion about the company Apple® or it could be a discussion about fruit. BuzzRank™ technology identifies and counts the relevant passages to provide a reporting mechanism for our customers so they can see both the raw occurrences of terms (such as fruit and the company here) vs. relevant occurrences of terms (regarding Apple® the company and not fruit) online. MoodwireTypeRank™ OurApproach AtMoodwire,weofferauniqueandradicallydifferentapproachtoeffectivelyextractingcustomersentimentfro msocialweb.Astheleadingsoftwareproviderofsearchforthesocialweb,weofferyousolutionsthathelpyoudisc overwhatpeoplereallythinkandfeelaboutyourbrand.Withoursentimentandinfluenceengines,wehelptransfo rmyourcompanyintoasocialenterprise,offeringactionableinsightsatlowcostandinnear-realtimewithhighaccuracy. How do we do it? Webeginwiththebackboneofoursolution,aclassificationenginethatstraightensunstructuredinformationintous eabletaxonomies.Next,weuseapowerfulsentimentenginetobreakdownwordsandphrasesanddecidewhethert heyrevealpositiveornegativeattitudes. Youcanmonitorthissentimentinrealtimeoroveranextendedperiodoftime.Usingourintuitiveandeasy-touseconsoles,youcanfilteranddigdeeperintothe informationyouaccruetogauge theimpact ofblogpostings,twitteraccounts,andmoreon yourproductsandservices,youcanuseourinfluenceengine. Theendresultofourplatformis your empowerment;theabilitytoquicklyandfairlyrespondtopeople, atonceprotectingyourbrandandrespectingtheconsumers‟righttoofferanopinion. Separate from buzz is categorization of passages in to logical groupings. For example, we categorize comments about "hotels" by type such as “rooms”, “service”, “baggage” etc. This allows a customer (a hotelier in this example) to view only those comments relevant to particular aspects of their business. TypeRank™ is different than sentiment, as people may make statements which don‟t contain sentiment but are still very valuable for our customers to see what is being talked about in public. MoodwireMoodRank™ This is our sentiment engine output. It measures the degree of positivity or negativity of a given passage, such as tweets, blog posts etc. MoodRank™ provides customers with a clear picture of the human emotions that are being expressed about their company, brands, product lines and services. MoodwireAPI™ The Moodwire API™ provides full programmatic access to all moodwire.com data feeds and analytics for use in our partner's and customer's own data analysis products. We provide full access to all of our metrics including MoodRank™, BuzzRank™, TypeRank™ in sortable JSON feed format in near real-time. SparkScore® powered by Moodwire Incorporatefeedbackdirectlyfromthesocialweb.Moodwire,inpartnershipwithSatmetrix®, istheexclusiveproviderofSparkScore®,aNet Promoter®(NPS) scorederivedfromexpressionsofsentimentonthesocialweb.NPS,usedbymorethanhalfoftheFortune2000©comp anies,iswidelyrecognizedasthegoldstandardformeasuringcustomersatisfaction.