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outsiders vocab eric j outsiders vocab eric j Presentation Transcript

  • 1. madras • materials that make shirt. • You can buy madras for cheap price in dongdamoon
  • 2.cowlick • Hair that stands straight up. • When I woke up, I had a cowlick hair.
  • 3.unfathomable • It can not be understood or explained. • Chris’s speech is unfathomable.
  • 4.savvy • when they have a good understanding and practical knowledge of something. • I didn’t savvy what he said.
  • 5.aloof • not very friendly and does not like to socialize. • There is a kid who is aloof.
  • 6.impersonally • not very friendly and make you feel unimportant. • He always talk to people impersonally.
  • 7.ornery • bad tempered and difficult. • You don’t want to mess up with him because he is very ornery.
  • 8.resigned • It’s when you accept unpleasant situation with out complaining. • I resigned my English project without complaining.
  • 9.ruefully • They feel regret or sorrow . • I felt ruefully about beating a kid up.
  • 10.Hermit • person who lives alone away from the people. • One day he decided to become a hermit.
  • 11.premonition • You have feeling that unpleasant things going to happen. • I have premotion that we are going to have a pop quiz.
  • 12.reluctantly • you are not willing to do something. • My little brother went to the hospital reluctantly.
  • 13.sullen • gloomy, sad. • I was in sullen mood because I failed the class.
  • 14.eluded • You failed to obtain something • I eluded to protect my stuff
  • 15.imploringly • You very much want someone to do this for you. • I begged for him imploringly to do my homework.
  • 16.gallant • They behave bravely and honourably. • They were very gallant in the war.
  • 17.indignant • You are shocked and angry. • I was indignant that I got bad grade in my test.
  • 18.testify they saw and • They give a statement of what heard. • It’s going to be very hard to testify that he is innocent.
  • 19.jolt • It moves suddenly and violently. • I jolted him quickly right after he punched me.
  • 20.keeled • specially shaped piece of boat under the boat. • There is keel under the boat.
  • 21.inhalation • The process or act of breathing in. • I need to learn inhalation of oxygen.
  • 22. Hysterics • They are in state of uncontrolled excitement. • When he was fighting, he went in to hysterics.
  • 23.Mimicking • Trying to copy and follow something. • The little boy was mimicking the old man.
  • 24.radiates • They form a pattern that is like lines drawn. • cool radiates from the air condition.
  • 25.Mourning • It is a behavior which you show sadness about person’s death. • She was suffering in pain and mourning about his husband’s dance.
  • 26.Aghast • You are filled with horror and surprise. • I was aghast that my father had a terrible accident.
  • 27. Exploits • They are treating you unfairly by using your works. • They said that he exploited chinese workers.
  • 28. faltered • It loses power or strength in an uneven way. • Our Korea’s economy faltered.
  • 29. resemblance • When they are similar to each other. • There is significant resemblances between me and my dad.
  • 30. divert • Divert vehicles means to make them follow a different route. • The boat diverts the courses of a river.
  • 31.clenching • You curl up your finger very tightly. • I was clenching my fist, when I saw people beating up the kid.
  • 32. grimacing • you twist your face in an ugly way. • I was grimacing after I saw a scary movie.
  • 33. underprivileged • Have less money and fewer possessions. • Slaves were underprivileged back then.
  • 34. conformity • behaving in the same way as most other people. • There is no conformity between two gangs.
  • 35. contempt • you have no respect for them or think they are not important. • He gave me the look of contempt.
  • 36. escort • person who travels with someone in order to protect them. • You need escort while you are traveling the unknown place.
  • 37. convinced • you feel sure that something is true. • I was convinced that he was one who committed the crime.
  • 38. delirious • unable to think or speak in a sensible and reasonable way. • They always fight first because they are delirious.
  • 39. indignantly • You are shocked and angry. • I shouted indignantly to my dog.
  • 40. circumstances • conditions which affect what happens. • I wish we could have met under better circumstances.
  • 41. acquitted • they are formally declared not to have committed the crime. • He was acquitted of the charge.