the family in english


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this video is about the family in english.

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the family in english

  1. 1. The Family By : Erika Yulieth Palacios Chaverra To Tecaher: Angel Saturio RamosTechnological University Of Chocó “Diego Luis Cordoba” Faculty: Education Program: English And French Level: VI-B 2013
  3. 3. GRAMATICA SUCINTA DE LA LENGUA INGLESA: METODO GASPEY-OTTO-SAUERAUTORA: MARIA ISABEL IGLESIAS BARBA, HERDER.Estándares para la educación en ColombiaTítulo del libro: 100+ Ideas for ChildrensAutor: Holderness Jackie - Hughes AnnieTítulo del libro: 100 Ways to Motivate OthersAutor: Chandler Steve
  4. 4. My name is ERIKA YULIETH PALACES, I was born on April 22, 1993 I am of the department of It shocked QUIBDÓs municipality. My father is called Joaquín Palacios and my mother is called Marcela Chaverra. There realizes my studies of primary in the NORMAL TOP SCHOOL MANUEL CAÑIZALES, located in Quibdós municipality. Continue my secondary studies in the same institution. I am a student of the technological university of shock "Diego Luis Cordoba" of the faculty of education of the program Englishman and Frenchman. After finished credit my secondary studies I decided it was entering Englishman and Frenchman study since I am interested many the languages and in addition I think that to be a person opened for all the changes first it is necessary to be flexes for they.And them por the prompt thing I would like to reach my career successfully and to followsome postdegrees and specializations hereby to obtain a major learning., in addition In myfuture it wanted to realize a doctorate in the USA, to study a few years there later to cometo create a school and to give this knowledge acquired to all those children of my regionthat they are interested in knowing of it.
  5. 5. Next we are going to see one video; this video is about the membersof the family.
  6. 6. It is that human quality for which the person decides to choose to act alwayswith base in the truth and in the authentic justice . giving to every whom whatcorresponds to him, included she itself.
  7. 7. The responsibility it is to fulfill a duty. The responsibility is an obligation,already be moral or even legal of expiring with what he has compromisedhimself.
  8. 8. The respect demands a nice and polite treatment; the respect is theessence of the human relations, of the life in community, of theteamwork, of the conjugal life, of any interpersonal relation. Therespect is a guarantee of transparency.
  9. 9. Recognize the different s members of thefamily. to describe, declare and to quantify thedifferent members of the family and hisfunctions.
  10. 10. The different members of the family differ in English.To pronounce the different s members of the familycorrectly in English.Write The members of the family correctly in English.To recognize the functions of the different members ofthe family in English.
  11. 11. Next we are going to see the mean of the some Words unknown español ingles pronunciacion Padre Father Fader* Madre Mother Made* Hijo Son San Hermana Sister Siste* Hermano Brother brade* Tio Uncle Ancol Tia Aunt ant* Abuelo Grand father Grandfade* Abuela Grand mother Grandmade¨* Primo (a) Cousin Kosin Sobrina Niece Niis
  12. 12. First of all you must do click in the trunkthem you must answer the questions .when you answer all question you will there bethe game. Come on
  13. 13. OneFiveFourThe family has many members
  14. 14. PrimaMadreSobrinoSobrina
  16. 16. Grand fatherGrand motherCousinNiece
  17. 17. UncleAncolIncloNone of them
  19. 19. Please chooses the correct responseHow many members there are?
  20. 20. how do you say in english this persons?
  21. 21. How do you say in spanish cousin?
  22. 22. Which is the correct way of referring to mami or papi in English?Grand dad siblings Grand mom Dad and mom
  23. 23. How do you say in english “hermanos”?BROTHERS SIBLINGS COUSINSISTERS
  24. 24. THE FAMILYFirst of all let´s look at the following picture.What kind of relationship , do you think that exists between them?. All people in the world have a family , the family members are: parents, siblings, grandparents and others. When we are going to refer to our parents in English we cannot use MY FATHERS. The suitable form is My parents. You must bear in mind when you refering affectionate ways of referring to the family in english is Father: dad, Mother: Mom.
  25. 25. historical review of () By means of the Law 38 of 1968, created the Technical Institute"Diego Luis Córdoba" as honoring in memory of one of the most illustrious prominentfigures of the Department of Hit, the one who was a defender of the rights of thenegritudes and especially for the education to all the levels as a strategy of socialascent. In March, 1972, the Technical Institute initiated activities with 203 pupils whoregistered in six (6) programs like that: Master in Languages, Mathematics and Physics,Social Sciences and Economy, Chemistry and Biology, Psicopedagogía, and Technologyin Administration of Companies. By means of the Law 7 of 1975 there changed thename of Technical Institute for that of Technological University of "Diego Luis Córdoba"Shocked - UTCH, this situation that allowed him to open new spaces in the expositionof new programs in the field of the top education. For 1984, the University waspossessing a total of 1345 pupils and new programs as Agricultural, Fishing Technology,Civil Works, of Mines and the Master in Social Work. In 198 7, one was possessing 1808pupils programs attend them, semi-presénciales and distantly and with 190 teachersdistributed in hour - chair, half a time and complete time. The Law 30 of 1992 dedicatedthe university autonomy of the Institution and by means of the resolution Not 3274 ofJune 1993 was recognized institutionally to this one as university and his rector allowedhim in February, 1994 to choose for the first time for democratic route and theprofessionalization of the technological careers.
  26. 26. This button It is used to go topage before.This button It is used to go tofollowing page.This button is for home page or to go out ofaplication.In This Button HISTORICAL REVIEW OF TECHNOLOGICALUNIVERSITY OF CHOCO “DIEGO LUIS CORDOBA”
  27. 27. You must write the name of the members offamily in english.