GroundTruth Initiative presentation in Cairo, September 2012


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  • Show video: riot in Kibera
  • Show video: riot in Kibera
  • Show video: riot in Kibera
  • GroundTruth Initiative presentation in Cairo, September 2012

    1. 1. GroundTruth InitiativeMEGAWRA: Cairo, Egypt / Sept.23, 2012
    2. 2. Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya… ~ 250,000 people, 2.5 km2
    3. 3. …was a blank spot on the map
    4. 4. This is all the media shows about Kibera…
    5. 5. The Mappers: 13 Kibera youth * The Mappers
    6. 6. What did they collect?• water points• public latrines• medical clinics• informal schools• churches/mosques• video shops• salons• community organizationsand much more!
    7. 7. Kibera Map Today
    8. 8. The Densest Map Ever?
    9. 9. What is Community Mapping?1) Community decides what to map, then creates/gathers the map data. That is, geographical coordinates alongside any other information.2) Community also edits the map data themselves, and comes to agreement on the final product.3) Mapped information is generally shared openly, online, contributing to commons. Community decides what to share or not share.4) Community uses the information afterwards, themselves
    10. 10. Data +StorytellingVoice of
    11. 11. Software• OpenStreetMap/ JOSMFor creating Base Map: geographical features that don’t change toofrequently, are public.•UshahidiUsing the map from OpenStreetMap, you can plot points and sharetext, images and video.
    12. 12. Voice of Kibera
    13. 13. Reports
    14. 14. Reports
    15. 15. ReportsVideo clipfromYoutube
    16. 16. Need photo here of the guysout on a shoot…
    17. 17. Kibera News
    18. 18. Selection of Video Topics
    19. 19. Thematic Mapping: Health Education Water/Sanitation Safety
    20. 20. 2322759509
    21. 21. Kibera News
    22. 22. Outcomes and Uses of media and maps1) Local neighborhood planning process2) Advocacy, lobbying, demand for rights3) Shifting community image: gaining legitimacy and demonstrating resources4) Community news source5) Open data resource for local organizations and initiatives6) Basis for local discussions around themes raised7) Linking with broader technical and online communities
    23. 23. East Jerusalem and near West Bank Grassroots Al-Quds Politically active, relatively high income, already using video and media to document conflict.
    24. 24. Dar es Salaam, Tandale community, Tanzania
    25. 25. Dar es Salaam, Tandale community, Tanzania
    26. 26. Dar es Salaam - Tandale
    27. 27. Dar es Salaam, Tandale community, Tanzania
    28. 28. Kerala, India: The Blue Yonder tour company
    29. 29. Thanks!
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