The ManageTrainLearn Catalogue 2010


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The ManageTrainLearn Catalogue 2010 is your up-to-date guide to the very best of MTL skills and MTL products.

Here you'll find our descriptions of the 20 skills you need for personal and professional success in 2010, along with the products you need to get you there.

From Appraisal Skills to Training Skills, Communications to Presentation Skills, Assertiveness to Time Management, Change Management to Leadership Skills, Counselling Skills to Enneagram Personality Types.

Make this year the year you make a difference by learning and training with ManageTrainLearn.

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The ManageTrainLearn Catalogue 2010

  1. 1. The MTL Catalogue 2010 Your source for the best management e- learning in the world
  2. 2. Welcome to the ManageTrainLearn Product Catalogue for 2010! Hi there! Here at ManageTrainLearn, we know how hard it is to succeed in today's business climate. We know how hard it is to find the best training for your staff and how costly it can be to deliver it. That's why we've developed a unique range of online management and personal development products that will meet all of your learning and training needs. Many are new to the 2010 catalogue. Take a look at how we can Why Choose E-learning? help you on these pages Here are the top 5 reasons why you should make e- and then contact us so we learning a key feature of your organisation's learning can start helping you strategy: transform your business. 1. deliver training exactly when you want, to everyone you want 2. save up to 70% on the cost of classroom training 3. deliver training 24/7 to where your staff are 4. build your trainees' confidence by letting them learn the way they want at their own pace in their own time 5. train the way most people are now learning and will do in the future.
  3. 3. APPRAISAL SKILLS MTL Are You Giving Your Staff What They Really Want? Products If you think that all your team want from you is a pat on the back and a bit more money, you may find that all “Perfect you get for your efforts is a sore hand Appraisals” and an empty budget. Why? Because research shows that MTL Manuals: the workforce of today don’t just Appraisal Skills deliver better performance in response to your generosity. They MTL want something else. 1daycourseplans: Like more responsibility, more “Effective freedom, a chance to do something Appraisal” different, a stretching assignment, “How to Run personal development, and a Appraisal commitment that makes work worth Interviews” going to. In short, they want you to “Appraisals and help them grow. Performance” When you do this right, you’ll find you no longer need to motivate them. 4 Mini-Courses They’ll motivate themselves. It’s not hard. But it is skilful. And 5 Online Courses that’s what you’ll be when you master Appraisal Skills from ManageTrainLearn.
  4. 4. MTL ASSERTIVENESS Products Assertive = Confident Do you want to know why some organizations positively fizz when you “The Real Assertive visit them, while others are as stale as You” flat beer? It's to do with the people. The top MTL Manuals: organizations value their staff and Assertiveness their staff value themselves. MTL In the best organizations, managers 1daycourseplans: have learnt how to manage assertively rather than adversarially. “Personal They've replaced confrontation with Assertiveness” co-operation, one-way telling with “Confidence- two-way listening, and work as power Building Skills” arena with work as added value. “Teach Yourself At the same time, their staff have Assertiveness” learnt how to express themselves openly and honestly, to assert their 4 Mini-Courses rights while acknowledging those of others, and to put the quality of their relationships at the top of their 5 Online Courses agenda. Which all leads to organizations you want to belong to and to do business with. “Amazing products, thank you. Keep up the good Shine your light! Let the real assertive work! I love what you guys you emerge from the shadows. Learn are doing.” how to build your confidence with John Harris Assertiveness products from ManageTrainLearn.
