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LA Quantified Self Meetup (10/11) - Location Tracking
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LA Quantified Self Meetup (10/11) - Location Tracking


Published on

Los Angeles, CA Quantified Self Meetup on 10/15/11 …

Los Angeles, CA Quantified Self Meetup on 10/15/11

Presentation by Eric Blue on Location tracking

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Los Angeles QS Meetup
    Location Tracking
    Oct 15th, 2011
    Eric Blue
    Twitter: @ericblue
  • 2. 2
    Quantified Self – Location Tracking
  • 3. How I started tracking location
    Early projects
    Creating a personal travel journal
    My Personal Memex
    GPS tracking
    “Where’s Eric?”
    Google Latitude
    DIY – Build my own Latitude
    Personal GPS recorder tracking 1 million+ coordinates
    Detailed reporting on where I’ve been for over 1 year
  • 4. 1st GPS device from 2002 – eTrex Vista
    Started out as a hobby: tracking hikes, biking + road trips
    In 2008 I created a personal travel journal
    Consolidated all pictures + videos from the past 10 years
    Pieced together memories and created a record of all trips I’ve been on
    Interests in both life logging and tracking where I’ve been
    In 2010 started an experiment with GPS
    Carrying a small GPS device virtually 24/7
    Curiosity in analyzing patterns and building memories
    How I Started Tracking Location
  • 5. 5
    My Personal Travel Journal - Inspiration
  • 6. A journal of sorts, listing where I’ve been from 1990s to today
    Text of who, what, when, where?
    Pictures + Videos
    Built on Mediawiki (used by Wikipedia) with semantic capabilities
    Ask it where you’ve been & it will answer!
    Browse by timeline, location, person
    My Personal Travel Journal [1]
  • 7. 7
    My Personal Travel Journal [2]
  • 8. 8
    My Personal Travel Journal [3]
  • 9. 9
    My Personal Travel Journal [4]
  • 10. Great for centralizing information in one place
    Greatly improves recall and enhances memory
    Details about where you’ve been within seconds
    Lots of work
    Manual recall needed to fill in details about the trip and locations
    Need something automated to tell you where you’ve been
    Inspired by Gordon Bell’s work (MyLifeBits) and his book Total Recall
    Leverage advances in GPS tech + cell phones to make location tracking ambient
    My Personal Travel Journal -Discovery
  • 11. Tracking my location with my cell phone
    Inspired by a website I saw in 2006 – Where’s Tim?
    Real-time GPS tracking
    I wanted to do this for years; luckily the iPhone made it possible
    Tried many early iPhone apps to get GPS coordinates and post to a website
    In 2010 I used InstaMapper for a short while
    Wrote an app to get lat/long, lookup address with GeoNames, and display on a Google Map
    GPS Tracking – “Where’s Eric?” [1]
  • 12. 12
    GPS Tracking – “Where’s Eric?” [2]
  • 13. Lessons Learned?
    Nifty prototype, but not really practical for detailed tracking
    Technology isn’t there yet
    Still had an original iPhone 3G – no background apps
    Battery drain was pretty significant
    Needs some “smarts” about places, not just viewing coordinates
    Mainly interested in tracking location for my own analysis
    GPS Tracking – “Where’s Eric?” [3]
  • 14. Excited to try Google Latitude, overall very good features
    Let’s you share location with others if desired
    Has a History feature
    Download your track log for import into Google Earth (KML)
    Has reports on places you’ve visited
    Search track log by date
    GPS Tracking – Google Latitude [1]
  • 15. 15
    GPS Tracking – Google Latitude [2]
  • 16. Lessons Learned?
    Runs in the background and doesn’t impact battery too much
    Accuracy is an issue
    Uses cell tower data for triangulation at times; can show me miles from where I really am
    Looking for a coordinates every few seconds not minutes
    Limit reliance on 3rd party sites for sharing location
    What about privacy?
    GPS Tracking – Google Latitude [3]
  • 17. 17
    GPS Tracking
  • 18. DIY? I’ll build my own version of Google Latitude!
    Use a small, high-quality GPS that can record lat/long every second – Qstarz BT-Q1000XT GPS
    Carry with me at all times (fits in my pocket)
    Logged over 1 million coordinates since Sept. 2010
    Integrates with Google Maps, Geocoding, and Places
    Part of my personal project to track other quantified gadgets for fitness, sleep, health, etc. (Tools for Reporting & Analysis of the Quantified Self) –
    GPS Tracking – Do It Yourself! [1]
  • 19. Qstarz– small + long battery life
    Upload GPX data once a month
    Wrote software to process and
    Determine Top Places I visit
    Businesses, Restaurants, etc.
    Places I’ve travelled – city/state
    Counter to track # visits, last visit date
    Support proximity searching
    View track log by date, location, top visits, etc.
    GPS Tracking – Do it Yourself! [2]
  • 20. 20
    DIY – Top Places Report
  • 21. 21
    DIY – Top Places Map View
  • 22. 22
    DIY – Proximity Search
  • 23. 23
    DIY – Track Log By Date
  • 24. Experiments for the Future?
    Integrate new automated GPS tracking with my original Personal Travel Journal
    Use technology to help improve recall & build a strong memory
    Lookup my location history on the go
    Find out “When was I here?” from my iPhone
    Incorporate heatmaps
    Additional information
    Links to this presentation and other articles & projects at the Quantified Self Los Angeles Wiki
    Location Tracking - Conclusion