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Web tools for neighborhood services


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Organizing & Sharing Resources with
    Free and Easy-to-Use Web Tools
    Ericka Dow, Librarian
    Central Library Adult Services
    May 3, 2010
  • 2. Why learn about web-based applications?
    That’s where it’s all headed anyway…plus, it’s fun!!
    Here’s what’s coming:
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 3.
    • Bookmark links to useful websites
    • 4. Tag each link with keywords (make your own and/or use recommended tags)
    • 5. Create ‘tag bundles’. As Delicious says, “collections will naturally emerge”…and they do!
    • 6. Search and browse your saved bookmarks
    • 7. Share bookmarks with colleagues and friends, if you wish
    • 8. Add the Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome extension for easy bookmarking and access
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 9. Why use
    It’s a ‘classification/search/browse’ dream come true. And you’re the one making it happen.
    Delicious may be considered ‘social media’ but its utility is not at all defined by that. In fact, one can ignore that it’s a social site at all. I do...
    Is it relevant for bookmarking sites you use every single day? Nope, they’re imprinted on your brain
    Is it suitable for bookmarking and organizing web resources you encounter occasionally and want to remember for future reference? Oh, YES!
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 10. Demo
    Save bookmark manually
    Tag with keywords
    Show Tag Bundle
    Browse/search tags
    Save bookmark from website with ext
    Individual bookmarks can be set to private or public
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 11.
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 12. Demo
    Difference between Group and List
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 13.
    PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and Word documents can be posted online
    Never again do you have to say “I’ll email it to you”. Simply give them your SlideShare URL.
    Can be set to private or public
    Save paper!!!
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 14. Demo
    This PPT is on SlideShare
    Examples of what you can do:
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 15. and Tiny.URL
    Make a reallylong URL short and simple
    For example, the URL for the book The Lost City of Z at is
    Or it could be
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 16. Blogs and Wikis
    Use blogs to publicize Neighborhood Services projects and events to the community and to county employees and departments (intermediate, customizable) (easy and instant) (easy and instant)
    Use wikis for internal documents being worked on by interdepartmental teams ($5/mo for private wikis)
    Ericka Dow May 2010
  • 17. Further Reading & Viewing
    Majure, Janet. Teach Yourself Visually WordPress. 2010
    Gardner, Susannah. Blogging for Dummies. 2010
    Ericka Dow May 2010