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Eric Haag Portfolio

  1. 1. 503.952.6086 3073 NW Jewell Way Bend, Oregon 97701
  2. 2. FEI Company Advertising
  3. 3. Intel® System Management Software with Microsoft® System Center Essentials 2007 Tired of serving time? With Intel® System Management Software with Microsoft® System Center Essentials 2007, you can get your life back by automating and scheduling software and patch updates during off-hours even if the PC is powered off, remotely troubleshooting and fixing end user problems, and receiving alerts when problems arise all from a single interface. To learn more, visit Intel Product Poster
  4. 4. SUN Microsystems Direct Response
  5. 5. PointsWest Townhomes Identity Design
  6. 6. PointsWest Townhomes Sales Collateral
  7. 7. PointsWest Townhomes Website
  8. 8. PointsWest Townhomes Print Advertising
  9. 9. Black Butte Ranch Print Advertising Identity Design
  10. 10. Regence Group Wellness Program Naming Identity Design Poster Design
  11. 11. Houston... Just a little afternoon stroll, 127,000 miles above the earth. At times like this it’s nice to be connected with a tight-knit community back home. A community of scientists, engineers and other astronauts who are all devoted to one thing… a safe return to earth. We are all connected and millions strong. Together, we can take charge. Reply all... It’s a tropical island 6300 miles away and no- body even knows he’s gone. That’s the beauty of new technology… the connection with your Regence Group team members is never in doubt. So it brings local communities close. Even when you’re not. Community Events Program We are all connected and millions strong. Advertising Together, we can take charge. Harmony. Six strings. Six distinctly different tones. Each one alone can produce a pleasant tune, but when you put them together in a chord or a simple blues progression… That’s when the music comes together. That’s when they really sing. We are all connected and millions strong. Together, we can take charge.
  12. 12. Your daily workout Not just for teeth and gums Voluntary Dental Regence Group Dental Program Publication You’ve been getting a great workout twice a day since you were three. You might not lose many calories lifting a toothbrush, but it’s one of the simplest, best things you can do for your health each day. It’s not just for teeth and gums. Now you can encourage employees to keep on track with their dental health with Voluntary Dental.
  13. 13. Broken Top Club Print Design
  14. 14. Broken Top Club Website
  15. 15. Benson Townhomes Print Collateral
  16. 16. Electric Lightwave Collateral Design Photo Illustration
  17. 17. Symantec CIO Engage event Website EDM Event graphics
  18. 18. Symantec Partner Engage Event Website EDM Event Graphics