  5. 5. CHANGE MANAGEMENT MTL Products Have You Got the Survival Instinct? If you place a certain species of frog in a container of cold water and slowly heat up the water, the frog will stay there, not moving, until the water reaches boiling point. When it will die. “Step by Step to Change Some people and some organizations are a bit like these frogs. Management” They're unable to see or respond to the changes in their environment until it's too late. And that's when they get poached alive. MTL Manuals: Change To survive in increasingly unstable times, you and your people Management need to be skilled managers of change. MTL 1daycourseplans: “Managing Change” “The Skills of Managing Change” “How to Manage Personal Change” 4 Mini-Courses 5 Online Courses It's one of the most difficult skills to learn. But without this skill, you and your business could be history. Like boiled frogs. Ride the waves of change with Change Management products from ManageTrainLearn. management/
  6. 6. MTL COMMUNICATIONS Products Unblock Your Arteries! When your organization fails to communicate properly, it's like a “Masterful gridlocked traffic system. Nothing gets Communications” through. Others don't reach you… and you don't reach them. MTL Manuals: And that leads to all the symptoms of an Communications organization that doesn't work: frustration; anger; missed deadlines; MTL late deliveries; blame and criticism; bad 1daycourseplans: news all round. “Get On With No wonder people say that 99.9% of all Anyone at Work” workplace problems are due to poor “Overcoming communications. Communication Barriers” But it doesn't have to be this way. “Interpersonal Imagine a workplace where people have Skills” communication skills a-plenty. Where people go out of their way to talk the same language. Where everyone tries to 5 Mini-Courses understand others first. And where there is a high level of connectedness 5 Online Courses and free flow. Impossible? Not with high- level communications skills, it's not. Unblock your organisation and see the results! Become an expert communicator with Communications products from ManageTrainLearn
  7. 7. COUNSELLING SKILLS MTL Are You a Trained People Mechanic? Products According to one professional body, we all need a sympathetic ear at some time in our working lives. To “Skilful Counselling help us with a personal problem. Skills” It could be about work and working relationships. Or career choices. Or MTL Manuals: problems on the job. Or health. Or it Counselling Skills could be about a home problem that affects work. Such as family issues. MTL Marital problems. Death and illness. 1daycourseplans: Whatever it is, if you're a manager “The Counselling and it affects your people, it affects Approach” their work. And that means it affects “How to Run a you. Counselling Session” “Questions and So you just can't ignore it. Answers” But, if you don't have the right skills, your intervention could make matters 4 Mini-Courses worse. And a little problem becomes a mega problem. 5 Online Courses That's why, to keep your people functioning healthily, you need the people maintenance skills of counselling. When you have a people problem, don't paper over the cracks! It's not only your people who suffer when there is a problem; it's also you. Learn how to handle people problems properly with Counselling Skills products from ManageTrainLearn.
  8. 8. MTL CUSTOMER CARE Products Out-Japanese Your Rivals! Where would you go for the best customer service in the world? Customers come back to you again and “Wow! Customer again. They'll even come back to you for Care” Until recently, there was only one things you don't sell, just for the answer to this question: Japan! experience of great service. MTL Manuals: The Japanese… a country with no Customer Care natural resources of their own, except for their people… were the undisputed leaders in service, quality MTL and customer care. 1daycourseplans: “Customer Service There were two reasons for this. Two Excellence” things that the Japanese put at the “Customer Service top of their customer service agenda. Champions” One was Ichiban meaning "a desire to “Profiting from be the best". And the other was Customer Kaizen, meaning "never-ending Complaints” improvement". Put together, Ichiban and Kaizen 4 Mini-Courses make an unstoppable force. When everyone has them in a 5 Online Courses business, the WOW! factor goes through the roof. And the simplest way to deliver Ichiban and Kaizen is to train your team in great customer care. Give all your staff A-grades! When it comes to customer care, you need every one of your staff to excel. Show them how with Customer Care products from ManageTrainLearn.
  9. 9. DELEGATION & EMPOWERMENT MTL Why Giving Away Power Makes You More Powerful Products How do you manage your staff? If there's still a strong element of “Dynamic control, restraint and restriction Delegation and about the way you manage, you Empowerment” could be shooting yourself in the foot. MTL Manuals: Sure, these were the ways managers Delegation and managed in bygone days. And vital Empowerment for getting the goods out the door. But the Industrial Age styles of MTL managing are all but dead and 1daycourseplans: buried. “Managing in the 21st Century” In the new Information Age, you “How to Delegate need a new way of doing things. Effectively” One that's built on trust, respect and “Do-It-Yourself valuing. Where managers don't issue Empowerment” If you've still got to make the commands, but create change, don't worry. There's still opportunities. Don't control, but time. Just. release. Don't restrain, but help. 5 Mini-Courses Don't say No, but say Yes. Don't keep If you're not delegating or power to themselves, but empower empowering, you're not managing! 4 Online Courses others. Discover one of the secrets of 21st century management before your competitors do. Let us help you with Delegation and Empowerment products from ManageTrainLearn. /field/delegation-and- empowerment/
  10. 10. MTL DISCIPLINE Products The Sensible Management of Discipline Do you send your staff fishing when they ought “Effective to be working? Discipline” Many managers do. For example, Sam's boss. MTL Manuals: Sam was a young apprentice whose attendance Discipline was not very good. His boss warned him several times to shape up… or else. MTL 1daycourseplans: “Managing Sam didn't take much Discipline” notice. On a fine summer's day, he much “Running a preferred to be fishing Disciplinary than working. His Hearing” attendance didn't “Alternatives to improve, so his Discipline” exasperated boss gave him one last warning. 3 Mini-Courses Sam wanted to go fishing in a couple of days' time. So he took 3 Online Courses the afternoon off, was immediately suspended with pay under the firm's disciplinary rules… and got to go fishing. A sort of win-win for everyone. Or perhaps lose-lose. If you're still punishing your staff for mistakes and misconduct, it could be costing you more than you think. Learn how to discipline sensibly with Discipline products from ManageTrainLearn.
