Social Media and SEO: 1 + 1 = 5
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Social Media and SEO: 1 + 1 = 5



A detailed examination of how social media and SEO interact, including direct social signals, and how to network through social media to do link building.

A detailed examination of how social media and SEO interact, including direct social signals, and how to network through social media to do link building.



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Social Media and SEO: 1 + 1 = 5 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Eric Enge PresidentStone Temple Consulting and co-author, The Art of SEO 1
  • 2. Reasons You Should Belong to SEMPO• Expand Your Knowledge• Engage With Industry Leaders• Maximize Your Career Growth• Grow Your Business• Save Money
  • 3. Sponsors and Partners 3
  • 4. Housekeeping
  • 5. Eric EngeCEO Stone Temple Consulting Co-author, The Art of SEO 5
  • 6. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Who Am I?Co-author of The Art of SEOPresident of Stone Temple Consulting 25+ person Internet Marketing firmTrainer for Instant E-TrainingFounder of Web Site Publishing Companies Publish web sites, grow them, then sell them 2 significant exits so farOn Twitter: @stonetemple
  • 7. @stonetemple +Eric Enge7,780 Results!
  • 8. @stonetemple +Eric Enge731 Million Results ADS Popular search query – Credit Cards Google Controlled Page!
  • 9. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Top 10 Organic Results – Credit Cards1. 1. Capital One2. Visa 2. Bankrate3. Mastercard4. Chase 3. Citibank5. Bank of America 4. Discover 5. m
  • 10. The result is broken Why?
  • 11. @stonetemple +Eric EngeSomething Was Missing
  • 12. @stonetemple +Eric Enge42,700 Results!
  • 13. @stonetemple +Eric EngeHow Many Results Matter? Or Maybe only 1?
  • 14. @stonetempleIf Google Gets the Rest of the +Eric Enge Results “Wrong” … Does it matter?
  • 15. @stonetemple +Eric EngeEnter Search, plus Your World
  • 16. @stonetemple +Eric EngeHow Many Results Matter Now? Only 4 non-ads above the fold
  • 17. @stonetemple +Eric Enge3 of these come from a ranking algo thatdid not exist prior to January 10, 2012
  • 18. @stonetemple +Eric EngeThe Seismic Shifts Will Continue
  • 19. @stonetemple +Eric EngeThis Device May Dissappear …
  • 20. @stonetemple +Eric Enge… and this may rule
  • 21. @stonetemple +Eric EngeThe Browser May Fade …
  • 22. @stonetemple +Eric Enge… and apps may rule
  • 23. @stonetemple +Eric EngeThe impact of social is already huge
  • 24. Google Giving Up Ad @stonetemple +Eric EngeRevenue to Promote it SPYW Ads
  • 25. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Your GOALBecome so important that the search results arebroken if you are not in the top 4Know that the search box itself may change
  • 26. Social Sharing and SEO
  • 27. @stonetemplePicking the Best Content +Eric Enge
  • 28. @stonetemple +Eric EngeWeighting Votes - Relevance
  • 29. @stonetemple +Eric EngeWeighting Votes – Authority • How well do you know the topic? • Recognized Thought leader?
  • 30. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Weighting Votes - Trust• Can your opinionbe trusted?• What are yourPerceived motives?• Do people engageWith your brand?
  • 31. @stonetemple +Eric EngeWeighing Votes – Effort & Commitment
  • 32. @stonetemple +Eric EngeBalance of Signals? (Hint)
  • 33. @stonetemplePrime Real Estate +Eric Enge
  • 34. @stonetemplePersonalization Off – Still +Eric Enge Get G+ Results
  • 35. @stonetemple +Eric EngeHighly Personalized Query
  • 36. @stonetemple +Eric EngeNot All Queries
  • 37. @stonetemple +Eric EngeFriend Likes in Bing Results
  • 38. @stonetemple +Eric Enge• NoFollowed, but still act like links• Author authority matters
  • 39. @stonetemple +Eric EngeFacebook Authority & Links
  • 40. @stonetemple +Eric Enge139718,995
  • 41. @stonetemple +Eric EngeFollower/Following
  • 42. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Twitter Authority• Number / authority of relevant followers• Authority and relevance of people who click on links you share• Authority and relevance of people who retweet you• Ratio of followers to followed (Marisa Mayer example)• Your “type” according to Klout (celebrity thought leader, explorer, etc)• And possibly the age of your account
  • 43. @stonetemple+Eric Enge
  • 44. @stonetemple +Eric Enge What Do the Search Engines See?Signal Bing GoogleFacebook Like/Recommend Yes Crawl BasedFacebook Shared Link Yes NoFacebook Mention Yes Crawl BasedFacebook Comments Yes NoTwitter Tweeted Link Crawl Based Crawl BasedTwitter Retweet Link Crawl Based Crawl BasedTwitter Mentions Crawl Based Crawl Based+1 Crawl Based YesGoogle+ Shared Link Crawl Based YesGoogle+ Mention Crawl Based Yes
  • 45. @stonetempleGoogle can see Facebook +Eric EngeComments (Crawl Based)
  • 46. @stonetemple +Eric EngeLikes, Shares May Show Up in Friend’s Feeds
  • 47. @stonetemple What Determines What Feeds? +Eric Enge• EdgeRank• Formula: u * w * d• U = match of viewing user to the poster• W = weight for this edge type (create, comment, like, share) – Photos get more weight – Likes require little effort, so less weight• D = time decay factor
  • 48. @stonetemple +Eric Enge The Very Basics• Be an expert• Create great content• Interact• Share other people’s stuff – Try to share more than you get shared – The better you get at this … the harder it gets• Have a unique voice• Have a personality!
