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Eric King Visual Resume
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Eric King Visual Resume


Eric King (Say it as a compound word)

Eric King (Say it as a compound word)

Published in Career , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Eric King Friday, October 18, 13 Photo by: TheNew CameraCrew ...Say it as a COMPOUND WORD
  • 2. “My mission is to inspire urban youth’s thoughts, motivate their spirits, and broaden their visions; giving them the courage to chase their dreams.” ~Eric King Photo by: Young Bob Friday, October 18, 13
  • 3. Philly native, but currently I live in... http://www.flickr.com/photos/65449832@N00/8377394228/ Friday, October 18, 13
  • 4. Orlando http://www.flickr.com/photos/12734746@N00/266248680/ Friday, October 18, 13
  • 5. I attend school at.... Friday, October 18, 13
  • 6. Full Sail University for Music Business Photo by: Full Sail University Friday, October 18, 13
  • 7. My qualities as an individual are... Friday, October 18, 13
  • 8. Boosting the morale of the poor Contributing to something beyond myself Photo by: TheNew CameraCrew Friday, October 18, 13
  • 9. Social Intelligence I know what to do to put others at ease Photo by: TheNew CameraCrew Friday, October 18, 13
  • 10. Comfortable interacting with new people My personality is authentic and genuine Photo by: TheNew CameraCrew Friday, October 18, 13
  • 11. Perspective People VALUE my perspective and turn to me for advice Photo by: Brittany Dukes Friday, October 18, 13
  • 12. What makes me different?... Friday, October 18, 13
  • 13. My Values drive my Commitment United States Navy veteran who volunteered for a tour in Iraq 2008-09 Friday, October 18, 13
  • 14. I AM very familiar with DIVERSITY Did you know Eric King inspired me to join Full Sail University?.. Friday, October 18, 13
  • 15. Eric King inspired who? No Way!!!!... Friday, October 18, 13
  • 16. Yes way! Tashon, a Kansas City native once heavily involved in the street life now attends Full Sail University for Engineering Friday, October 18, 13
  • 17. That is not all! I also... Friday, October 18, 13
  • 18. ..am responsible for persuading Yvanna Barrett to join Full Sail University. At the time she and her mother called me, I knew neither one of them. An ex-military friend reccommended them to me. I was in Florida and they were in Maryland Friday, October 18, 13
  • 19. I don’t just talk the talk!... Friday, October 18, 13
  • 20. I also Walk the WALK! Friday, October 18, 13
  • 21. ...by taking professionalism VERY seriously! Shiny shoes and ON TIME! Friday, October 18, 13
  • 22. I founded an Independent Record Label called... Friday, October 18, 13
  • 23. Opportunist-Builder DNA Driven by my entrepreneurial spirit! Friday, October 18, 13
  • 24. Angle Iron’s Mission Statement “Just as angle irons sustain the structures of Navy ships, Angle Iron Productions pledge to provide a sustainable hip-hop structure. Our first goal is to recreate hip-hop’s foundation with originality, ingenuity, and creativity. Regardless of music industry trends, we will stay committed to our listeners by providing them with inspirational music that will inspire their thoughts, motivate their spirits, and broaden their visions; giving them the courage to chase their dreams.” Friday, October 18, 13
  • 25. Music Video Producer Responsible for putting all music videos together for MF Huskey (Angle Iron’s Artist) Sneak Peek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlVIL-6F31M Friday, October 18, 13 Photo by: Eric King
  • 26. http://www.flickr.com/photos/37128948@N06/4830266371/ Social Media Presence Friday, October 18, 13
  • 27. The Eric King story is far from finished.... Friday, October 18, 13
  • 28. Eric King Story on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P83enke8UA Friday, October 18, 13
  • 29. Currently, I am building a camera crew... Friday, October 18, 13
  • 30. I AM KING...and here is my castle Friday, October 18, 13
  • 31. “I’ll fall asleep safe and sound one day; but until then, I’m up chasing dreams and changing the world like kings do. I have to make it!” ~Eric King Friday, October 18, 13