  11. 11. ENNEAGRAM PERSONALITY TYPES MTL Work Out Your Workers' Wiring! Products What does it take to be a great manager? “Understanding Not a good one. Or a so-so one. But a Personality Types” great one. Chances are, if two people sat down to MTL Manuals: discuss the meaning of the word "great", Enneagram they'd never agree. But luckily they don't Personality Types have to. We already know. Step forward the Gallup organization, MTL who interviewed 80,000 managers 1daycourseplans: worldwide. And this was what they “Managing found: Personalities” “Personality at "The really great managers of the world are those who understand their staff. Work” They know what makes them tick. They “The Nine understand their wiring." Personality Types” Result? The great managers work with their staff, give them tasks that they're 2 Mini-Courses naturally good at, and develop them to do better at what they already do well. It's like working with nature. The way things are meant to be. Understand the way your people tick with Enneagram Personality Types products from ManageTrainLearn. personality-types/
  12. 12. MTL FACILITATION SKILLS Products Stop Telling and Start Letting Writer Timothy Gallwey was once conducting a management seminar. “Empowering Facilitation Skills” "What's the most important word in the dictionary of management?" he asked. MTL Manuals: Facilitation Skills Someone called out: "Leadership?" "No". Someone else suggested: "Money?" MTL "No". 1daycourseplans: Another offered: "Resources?" “An Introduction to "No”. A voice pleaded: "Give us a clue." Facilitation” “The Facilitative "OK," Timothy replied. "It's just three Leader” letters. And it's the most important thing you can do for those who work “Facilitation Skills” for you." Don't push the river upstream! Take people where they want to go, not Everyone looked puzzled. 3 Mini-Courses where you want them to go. Discover Finally, putting them out of their the power of facilitation with misery, Timothy replied: "It's "Let". Facilitation Skills products from 3 Online Courses ManageTrainLearn. Letting people work and letting them work things out for themselves is one of the most powerful things you can do for others. It's the concept that's at the “Sheer quality. The best heart of Facilitation Skills and the value-for-money learning reason why these skills are so valuable products on the Internet.” in the modern workplace. Alison Hardie
  13. 13. INFLUENCING & NEGOTIATING MTL Learn the Rules of the Negotiating Game Products Are your negotiators getting plenty of experience in negotiations? If so… and it's all they're getting… then it's time “Deal-Winning they stopped. Skills” Because what they need to get in every MTL Manuals: deal they make is more than experience. Influencing and They need to get everything they want! Negotiating Skills Most of us find negotiating hard. In one study, 98% of people said they would be MTL embarrassed if they had to haggle over 1daycourseplans: the price of everyday goods and “Influencing Skills” services. This means being hard-nosed to the point of rudeness. Staying focused “Turn Conflict to That's fine. But if it's your staff's job to and unbending. Learning to be a your Advantage” negotiate, then they owe it to others to bury their shyness and to get the best master gambit player. Brushing aside “Negotiating deal they can. Every time. emotional ploys and ambushes from Tactics” the other side. And crafting the deal so that the other side say "Thanks" and mean it. 6 Mini-Courses These are the rules of playing the Negotiating game. When you play by 8 Online Courses the rules, and have enough experience, then you'll start winning. How often are you shark bait? Don't be anyone's dinner. Learn the art of influencing and the rules of negotiating with Influencing and Negotiating Skills products from ManageTrainLearn. negotiating-skills/
  14. 14. MTL LEADERSHIP SKILLS Products The Function of Leaders Is to Create More Leaders In the old days you weren't a leader until someone said so. You had to be anointed. “Quality Leadership Skills” Like Samuel anointing King David in the Old Testament. Today it has to be different. MTL Manuals: Leadership Skills The fortunes of your business don't rest in the hands of the chosen few… all-seeing, all-knowing, all-doing. MTL Instead, you need leadership skills at every level of your business. At the 1daycourseplans: top and at the bottom. With the young and the old. Male and female. “The Qualities of New and experienced. Leadership” “Building People” When everyone is a leader, “What Makes extraordinary things happen. Leadership Everyone has the same vision of Special?” where you're going. Everyone shares the same values. Everyone has their own version of how 7 Mini-Courses they're going to get there. You no longer need to prod or 7 Online Courses bribe or force people. Because everyone is a role model to everyone else. Imagine the difference that would make to your business! Don't believe what they tell you! Leaders aren't born, they're made. And we'll help you make more of them with Leadership Skills products from ManageTrainLearn.
