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Social & SEO: Two Peas in an Inbound Pod
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Social & SEO: Two Peas in an Inbound Pod


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How by working together, SEO and Social Media can help each other meet goals and make a better user experience.

How by working together, SEO and Social Media can help each other meet goals and make a better user experience.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Social & SEO Two Peas in a Inbound Pod Erica McGillivray | Community Attaché
  • 2. Erica McGillivray Community Attaché @seomoz @emcgillivray
  • 3. How a SEO thinksBeginner’s Guide to SEO:
  • 4. What an SEO thinks about
  • 5. How a Social Manager thinksSocial Media 101:
  • 6. What a Social thinks about ????
  • 7. Working together for a rainbow of
  • 8. Move toward Inbound
  • 9. The Community has
  • 10. History lesson & current triumph 196 8 201
  • 11. Major
  • 12. Personalization & universal results inSERPs Ranking reports are Fans = Evangelists. The no longer hard & fast. new world of link They are a building. Our evangelists benchmarks. know ALL about us. Holy smokes, personalized results rock when SEO we work together. Social Media
  • 13. Erica’s SERP for
  • 14. Erica’s SERP for
  • 15. Content Marketing I need it for sharing, conversation starting, I need good content for and engagement. link building, ranking & onsite optimization. We make amazing things! Graphic Designer
  • 16. #Awesome – Space Needle turns 50Ways to increase blog traffic:
  • 17. #Facepalm – US Congressman John Boehner’s Organizational Chart of the House Democrats’ Health PlanContent creation guide: infographics:
  • 18. User Generate Content & Reviews I need good content for Please put social buttons link building, ranking & on pages for sharing & onsite optimization. Facebook connect. DONE. I have some sexy My communitys SERP rankings now. sharing!
  • 19. #WinSparkle – ThinkGeek’s Action ShotsIn a “boring” industry?
  • 20. #Fail – Shell Oil
  • 21. Online Reputation Management Oh, no! People are Let me reputation unhappy with us! manage this with your help. Yay, everyone knows we love cupcakes, not worm sandwiches.ORM Guide:
  • 22. #Change - JCPenny
  • 23. #McFail – McDonalds &
  • 24. #McFail – McDonalds &
  • 25. Customer Service Why do people hate my page? We have feedback! Customer Service
  • 26. #Win – Morton’s Steakhouse
  • 27. #Angry - JCPenny
  • 28. The Problem of ROI Hint: It’s not what you think it
  • 29. Multi-attribution model analytics More monies for the They came from organic search pile in my Twitter first! last touch attribution! I talk to them on the phone! They clicked on ?!?! my banner ad! The Boss Paid Ad
  • 30. Divide and share attributionHow it works from Google:
  • 31. All channels are important & deserve credit for hard ROI
  • 32. Everybody Wants the Same
  • 33. Celebrate your success!
  • 34. Rely on each other & get
  • 35. Rely on each other & get
  • 36. Create for Community, not bots Doesn’t buy your product or actually care! But they do!
  • 37. Thank You! Helping you learn more about social media and HootSuite @seomoz & @emcgillivray