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Birds orders Birds orders Presentation Transcript

  • BirdsBy Mr. “Is that the Sun” Chapman
  • First Bird Archaeopteryx
  • Bird Orders► Order: Psittaciformes :► Feet: 4 toes- 2 forward and 2 backwards► Beaks: large- used to climb, clasp, feed, and for defense.
  • Bird Orders► Order:Piciformes : Wood peckers, toucans► Most are tree dwellers with long hard beaks.► They eat fruits, vegetation, and insects.► Have a cushion behind their beak to absorb impact of pecking at trees.
  • Bird Orders► Order: Passeriformes : Perching Birds  5,100 species► Feet: 4 toes- 3 forward and 1 backward► Toes are not webbed► Beaks: small, but strong
  • Birds of prey (Raptors) are those that hunt and killtheir food, with the exception of vultures, which don’t huntbut scavenge on animals that are already dead.Order Falconiformes - Falcons, Hawks, Eagles,VulturesThese birds are characterized by a sharp, decurved beakthat is adapted to tearing through flesh, sharp powerfulclaws called talons, and eyes that face forward as muchas they do to the side. This gives them binocular vision.
  • Birds of Prey► Order Strigiformes – Owls► These birds have large eyes, ears that are situated asymmetrically on each side of their head, talons, and a decurved beak. Very soft, dense plumage makes them appear larger than they actually are. The feathers are tattered on the edges. This muffles the owls’ flight allowing them to silently swoop down and capture their prey.
  • Order Sphenisciformes – PenguinsThere are 18 species of penguins. Alllive south of the Equator and are highlyspecialized for “flying” through water.Their body is oily and heavy, butbuoyant. Their feathers are scale-likeand overlap such as to keep a layer ofwarm air trapped between them andthe bird’s skin. Water cannot penetratethrough the tight fitting plumage.The forelimbs are thick and paddle-likefor swimming and the feet are situatedfar back on the bird’s body. Whenpenguins swim, their feet work likerudders for steering.
  • Important Food► Cuttlefish Bones► Provides birds with a source of calcium.► Calcium need for growth and egg shells