  • 49. @stonetemple +Eric Enge It’s Not About You!• It’s about engagement• Create conversations – Fastest way to grow your reach• Facebook EdgeRank depends on it• Your own authority depends on it• Don’t be commercial – Think about 9 non-commercial updates for each commercial one
  • 50. @stonetemple +Eric EngeGoogle+ Brand Pages
  • 51. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Facebook in US 150 Million US Users48.8% of thePopulation
  • 52. @stonetemple +Eric EngeNOT on Facebook 51.2% of the Population
  • 53. @stonetemple +Eric Enge10% Perform most of theLikes, Shares, +1s 20% Less Active, but Interact 70% Simply Watch from the Sidelines
  • 54. @stonetemple +Eric Enge 14.7% of the PopulationSending ActiveSocial Signals
  • 55. @stonetemple +Eric EngeNoisy Signal
  • 56. @stonetemple +Eric EngeFriend’s Opinion
  • 57. @stonetemple +Eric EngeStrong Signal
  • 58. Influencer MarketingHow Social Media Drives Killer Links
  • 59. @stonetempleThe Synergy We Are Looking For +Eric Enge Shared on Google+ Helps Drive New Circlers, Shares, +1s Traffic, Links, and New Subscribers
  • 60. @stonetempleThe Synergy We Are Looking For +Eric Enge (Influencers) (Sharing) (Your Stuff)
  • 61. @stonetemple +Eric EngeThe Influencer Audience Factor YOU INFLUENCER Your Reach Their Reach
  • 62. @stonetemple +Eric EngeThe Influencer Trust Factor 20 Shares 10 Links 20,000 Connections 100 Shares 50 Links 20,000 Connections
  • 63. @stonetemple +Eric EngeCreating Trust in One Relationship Personal Interaction Give Back Value To Others
  • 64. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Relationship Building PyramidHigher HigherEffort Value
  • 65. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Likelihood to Share Formula + + Quality Content = Visibility RelevanceShare Rate Trust in + Author/ + Referrer Unique Content +
  • 66. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Creating ImpressionsDirect Outreach Potential Linker
  • 67. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Summary• Reach linkers by multiple channels – Create great content – Strong social media presences – Guest posting – Don’t be afraid to hit the road• Channels / Tactics change over time – Need to reach influencers does not
  • 68. Case Study 1
  • 69. @stonetemple+Eric Enge
  • 70. @stonetempleInfluencer Marketing +Eric Enge
  • 71. @stonetemple +Eric EngeBlog with QualityContent
  • 72. @stonetemple +Eric EngeLots ofGuestPosts
  • 73. @stonetemple +Eric EngeStrong Social Presence
  • 74. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Basic Strategy• Post great content: 3 to 4 times per week – 2/3 of the posts are from guest authors• Guest Post on other sites: 3 to 5 times per week• Always building relationships with influencers• Great content on Twitter and Facebook• Promote posts on Twitter and Facebook
  • 75. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Sample Results•• 681 links from unique domains• 7,983 tweets• 4k Likes•• 504 links from unique domains• 10,600 tweets• 1k Likes• The site gets 200,000+ visitors per month
  • 76. Case Study 2
  • 77. @stonetemple+Eric Enge
  • 78. @stonetemple +Eric EngeInfluencer Marketing
  • 79. @stonetemple +Eric EngeBlog with Great Content
  • 80. @stonetemple +Eric EngeGives Interviews
  • 81. @stonetemple+Eric Enge
  • 82. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Basic Strategy• Post great content: 1 post per day – 3/4 of the posts are from guest authors• Always building relationships with influencers• Rand grants interviews on a regular basis• Great content on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+• Promote posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
  • 83. @stonetemple +Eric EngeSample Results
  • 84. Case Study 3 TheImportance of Opportunism
  • 85. @stonetemple How it started for me +Eric Enge• Feb/Mar 2005: Went to SES NY• Sat in on this panel:
  • 86. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Methodology• Sat in Front row• First up to speak to Matt Cutts• Rinse and Repeat for every search conference Matt went to in 2005• Met many other major influencers at those conferences too!
  • 87. @stonetemple +Eric EngeNovember 2006
  • 88. @stonetemple +Eric EngeFirst One In
  • 89. @stonetemple +Eric EngeStill Ranks (Web Analytics Report) #9
  • 90. @stonetemple +Eric EngeAnother Event …
  • 91. @stonetemple +Eric EngeGuess Who Offered to Write for SEW?
  • 92. @stonetemple +Eric Enge SES Chicago December 2008• Got asked to help write a book• Published November 2009
  • 93. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Assessment through 2010• No Social Media activity• Active Guest Posting (SEL, SEW, some SEOmoz)• Active Speaking• Published Art of SEO• Promising Interview Series went dormant – Because of demands of the book
  • 94. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Restart• May 2011: Got Twitter going• May 2011: Restarted interview series• July 2011: Started leveraging Twitter to support the interviews
  • 95. @stonetemple +Eric EngeInterview with Tiffany Oberoi
  • 96. @stonetemple +Eric EngeAn Influencer Said Something Nice About it
  • 97. Search on Reconsideration @stonetemple +Eric Enge Requests #4!
  • 98. @stonetemple +Eric EngeInterview with Peter Norvig
  • 99. @stonetemple +Eric Enge Influencer Tweet3.8 Million Followers!
  • 100. @stonetemple +Eric EngeAn “Event” (Peter Norvig Interview)
  • 101. Thank You!Eric Enge(508) 485-7751