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Ecosystem unit






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Ecosystem unit Ecosystem unit Presentation Transcript

  • 100 100 100 100 200 300 400 500 Biodiversity Jeopardy Ecosystem Cycles Nut’s & Bolts 200 300 400 500 200 300 400 500 200 300 400 500
  • Biodiversity 100 If Mr. Chapman eats an apple, he would be considered a what (What Trophic level)? Primary Consumer
  • Biodiversity 200 What word best describes all of the biotic factors in an ecosystem? Community View slide
  • Biodiversity 300 What percent of the Earth’s total biodiversity is found in Tropical Rainforest? 50% View slide
  • Biodiversity 400 What is an abiotic factor that would cause the deer’s population to decrease? Anything not living like.... Deer died because of cold weather, dehydration
  • Biodiversity 500What term best describes what bacteria and fungi’s do/eat in an ecosystem? Decomposers
  • Ecosystem 100 Fossil Fuels are found where? Atmosphere Geosphere Biosphere Hydrosphere Geosphere
  • Ecosystem 200 The ozone layer is found in the? Atmosphere Geosphere Biosphere Hydrosphere Atmosphere
  • Ecosystem 300 What are 2 of the 3 greenhouse gases? Carbon Dioxide Methane Water Vapor
  • Ecosystem 400 What do we call organisms that eat other organisms waste? Detrivores
  • Ecosystem 500If a chipmunk ate some berries, then a lizard ate the chipmunk, then Mr. Chapman ate the lizard, that would make Mr. Chapman a what? Tertiary Consumer
  • Cycles 100 A producer uses what process to create energy for an ecosystem? Photosynthesis
  • Cycles 200 What percent of energy is transferred to the next trophic level? Ex. Cow to Mr. Chapman 10%
  • Cycles 300 Over land, what percent of water vapor comes from transpiration? 90%
  • Cycles 400 In the nitrogen cycle, bacteria consumes ammonia and releases what chemical? Nitrites
  • Cycles 500 What molecule do plants mostly use for fertilizer? Nitirates
  • Nuts & Bolts 100 What percent of the atmosphere is Nitrogen gas? 78% Nitrogen
  • Nuts & Bolts 200 What is 1 of the 2 abiotic factors that drive the hydrologic cycle? Solar energy (sunlight or heat) and gravity
  • Nuts & Bolts 300 What process removes Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere? Photosynthesis
  • Nuts & Bolts 400 What does the ozone layer protect us from? UV rays
  • Nuts & Bolts 500 What does the 2nd law of thermodynamics say? Energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed.