Google Tool: Creating Surveys


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Google Tool: Creating Surveys

  1. 1. SURVEY CREATION The Art of Creating Meaningful Surveys
  2. 2. SURVEYS  Surveys are a data collection tool used to gather information about individuals.  Can be given in several forms.(Interview and questionnaires are the most common)  Questions are fairly standardized.  To obtain factual information from participants for research purposes.  Useful in learning about the past and predicting the future.  Aids in problem-solving and decision-making. What???? Why????
  3. 3. FOUR PARTS OF A SURVEY  Invitation – identifies how you will invite your participants to answer the survey.(email, website links, personal request)  Introduction – should state the purpose of the survey, and why they have selected to participate.  Question Types – deciding what type of questions to include and responses requested.  Close – any other additional information you wish to share. Thank participants for their time and effort.
  4. 4.  Allows researchers to obtain a large amount of data in a short period of time.  Relatively inexpensive.  Can be created quickly and administered easily.  Provides information that may otherwise be unattainable.  Poor survey construction can alter results.  Answers given by participant may not be accurate.  Slow response time in receiving data. Advantages Disadvantages
  5. 5. HOW SHOULD I ADMINISTER MY SURVEY??  Mail  Telephone  Online  At Home Interviews(U.S. Census)
  6. 6. 3 TIPS FOR GETTING STARTED  Keep it short and focused. Make sure each question brings you closer to your goal. Be mindful of survey takers’ time, and word the questions clearly. A good rule of thumb is your survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete.  Pre-test your survey. It’s a good idea to pre-test your survey with a few members of your intended audience. You might uncover inconsistencies or unexpected question interpretations.  Keep rating scale questions consistent. If you’re using rating scales, use the same points system throughout your survey. If 1 means “extremely satisfied” and 5 means “extremely dissatisfied,” maintain this scale for all questions.
  7. 7. POSSIBLE SURVEY IDEAS!!  Career and College Plans  Safety at School  Favorite Brands  Travel  Summer Plans
  8. 8. LETS GET STARTED!  Log into gmail/google docs.  Click Drive tab  Click Create and select Forms from dropdown menu.  Choose Theme and Enter Questions.  To view, click the View tab, and select Live Form.  Print off copy and email to friends. Have fun analyzing your responses!
  9. 9. pdfs/saa_samplesurveys_final.pdf