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  1. 1. DTD Newsletter Page 1 DTD Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 37 1 1 E a s t B o l d t W a y S P C 4 9 6 , Ap p l e t o n , W I 5 4 9 1 1 SHELTER RECLAIMED By Drew Stuart It’s my pleasure to inform you that the Delts will be backINSIDE THIS ISSUE in the house next year! The entire chapter is incredibly excited.1 Shelter Reclaimed We applied for one of two formal group housing contracts. The application was worked on for several weeks with the help of1 Volunteer-A-Thon several executive members. The application was put together by the Steward and future Residence Life Manager, Andrew Stuart,2 Jill Beck Dinner with a large amount of input from our chapter president Eric3 Tradition Follett, and was edited and ran over extensively by our Rush chair Jacob Woodford.4 Greek Life Our competition was rather steep this year with SigEp and Sinfonia trying to hold onto their houses, and the Lawrence4 Alumni networking Christian Fellowship also put forth a strong bid to gain the house. In the end, our application received the most votes, with SigEp barely beating LCF for the second contract, leaving Sinfonia Please see Shelter on page 2 Volunteer-A-Thon By Drew Stuart Delta Tau Delta has continually increased its involvement in the local community and on campus and we strive to ever do more. This year Delta Tau Delta has started an annual volunteer event call Volunteer-A-Thon, a volunteer competition that has the aim to increase participation in volunteer projects third term both on campus and in the community. We are working very closely with the volunteer center to help promote other events as well as help students register their hours there. We set up the competition to fall during the greater majority of pre-existing community projects of other groups so that we may help promote participation at their activities as well as ours. We will strive to continue this competition every year, where we could use our newly acquired house as a hub of volunteer information during the event . This year and last we have been selling teddy bears and shirts, where all the proceeds went to children in hospitals as well as receiving a teddy bear themselves for every shirt and Please see Pledging on page 3
  2. 2. Page 2 DTD NewsletterCONTRIBUTORS Annual Jill Beck DinnerEric Follett 12 By Jacob Woodford President, Alumni Relations Delta Nu took some time in late April to meet with President Co-chair Jill Beck over hors d’oeuvres and punch to discuss the chapter, asZachary Kulig 13 well as plans for the university. This is the second year in a row Alumni Relations Co-chair that the event has taken place, and President Beck noted that theAndrew Stuart 13 annual meeting allows for improved communication between the Steward, Philanthropy Delts and administration. Chair Among the items for discussion were the acquisition of theJacob Woodford 13 old Delt House, the chapters improved and increasing presence in philanthropic events, and the potential revival of old Homecoming Rush Chair traditions lost to the ages. President Beck was more thanChristopher Schmidt 13 complimentary in every respect—particularly on the note of our Sergeant at Arms leadership in volunteer efforts.Alex Brewer 13 We also discussed the leadership role of Delta Nu in Secretary coordinating the efforts of numerous groups on campus (Greek andFrank Lieberman 14 Non-Greek) with the Volunteer-A-Thon. We were commended on our continued effort and progress in rebuilding and rededicating IFC Rep Please see Jill Beck on page 4 Shelter from page 1 without their house next year. The entire chapter is anxious to be back in the house next fall and starts making it feel more like the Delta Shelter than just another residence hall on campus. We will be painting the doors purple, and are looking to refurbish its now stark interior, to something closer to its former glory. Unfortunately we are not allowed to use the endowment to provide fixtures in the house that are considered superior to general housing on campus, thus we rely on the work and aid from alumni to improve the house and compete with the other fraternity houses during recruitment. If there are any local alumni looking to get rid of old furniture that is still useable, email Eric Follett at Also, if there are any alumni that would like to drop in and share stories of when they lived in the house or ideas for the house, either this year or early next fall, feel free to email Eric. Next fall we are trying to bring back several of the old traditions associated with the Fall Festival and Homecoming, and it would be great to see a large alumni turnout on campus and see friendly faces in the Delta Shelter again. Stay tuned for updates on that as well.
