Randall Cobb Comm Plan JOUR458B


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Randall Cobb Comm Plan JOUR458B

  1. 1. Randall CobbMarketing Communication Plan Eric Garment Jordan Pitts Justin Regan Josh Vitale JOUR458B
  2. 2. Overview We will highlight the newest addition to the defending Super Bowl champions‟ wide receiving corps. We will utilize media in Wisconsin, Kentucky, and nationally in order to raise Randall Cobb‟s profile as he plays for one of the NFL‟s greatest franchises in the Green Bay Packers.
  3. 3. Background  21 year old wide receiver for defending Super Bowl Champions.  Attended University of Kentucky.  Specialized on special teams and in „Wildcat‟ offense.  Most total touchdowns in University of Kentucky history.  Four-time high school state champion in Tennessee.
  4. 4. Background Was “Mr. Football” his senior year of high school in Tennessee. 64th overall pick of 2011 NFL Draft (2nd round). Tied for longest kick return (108 yards) in NFL history. 2011 Week 1 Pepsi Rookie of the Week.
  5. 5. Cobb‟s Record-Tying Return
  6. 6. Situational Analysis Although the Green Bay Packers have an established offensive presence, Cobb has found plenty of playing time. Green Bay‟s popularity throughout the league will enhance Cobb‟s visibility to the average fan and show him in a positive light. He participates in community service projects, which will put a positive spin on his personal profile.
  7. 7. Strategic Considerations  Packers fans love seeing draft picks develop into stars, so promoting that aspect of his profile is important.  He had a small Twitter spat with fans while at Kentucky; giving him a better social media presence could help introduce him to the public.
  8. 8. SWOTStrengths Weaknesses• Incredibly versatile on the field • Size can prove to be a negative• 40-yard dash of 4.46 seconds mismatch• Good at avoiding tackles • Only played three years in college• Great route-runner • Needs to bulk up to be a more• Good upfield vision as a returner consistent threat in the passing game• Succeeds at receiver despite size • Could get lost among veteran (5‟ 10”, 191 lbs) receiversOpportunities Threats• Just one All-Pro or Pro Bowl • Came out of a school not known for selection would make him the first being a football powerhouse Kentucky WR to earn that honor • Might be on a fine line regarding his• Might be next big star in Green Bay Twitter presence• Be a community service staple in • Not as heralded due to where he was Green Bay as well as the state of taken in the draft Wisconsin
  9. 9. Communication Objectives Try and get Cobb regular home states. appearances on Wisconsin sports radio, such as 107.5 FM in Green Bay and 1250 AM in Milwaukee. Create availability to local, state, and national outlets who may want to profile Cobb. Make sure that he maintains a profile in Kentucky and Tennessee, his collegiate and
  10. 10. Target Audience  Green Bay Packers fans – could market his versatility to a die-hard fan base that reaches across the country.  Young NFL fans – Cobb‟s Week 1 debut in 2011 marked him as the first player to be born in the 1990s.
  11. 11. Media Strategies Arrange interviews with Packers beat writers to raise awareness of Cobb both locally and nationally. Arrange interviews with outlets in Kentucky and Tennessee to keep his profile high where his roots are.
  12. 12. Media Strategies  Get profile pieces of Cobb on televised shows such as Sunday NFL Countdown or Inside The NFL.  Arrange local and national radio interviews, as well as interviews with online personalities.
  13. 13. Media Strategies  Heavily promote Cobb through social media channels.  Create a Facebook fan page for him and have contests to bring more people to the page.  Make sure his Twitter handle (@rcobb18) is well-known among fans
  14. 14. Strategic Recommendations Make Cobb accessible to the media as frequently as possible. Fans and pundits don‟t like players who refuse to make themselves available. Let him talk about the challenges he faces being a rookie on the defending Super Bowl champion team. Humility is key. Make sure that Cobb stays on task in Green Bay and doesn‟t get on the bad side of the coaching staff. Unhappy coaches means less playing time for Cobb.
  15. 15. Community Outreach Programs  Cobb volunteered at multiple hospitals (Shriner‟s, Cardinal Hill, UK) during his time at Kentucky.  Keeping that momentum going by making appearances at hospitals in Wisconsin will give Cobb a boost in his profile in the area.
  16. 16. Media Event Rookie Wants A Ring This could be the working title of a special produced on Cobb, who is surrounded by players and coaches who just received Super Bowl rings. The special would focus on Cobb‟s work ethic in trying to become an integral part of the Packers roster. The show would appeal to young football players, especially college players with NFL dreams, as it profiled a rookie‟s struggle to break through and make an impact in his first year with an incredibly successful team.
  17. 17. Key Messages Randall Cobb is one of the NFL‟s most versatile athletes. He‟s making a major impact as a rookie on the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. Historically, wide receivers from the University of Kentucky don‟t have prolific careers. Cobb can change that. Cobb has a chance to be the next homegrown star in Green Bay.
  18. 18. Media List Wisconsin Media Green Bay Press-Gazette Pete Dougherty, Packers reporter pdougher@greenbaypressgazette.com SportsRadio 1250 AM – WSSP Milwaukee Tom Parker, program director 414-529-1250 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Bill Windler, senior sports editor bwindler@journalsentinel.com
  19. 19. Media List Kentucky Media Lexington Herald-Leader Gene Abell, sports editor gabell@herald-leader.com Tennessee Media The Daily Times (Maryville, TN) Leonard Butts, sports editor leonard.butts@thedailytimes.com
  20. 20. Media List National Media ESPN The Magazine Gary Belsky, editor editor.espnmag@gmail.com Sports Illustrated Terry McDonell, sports editor Sirius XM Radio Andrew Fitzpatrick, sports media relations andrew.fitzpatrick@siriusxm.com