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Cats Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Intro to CatsBy Mr. “I Hate Cats” Chapman
  • 2. Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae
  • 3. History Cats and dogs ancestor is Miacis. The first normal looking cat appeared about 35 MYA and is called Proailurus.
  • 4. History Cats were domesticated about 4,000 YA Cats are mostly used on farms, ranches, and on ships to control rodents. Domesticated cats are believed to have evolved from African wild cats.
  • 5. Characteristics There are about 36 species of cats. Cats have erect ears, large eyes with vertical-slit pupils. 28 teeth 5 toes All cats can retract their claws except? cheetahs
  • 6. Characteristics Cats are designed for speed and flexibility. Cats have their largest muscles on their rear legs, which gives them their power for jumping and running.
  • 7. Characteristics Like snakes cats have jacobson’s organ to taste the air. Cats have spoon-shaped tongue to allow the cat to lap up liquids.
  • 8. Largest Wild Cats Table of overall head and body length (meters) of the cat family - in order of size. lower - upper 1. Tiger 2.20 - 3.30 2. Lion 2.00 - 2.80 3. Cougar 1.00 - 2.00 4. Leopard 0.90 - 1.90 5. Jaguar 1.00 - 1.80 6. Cheetah 1.00 – 1.50
  • 9. True Carnivores Require almost twice as much protein as dogs! 30-40% of a cat’s diet should be protein (meat, meat by-products, fish, eggs and milk). 10% of a cat’s diet should be fat.
  • 10. What Not to Feed Cats Milk  to much can give your cat gas and diarrhea. Raw eggs  cooked egg provides valuable protein, fat and vitamins Chicken bones  they can splinter and become lodged in the cat’s throat No Dog Food!!!!!!!!
  • 11. Types of Cat Food Types of Cat food : 1. Canned food : contains more protein, fat and 75% water!
  • 12. Types of Cat Food 2. Semi-moist food : contain vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals and 30% water.  Less expensive
  • 13. Types of Cat Food 3. Dry food : contains less protein and fat and 10% water  Always keep water available  Prevents the buildup of tartar  Occasionally feeding canned food with dry food will ensure a balanced diet