Moonlighting with Wordpress


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10 Lessons learned from Moonlighting with WP

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  • Hi my name is Erica Sterling Bush
    Show of hands,
    Who has 1 job?
    Who has 2 jobs or more?
    Who is a freelancer?
    Who is not working at all?
  • Work at EHN
    Did not go to school for web design
    Any background - not a graphic designer
  • IN SCHOOL FOR ENG BUT STUMBLED ON WEB DESIGN – due to the Drexel Shaft after coop – I had to get a job
    Learn HTML & CSS
    Research Project Assistant/ Special Project Coordinator
    I was a chemical engineer major trying to finish my degree and I was hired to work fulltime at Drexel at the School of Biomed Eng,Science eng and health system
    Mustafa Instanbul Turkey - web guru – taught me HTML
    Became his assistant and fell in love
    I worked here for 8 years in the BIOMED
    Indentured servant, pay was little but DU tuition remission
    Job paid low $7 per hr/Got paid once of month
  • Security
    Hidden Benefit
    Test out careers or business ideas
    Stumble on your passion

  • Only made sense that web would be my moonlighting job
  • Book and website
  • Download the html and css files
  • Thank God for PANMA
    Reed Gustow
    Kyle Odum
    Kelani Nichole

  • Use signed contracts, proposals and/or statement of work
    Don’t give refunds, it must be stated

    Gave money back – annoying client, micro manage the project, called everyday
    Refuse to give money back - client asked for a website with no photos – newspaper.. I gave 3 different themes with limited text. She wanted her money back and I said no.. I am supposed to get paid for my work I gave you what you asked for.
  • Use client tracking tools – email minutes of meetings
    Track time for hours worked on updates or revisions.
    Manage your Customers Contact Information, Deposits and Balances, project management, email

    Track – client logins/ ftp logins/deliverables
  • Obtain all of the details before you agree on price
    # of photos, #videos, # of forms/questions
    Underselling..over selling
    Get real specific
  • Obtain a 50% deposit before you start the project
    Your project is not real to me unless I get a deposit

  • Time become more valuable
    You basically have 2 jobs
    This is serious
    People are couting on you to complete their project in a timely fashion
  • Other factor to consider – paying subcontractors,
  • Take on too many projects –
    Don’t Play yourself
    Don’t greedy
    This is serious
    People are couting on you to complete their project in a timely fashion

  • Advantage- afford it
    Outsource for skills that you do not have – State Rep – Graphic Design – collage Big feature
    Don’t turn down a big job
    Don’t be afraid
    Travel agency
    Say no 2 hell
    Don’t rely on just one Graphic Designer – cherelle parker
    Big Feature - Themeforest

  • Collage – Big Feature theme
    Normal graphic designer – mac died
    Luckily I knew other graphic designers
  • You work.. You can buy nice themes for your clients – investing in your business
    I do not use free themes
    Used some of these
    Read the comments first
    Read the instructions
    Buy your own copy so that you can get updates, or request service or access on the forum.. Id code
    Not worth it. - - advantage – afford to buy it

  • Don’t update to new version of Wordpress without testing it first.
    Test your plugins
    Don’t use Network solutions hosting – memory issues
    Stomp and Clay site would not work on 3.9/ Hostgator restored the db
  • Use Online Storage for backups – (themes, db files, wp files content folders, client logins tc)
    Keep a log for all Client Logins file

  • All hosting is not equal

    Wpengine, site ground, hostgator,

    Bluehost, godaddy, networ
    Memory Limit Error
    Security Hacks
    I told my client to not use network solutions hosting
    php memory limit ini_set error

    Malware attacks
    Bad Seo

    1 and 1 hosting – no 1 click install and they use old versions of WP
  • Foot fetish
    Boomerang theme
  • Grunge theme
    Natural Cosmetics
    Price Variation
    Ecommerce plugins jigo shop – jquery plugin
    Slide stop working – wp 3.9 upgrade
  • Fade to Black
    Center City Groove
    Photo Gallery Plugin
    Free VIP tickets – lovely evening – Networking Opportunity
  • Thank you for coming ..any questions
  • Moonlighting with Wordpress

    1. 1. Moonlighting with Wordpress 2014 WordCamp Philly June 7, 2014 Erica Sterling-Bush @ericawebmaster @ericawebmaster
    2. 2. • Married last year in Jamaica • Work F/T @ Einstein Healthcare Network • Charged $1000. for my 1st website in 1998 • Self-Taught HTML & CSS • Use to be a Chemical Engineer • This presentation is dedicated to Nikeeya James About Me
    3. 3. Stumbled On To My Passion @ericawebmaster
    4. 4. Running out of money before payday @ericawebmaster
    5. 5. “Everyone needs a side hustle” Wendy Williams – Talk Show Host @ericawebmaster
    6. 6. Moonlighting • To have a 2nd job in addition to one’s regular employment, usually after hours • Moonlighting with a Web Design Business!!!!!!!!! (on the side) @ericawebmaster
    7. 7. @ericawebmaster
    8. 8. @ericawebmaster
    9. 9. @ericawebmaster
    10. 10. @ericawebmaster Moonlighting with Wordpress 10 Lessons Learned
    11. 11. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 1. Get It In Writing “Don't write so that you can be understood, write so that you can't be misunderstood.” William Howard Taft – 27th U.S. President
    12. 12. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 2. Use Client Tracking Tools
    13. 13. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 3. Pay Attention To The Details
    14. 14. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 4. Get A Deposit
    15. 15. @ericawebmaster “Time is Money” Benjamin Franklin
    16. 16. @ericawebmaster More Time Less Time Few Clients Many Clients Lower Price Higher Price
    17. 17. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 5. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew “A good reputation is more valuable than money.” Publilius Syrus – Latin Writer
    18. 18. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 6. Use Subcontractors
    19. 19. @ericawebmaster
    20. 20. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 7. Buy Premium Themes
    21. 21. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 8. Test Your Upgrade
    22. 22. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 9. Backup Everything
    23. 23. @ericawebmaster Lessons Learned 10. Pick a Good Web Hosting Company for WP
    24. 24. @ericawebmaster Case Study 1 Hidden Benefit • Learn a New Skill • Paid Monthly Membership
    25. 25. @ericawebmaster Case Study 2 ChicAfrique.Biz Hidden Benefit • Learn a New Industry • Ecommerce/ Natural Cosmetics
    26. 26. @ericawebmaster Case Study 3 Hidden Benefit • Expand Network & Social Life • Party Promoters • Networking Opportunity
    27. 27. @ericawebmaster THANKS Erica Sterling-Bush @ericawebmaster