Open Windows XP Backup In Windows 7


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Open Windows XP Backup in Windows 7 with the help of BKF Repair Tool. It easily restore XP bkf file in Windows 7 and make users to view and open XP Backup components into Windows 7 platform.

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Open Windows XP Backup In Windows 7

  1. 1. Open Windows XP Backup in
  2. 2. Windows 7 is hugely used operating system. Lots of users switching to from old Windows Operating system to Latest Windows 7 and 8 platform. But many users are still facing the problem where they unable to extract BKF files into Windows 7 system.
  3. 3. Do you need to Open/View/Read a BKF file in Windows 7? On Vista, there was a feature called “Removable Storage Management”, which appears to be abandoned in Windows 7. So, if you want to open BKF files in Windows 7, you’ll need to find another way. Let’s move!
  4. 4. Method 1: Windows NT Backup – Restore Utility Microsoft offers a restore utility for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, but Microsoft removed the feature “Removable Storage Management” from Windows 7. So you will get the following error when you try to run the restore utility on Windows 7
  5. 5. Windows NT Backup – Restore Utility
  6. 6. Anyway, Microsoft released an update/hotfix for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 that allows you to open and restore BKF files in Windows 7. It won’t work on Windows 7 RTM or RC. It includes the following files: • Ntbackuprestoreutility.exe Ntbackuprestoreutility.chm Ntbackuprestoreutility.exe.mui
  7. 7. Follow this • You can then open the BKF Utility here: Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/NTBackup-RestoreUtility
  8. 8. Method 2: Copy files from XP • You will have to locate the following files on your XP system, they can be found in C:WindowsSystem32 • ntbackup.exe ntmsapi.dll vssapi.dll
  9. 9. • First of all, run the file ntbackup.exe. When prompted, click on “Do not show this message again when warned that removable storage service is not running”. • Now, NT Backup should run properly and you can open BKF files on Windows 7.
  10. 10. Another Method • Create a folder somewhere, named it NTBackup • Copy these 3 files into the NTBackup folder: ntbackup.exe, vssapi.dll, ntmsapi.dll. • Run ntbackup.exe • Catalog the backup file probably these steps help you to read your .bkf files.
  11. 11. If All Methods are failed then Try This Solution
  12. 12. Main Attributes • • • • • Recover and Repair Corrupt BKF files Restore BKF files into Windows 7 and 8 Unlimited Backup Recovery Affordable and Trustable Solution Extract BKF files into healthy mode
  13. 13. Windows Backup Restore Tool
  14. 14. Thanks You for Your Attention