  15. 15. MAXIMISING YOUR POTENTIAL MTL Discover Your Genius Products There's an old Hindu story about where the gods hid the secret to mankind's greatest gifts. It goes “Step by Step to something like this. Maximising Your Potential” There was a time when all men were gods. But they so abused their divinity that Brahma decided to deprive them MTL Manuals: of their divine power. Maximising Your Potential Brahma assembled the minor gods to discuss where they should hide this power so that man wouldn't find it. MTL 1daycourseplans: "What about in the earth?" they said. “Discover Your "No," said the Brahma, "they'll dig it Genius” up." “The Magnetic "What about the ocean depths?" they Power of Goals” suggested. "Or the jungles. Or the “Positivity” mountains. Or the skies." "No," said the Brahma. "Sooner or 4 Mini-Courses later man will explore every region of the world and the universe." 7 Online Courses After much discussion, the gods turned to Brahma in despair. Brahma then decided. "This is what we'll do. We'll put it in the one place man will never think of looking. In the very depths of man himself." And that's what they did.
  16. 16. MTL PRESENTATION SKILLS Products Overcome Your Worst Fears What's your worst fear? The thing “Professional you wake up at Presentation Skills” night sweating about? MTL Manuals: Financial ruin? Presentation Skills Drowning? Snakes? Spiders? MTL Flying? Heights? 1daycourseplans: “Winning a Business Audience Well, if a recent survey is to be believed, it's Over” none of these. Though they're all in the top ten. “Presentation Techniques” No, the one thing that frightens us to death is: “Preparing a giving a presentation in front of an audience. Presentation” Crazy as it seems, we are more frightened of giving a talk than we are of dying! That's why 3 Mini-Courses 78% of managers say that learning how to present confidently in front of a business audience rates as the most valuable skill 5 Online Courses they've ever learnt. Present like a pro! Imagine what it would be like to stand in front of an audience, hold them in the palm of your hand and take them where you want them to go. Simple really when you've been trained with Presentation Skills products from ManageTrainLearn.
  17. 17. RECRUITMENT & SELECTION MTL Train Your Recruiters To Get It Right First Time Products Writer Alan Fowler tells the story of his brush with near-disaster when he made his first single-handed selection “Exceptional by himself. It was for a storekeeper. Recruitment and Selection” Flushed with enthusiasm, he saw scores of candidates, and then picked the best. MTL Manuals: Recruitment and Only the guy that turned up on day Selection one wasn't the person he thought it was. He'd picked the wrong name! MTL The twist in the story, of course, is 1daycourseplans: that Alan was too embarrassed to “Get the Best admit his mistake to his boss, went Person for the Job” ahead with the appointment anyway, and a year down the line discovered “Selection that the firm had the best storekeeper Interview Skills” it had ever had. “Managing the Recruitment But it was a close-run thing. Process” Don't take chances with your own selections. Learn to get it right first 3 Mini-Courses time. Without his stroke of luck, he could 5 Online Courses have been landed with a headache for years to come. And an expensive one as well. Learn how to select the very best people around with Recruitment and Selection products from ManageTrainLearn.
  18. 18. MTL STRESS MANAGEMENT Products Life-Saving Treatment for Your Staff Did you know that in the average organization of 10,000 people, 42 “Stress people die each year, prematurely and Management that unnecessarily, from diseases related to Works” stress? To get a better idea of what this MTL Manuals: means, just stop and do the sums. Stress Management Write down the number of people in your workplace. Divide by 10,000 and multiply by 42. MTL 1daycourseplans: Now stick your head out the door, say “Managing Stress” "Hi!" to a few passers-by and ask “From Stressed to yourself: "Will they be here this time Super-fit” next year?" “Relaxation” Stress is a modern fact of life. And a modern fact of death. Its effects can seriously damage your business as well 3 Mini-Courses as seriously damage your staff. That's why you need to train all of 3 Online Courses your people not just to handle their stress and distress, but to achieve super-health. It could, quite literally, be a life- saver. Why settle for stress relief when you can have super-fitness? Learn how to manage stress holistically with Stress Management products from ManageTrainLearn.
