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Commercialisation And Scandals
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Commercialisation And Scandals



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  • Definition of commericalisation: 1. To apply methods of business to for profit. a. To do, exploit, or make chiefly for financial gain. b. To sacrifice the quality of for profit.
  • Banksy artworks have become commercialised. His art work as everyone knows is categorised under the Graffiti. There are many perception towards his work. Some likes his artwork while other hates. It can be Banksy foes where other graffiti artists hate him, or anyone from the society Quite often his has been partially destroyed with roller paint. At other times, the entire piece has been chipped off completely. Given the fact that an increasing number of such paintings are being destroyed these days, Banksy canvas art is becoming more of a rarity.
  • After the climate talks in Copenhagen. Banksy drew this on the wall. He finds that those members of the copehagen meetings ended without a firm resolution , and Banksy is subtlety protesting by using graffiti, which have a serious impact on people
  • Let have a look at this short clip, after that let discuss what is it about.
  • As you can see several hundreds of Paris Hilton albums have been tampered by Banksy . He replaces Hilton’s CD with his own and given him label as you can see from the picture Banksy smuggled 500 doctored copies of Paris Hilton's debut album into music stores throughout the UK, where they have sold without the shops' knowledge. Analysis of banksy: Banksy finds is trying to tell us that why is “paris hilton so famous” and “what have she done”. Such political message which made a huge impact around the world espeically UK and consider that Banksy was a internationally renowned of his art work, it makes it easier for his supporter to believe easier in his work just like the case of the following critque made by Banksy himself on Paris Hilton The bogus CD is not the first time he has branched out beyond the stencil graffiti that made his name. In 2003, Banksy glued one of his paintings on to a wall in Tate Britain, where it went unnoticed by staff for hours. Last year, he sprayed paintings on the Israeli security wall around the West Bank  such as those discussed by the previous members in our group
  • In December 2008, the graftitit done by Banksy known as “diver in a duffle coat” in Melbourne Australia was vandalised. Other works were destroyed include ‘little diver’, ‘chalk farm maid’ and the ‘mild mild west’ painting. These 3 paintings have received some of the highest amounts of praise from people across the world. People speculate that rival graffiti artists destroyed his work. The destroyed piece even had a message written in red, which read ‘all the best – vida’.
  • The mural, a 30-foot tall painting of a rat holding a machine gun, will disappear after the businessman bought the former Liverpool pub it adorns and promised to paint over it. But after purchasing the artwork at auction on Thursday for £114,000, property developer Billy Palmer, 44, admitted he has no interest in preserving the painting, despite protests from art lovers.
  • One o the reason that people actually opposed to him is because he tries to show the real truth about the society Whether it is about cruelty, injustice, corruption, politics etc., Banksy tries to show the ironic side of society . There is always a sarcastic, satirical element to his paintings , which many people do not take it kindly. Of course being commericalisation, because of his art work. Banksy is also internationally renowned and conveying to the society/public making it easier. Definitely, there are people who do not appreciates his art work, not because he does not paint well or not famous but towards a modernisation around the world, art is difficult to be appreciate and Banksy concept of creating “easy to understand” graffiti explaining the societal issues, consider to be sucessful in bringing the message across
  • Because of his opposititon that destoryed many pieces of Banksy art. This has resulted in many opportunistic people where they post pictures of his works online on popular auction sites just to get money from the sale. Since Banksy canvas art is becoming such a rarity, it is natural that admirers of his artwork are lapping up any last pieces of a destroyed work. Celebrities of the likes of Christina Aguilera have purchased several of his paintings. In 2006 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spent £200,000 at his Los Angeles show. It is almost as though having a Banksy canvas art painting in your home is like a status symbol.
  • It has also been alleged [citation needed] and denied [citation needed] that Banksy has done work with corporations such as Puma. This has led to him being accused of being a sellout and a careerist by other artists Is banksy doing the right things of expressing his art with collectors paying huge amount of money for it? Media Attention : It almost seems as though everything was fine until Banksy got such massive media attention. – is it right? Intrinsic value or profits : Is the society keeping his art work for appreciation or for its “value” of fetching a higher price.


  • 1. From art work to Commercialisation Banksy Artworks
  • 2. Commercialisation
      • Gain International Credit: Bristol exhibition
    Banksy critiques on social issues
      • Destroying of his art work
        • by Councils and public who are unappreciative
      • Disrespect to his art work
        • By Business men
      • Rarity becomes profits
      • Graffiti Artists hate him
  • 3. Graffiti artist Banksy has marked the end of the Copenhagen climate conference with a series of murals, including one on global warming. Banksy critiques on social issues
  • 4.  
  • 5. Banksy critiques on social issues
  • 6. Opposition to Banksy Artworks
  • 7. "Banksy Canvas prints" Banksy graffiti destoyed. “ Little Diver” “ Chalk farm maid” “ mild mild west” “ $” “ $” “ $” The painting was estimated to be over 400000 pounds in worth
  • 8. Businessman to paint over Banksy artwork 'because he doesn't like art' Banksy art work not appreciated "All I was concerned about was getting this great building for a good price, I'm going to turn it into luxury flats” said the businessmen
  • 9. Why? C ruelty I njustice c orruption p olitics
  • 10. A destroyed Banksy painting cost approximately close to 150000 to 200000 pounds! R arity…
  • 11. But…
    • Is that the true value of Banksy works where his art work is treated more like a divine status symbol right now after gaining tremendous popularity?
  • 12. Commericalisation vs Banksy
    • Is Banksy to be blame for this? Who is right or wrong?
  • 13. Mysteries remain unsolved we won’t know who is to blame.. Some says that “ Banksy collaborated with Puma ” Accused of being a sellout and a careerist by other artists Media attention Intrinsic value or “Profits”
  • 14. What we know.. “ It can be quite frustrating for contemporary artists to see their work being less appreciated compared to Banksy canvas art when they are the ones giving more interviews and being in the limelight more often!” “ Though Banksy does excel in graffiti, his work is truly art and conveys social messages of tremendous importance.”