Link Building Dos and Don'ts


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Link Building Dos and Don'ts

  1. 1. No Virginia, Link Building Is Not Illegal
  2. 2. First Off... Who Am I?  Co-author: The Art of SEO  CEO: Stone Temple Consulting, 30+ person Digital Marketing and SEO firm  Columnist:  Interviewer:
  3. 3. Matt Cutts on “Link Building” “It segments you into a mindset, and people get focused on the wrong things” July 9, 2012 interview With Eric Enge @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  4. 4. ‘Cause Matt Cutts Said So
  5. 5. Links Must Be Valid Citations
  6. 6. You Can’t Vote For Yourself
  7. 7. You Can’t Stuff the Ballot Box
  8. 8. Not Bought
  9. 9. Not Bartered
  10. 10. Not Stolen Anonymous said: : Cheap Viagra Cialis Levitra Add your comment here
  11. 11. Press Releases - DO
  12. 12. Press Releases – DON’T
  13. 13. Widgets – DON’T Why? Links not seen as valid citations
  14. 14. Infographics - DO If they are: • Accurate • Relevant • High Quality Info
  15. 15. Infographics – DON’T If they are: • Not Accurate, OR • Not Relevant, OR • Not High Quality Info
  16. 16. Matt Cutts on Panda/Penguin - Infographics “I would not be surprised if at some point in the future we did not start to discount these infographic-type links to a degree.” July 9, 2012 interview With Eric Enge @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  17. 17. Manage The Relevance Chain
  18. 18. Syndication - DO
  19. 19. Syndication – DON’T • Don’t forget to do at least one of the following: – Noindex the page on the site receiving the content – Rel=canonical the page back to the original page – Include a link on the duplicated page back to the original page
  20. 20. Guest Posting – DO Columns
  21. 21. Guest Posting – DO High Quality One Offs
  22. 22. Guest Posting – DON’T Think About Maximizing The # of Domains
  23. 23. Guest Post – DON’T Implement Stupid Links Like This
  24. 24. Guest Posting - DON’T Unrelated Content Using Rich Anchor Text
  25. 25. Guest Posting – DON’T Related Content Using Rich Anchor Text How to Get the Best Travel Deals • Book early. People who wait until the last minute almost always pay higher prices. • Use the Internet. Websites such as travelocity can help you save hundreds of dollars on air travel and hotels. • Try a vacation rental rather than a hotel. • Look for travel package deals to help cut down the overall cost of both airfare and hotels combined. This guest post was provided by Sarah Smith an avid traveler who also blogs for
  26. 26. Guest Posting – DON’T Rich Anchor Text in Attribution Susie Powers writes about wealth automation software for The Acme Software Company.
  27. 27. DO Aim High
  28. 28. Cultivate Author Authority
  29. 29. Five Judgments of Link Quality “Would you have invested time to get this link if Google and Bing did not exist?” “Would you proudly show this to a prospective customer pre-sale?” “Would you show it to your children?” “Did the person giving you the link mean it as a genuine endorsement?” “If you have to argue it that it’s a good link, It’s NOT.”
  30. 30. Thank You! Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge (508) 485-7751