  19. 19. TEAMBUILDING MTL When One and One Makes Three Products In organizations where there is no teamwork, one and one will always equal the same. Two separate ones. Or one “Magical single two. Teambuilding” But in organizations which have discovered the joy of teamwork, one and one adds up MTL Manuals: to more. Teambuilding Like 3. Or 4. Or 6. Or 20. Or 100. MTL 1daycourseplans: The clever word for this is "synergy". It means getting more for your money than “Turn Groups Into what each part costs. Teams” “Teamwork” Put it another way. “Team Meetings that Sparkle” It's what you get when the Bolshoi dance. Or the Halle play. Or 11 Brazilians put on 4 Mini-Courses a football shirt. And it's also something you 5 Online Courses get in your own backyard. Ask anyone who's ever been in a winning team. It's unforgettable. And not as rare as you might think. Learn how to be a team magician with MTL Teambuilding products.
  20. 20. MTL THINKING SKILLS Products Googlerize Your Brain! According to the dictionary, a googol is a 1 followed by 100 noughts. Which “Creative Thinking means that the interconnections one Skills” cell in your brain can make is nearly 3 googols. Or to be precise, a 1 followed MTL Manuals: by 271 zeros. Thinking Skills Now the number of cells in your brain is 12 trillion. That's 12 followed by 9 MTL noughts. Which means that your brain 1daycourseplans: is… well, incalculably huge! “Creative Thinking” It's like a universe of its own. “Problem Solving” The trouble is that, just like the real “Brainpower” universe, most of us confine ourselves to just one tiny part of this universe. 5 Mini-Courses Instead of getting anywhere near those triple googols, most of us use just a few zillion. 6 Online Courses Which means that we have an enormous potential for creativity, innovation and invention going to waste. And if you have employees on your books and you're not making the most of their brains, that's a resource that you're just chucking away. So, get wise. Teach your team to use their brains. And reap the rewards. Galvanize the thinking power of your workforce! Beat your competitors with thinking skills from ManageTrainLearn.
  21. 21. TIME MANAGEMENT MTL Are You A Pearl Crusher Or A Pearl Diver? Products Edward Sheldrick of Time Management Inc says that people at “Balanced Time work are either pearl Management” crushers or pearl divers. The pearl crushers destroy the MTL Manuals: gifts that work brings Teambuilding while the pearl divers discover them. MTL Pearl crushers are time 1daycourseplans: fillers. They do not see “You, The Time the possibilities in each Manager” stretch of working time “Save More Time” but see it as a period to endure and fill. “Get More Out of Typically, they are at Your Time” the mercy of events, like flotsam and jetsam on the tide, now 3 Mini-Courses stressed from too much to do, now bored from 8 Online Courses too little. Pearl divers are time managers. They are productive people using each minute of the day to benefit themselves and others. They feel in control of events. They have a variety of tasks, ranging from routine jobs in which they can switch off, to progress jobs in which they turn on, to time on their own and time with others. Each day is balanced, whole, and varied. They work with joy. Are you a pearl crusher or a pearl diver? Don't trust a time management system that gives you more work! Learn how to manage your time with Time Management products from ManageTrainLearn.
  22. 22. MTL TRAINING SKILLS Products The Fast Track To Success There's a story about training that goes something like this. “Resourceful Training Skills” A consultant was visiting Japan to discover how that country had achieved such phenomenal post-war success. He MTL Manuals: met a top industrialist and asked him for Training Skills their secret. "First, we train," said the industrialist. MTL "Then what?" 1daycourseplans: "We train." “Running a Training "And after that?" Course” "We train. "Smiling, the consultant asked, "What do “Managing the you do next? Train?" Training Cycle” "No," replied the industrialist, "we “Learning Styles” educate." "OK," said the consultant. "Then what?" "Then…" said the industrialist, "we 4 Mini-Courses succeed." 6 Online Courses Whether true or not, the story has the ring of truth about it. Training may not be the quickest route to success. But it sure is the surest. Lick your team into shape! Make everyone a learner and everyone a coach. Create the perfect learning organization with Training Skills products from ManageTrainLearn.
  23. 23. Download Free Products Contact us NOW! from ManageTrainLearn At ManageTrainLearn: Remember that you can also Email: download a wide range of free products at ManageTrainLearn, including: Free Daily Management Tips Free Try-Before-You-Buy samplers of all full products:  MTL 1daycourseplans  MTL E-Manuals  MTL Mini-Courses  MTL Motivators  Stories that Coach  The Step by Step Series Free E-books Contact us for full details at the addresses on this page. Manage, to get it right! Train, to stay on top! Learn, to be a success!