INgage Networks: Value of Social Media


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Social media has the ability to save companies lots of money through enhancing traditional and online campaigns. INgage Networks‘ Corporate Communications Manager Kathy Saenz explained how her company saved $270K in expenses via social media. They had previously paid $250K annually for an external PR agency, and $20K in events budgeting for venue, traveling and promotions expenses. They saved all of that money by bringing their PR in-house and focusing on social media. Instead of running large events at expensive venues, they now run webinars. Of their latest webinar, Saenz said, “It was a targeted B2B audience we wanted to reach; [we] broke record attendance numbers. We didn’t have to pay for anything as a result. Great exposure and big money saved.”

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INgage Networks: Value of Social Media

  1. 1. Measuring the Value of Social Media INgage Networks Annual Impact to Bottom-line = $1 Million $500K BUSINESS OVERVIEW $270K revenue INgage Networks is an award-winning savings enterprise social software provider that leverages consumer social networks, as well as its own enterprise software, to enhance: Mobile Marketing Business Development Business Development Talent Acquisition Public Relations + Brand Awareness Lead generation: two Fortune 1000 companies and an Proves more effective than contracting an external PR agency. independent agency of the U.S. government that supports all Public Relations + Brand Awareness Savings = $250K/year federal agencies. Potential revenue = $500K Employee Communications Spurs joint webinar opportunity with 2,500 attendees. Promotes efficient use of business meetings in New York City, Product Development Savings = $20K reduces travel costs. Estimated savings = $5K Increases viral opportunities for company videos and content.  $200K  new ideas savings efficiency White Label Social Network White Label Social Network Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing Product Development Talent Acquisition Employee Communications Generates new ideas on enhancing products and positioning Reduces cost and staff time spent in recruitment and selection Reduces volume of internal emails; increases efficiency to serve particular industry segments. process. Eliminates 1 FTE = $100K annual cost savings. through real-time communication. Reduces recruitment advertising costs and agency fees. Disseminates disaster planning and recovery information Savings = $100K quickly. Updates VIP Career Club members on job postings c 2009 INgage Networks. All rights reserved. Contact an expert today: 1.866.591.6837 INgage Networks, formerly known as Neighborhood America.