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Ps tracker press article-homefinder-july-aug2011

  1. 1. Industry From Traditional to DigitalFromTradiTionalTo digiTal An important factor not always considered – monitoring Text Lawrence Julius KEEPING track of a development’s construction is no easy task. Once a project is underway, few “The system not will have the access to view progress first-hand. This can be frustrating especially for property only saves costs, buyers who wait with fingers crossed, hoping nothing goes wrong. Within this waiting period it improves even abandonment can happen. Due to lack of monitoring, problems are not detected early, productivity too.” and those in the dark will try to mitigate loss – Eric Gan, Director, right at the last minute, to no avail. CONPEX Solutions Sdn Bhd A possible solution can be found through a But Tracker is not only used in construction, it web-based system called Project Site Tracker, is also customizable to monitor the conditions an innovative online monitoring tool by CON- of hill slopes and potholes for example. Gov- PEX International Consortium Group. Ar Eric ernment bodies can use this monitor to speed- Gan, Director of CONPEX Solutions Sdn Bhd up detection and action. This system can even defines the system as, an “Online real-time be installed within a client’s internal server reporting” platform. This system digitizes the if requested. traditional processes and methods of project monitoring and provides data access within a “The system not only saves costs, it improves centralized system. productivity too,” says Eric. “Those given access can go to the site and get An administrator will allow or disallow access to information directly instead of painstakingly people and filter all incoming materials like pho- tracking down documents manually,” says Eric. tos and documents. Among other services within Eric Gan, accessing Project Site Tracker from his tablet PC. the system are templates to organize information Be it property developers, investors, govern- more efficiently and accessed easily. Certificates ment officials or financial institutions, they and reports during the construction period like can monitor a project’s progress anytime, the progress, cost and payment reports can all be anywhere via the Internet. uploaded and organized for easy reference. Project Site Tracker can be accessed through Eric says via this route, a lot more transparency its website, which means data can be accessed is given to property buyers. “It lifts confidence in using mobile devices, on the go. One of the fea- the developer’s ability to deliver,” Eric says. tures of Tracker is the ability to upload photo updates, taken by those with jurisdiction, direct On the other hand, stakeholders and contrac- to the system for others to view and comment. tors get to keep close watch and make critical This platform enables a visual insight into the decisions faster, while government enforce- progress of the development, a valuable source ment agencies can use this to monitor progress for those who normally rely on paper reports as and working conditions. Non-performing loans well as opening space for discussions. can be reduced as well when financial institu- tions opt to keep track of their mortgage prop- Eric adds, “When a progress report comes erties with the system. Eric is confident inci- in, there are no supporting pictorials to actu- dences of project abandonment can ultimately ally see the progress. Sometimes certifications be reduced through this means of monitoring are inaccurate.” developers’ construction progress online. Eric believes that the technology is all in place; it is just a matter of accepting it and changing a For more information traditional mindset could be a challenge. visit www.projectsitetracker.com76 homefinder | July-August, 2011