  3. 3. DTD Newsletter Page 3Greek Week By Eric Follett This year we were able to participate in almost every event thrown during Greek Week. There was Phi Tau Poker, Kappa wing-eating contest(we won first with 258 wings, second place had 156), Delta Gamma Anchor Splash(took third, won Mr. Anchor for the third year in a row), second place in Thetas kicks for casa, and finally our event, Quadball which both Delt teams won every game. Outside of Greek Week, we were also involved in "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes," a sexual abuse awareness event. We won the highest participation award out of all organizations on campus. Also, on May 14th we will be participating in Habitat for Humanitys Shack-a-Thon, something the Delts havent been invited to for a few years. Now that Greek Week is over, we are still looking forward to participating in other Greek Lifes events.Tradition By Chris Schmidt Traditions are important, there is no other way to say it. Traditions die, new traditions are born, and sometimes dead traditions come back to life. Now that we finally have the house back, we have re-established one of the great traditions of our chapter and reaffirmed that we are, and continue to strive to be leaders on campus. As much as the house is important as a tradition, and after Alex Brewer did some researching in Lawrences archives did the question of other traditions come up. This gave me the idea to ask you, our alumni: What traditions were you most fond of within the Delt House? How have they influenced your life, after Lawrence? We all know about the families and all of those things that we do with that and Quadball(a combination of kickball, baseball, and softball), but whats the Order of the Fox or Pledge week (a.k.a. Delt Week), where did they go? Please write us about these or any Traditions that you remember from your time in the Delt House. Also, wed love to have any old Delt Photos. If you would like to help, respond using the brief survey in the email, or contact to share any information when you were at Lawrence. We plan on collecting as much information as possible for a possible house warming party this coming fall.Volunteer-A-Thon from page 1 bear sold here on campus. We will continue to sell the bears in the years to come. The Bella Blood Drive, while not being a Delt event, was hosted by a Delta Tau Delta Alum, where the Theta Sorority and Delts helped table and poster for the event resulting in a greater-than- expected turnout. Delta Tau Delta will continue help out any volunteer projects wherever possible along with awareness programs in the community. Email if you have any ideas for future volunteering.
  4. 4. Page 4 DTD NewsletterJill Beck from page 2the chapter through the hard work and President Beck cited stronginitiative of the current members and recent leadership in the chapter and improvedgrads. recruiting efforts as a major reason for the We suggested a new project to revive the sudden turnaround. She also commendedtraditions of Homecomings in the past, which the tremendous support we have from aPresident Beck was very enthusiastic to support. very dynamic group of alumni who haveAmong suggestions were ways to increase been instrumental in the directional shiftattendance at the football game, as well as of the chapter.activities during the week to create excitement Overall, the evening was aon campus. President Beck offered to get us in tremendous success, and we look forwardtouch with her Special Projects Coordinator, to future meetings with President Beck.and also made an offer to fund a considerable Also in attendence were Professor Nicholasportion of the effort. Maravolo, Rich Agness ‘67, John Bodnar ‘76, and Rob Beck.Alumni NetworkingBy Eric FollettThanks to all the alumni that took the time to Homecoming at Lawrence, it would be great torespond to the previous letter. Some notes hear from alumni about their experiences infrom the last responses include how the hockey the past. Due to the lack of studentclub started at Lawrence (Lee Sternal 67), how participation in the recent past withLawrence has shaped lives(Bill Benowicz 67), homecoming, a student led initiative oncurrent career paths(good luck Jon Horne 06 on campus may be what it takes. Weve alreadyyour MBA/JD), and being able to help out with brought the idea up at our annual Jill Becka bone marrow registry/blood drive (Jeff meet and greet and have her full support.Henderson 05). The connection outside of Also, if any alumni would like tocurrent actives has helped me realized the contribute to the newsletter contact Ericimpact the fraternity has on so many people. Follett at or regular Going along with our attempt to revive mail to: Eric Follett 711 East Boldt Way SPC 496 Appleton, WI 54911 I will be working in coordination with co-chair Zach Kulig and historian Kyu-Po Pyun on the newsletters for the next year. We will try our best to avoid spelling, grammatical, or any mistakes while delivering the most information Delta Nu in this brief update. Thanks for all your 711 East Boldt Way cooperation and we look forward to continuing SPC 496 the Brotherhood. Appleton, WI 54911 E-mail: