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Video Sharing for Optimum Growth & Brand Exposure #OptSum


With shoot-and-upload video getting easier by the day, and more and more consumers sharing their digital photos; the explosive use of video and images on the web is only going to increase. This …

With shoot-and-upload video getting easier by the day, and more and more consumers sharing their digital photos; the explosive use of video and images on the web is only going to increase. This Optimization Summit session reveals the secrets behind using video and images online and how to take advantage of the popular video and image-sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Snapfish, Shutterfly, and more. You’ll learn video consumption trends; and tips for getting your images in the top of customer search results; editing apps and tips; strategies for optimizing your visual media assets to better engage your audience and potential customers to take action.

“Look for instant content. With shoot-and-upload video getting easier and easier, everyone’s going to jump onto YouTube. The video rush of the last few years will look like a trickle.” ~ Ian Lurie

Published in Technology
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  • Mobile media is quickly becoming essential to thetechnologically advanced marketing plan.• Smartphone users are driving growth in browser andapplicationsBrowser and app growth are up Social Networking: Fastest-growing category accessedvia browser-150 million users access Facebook thru their mobile phone
  • Not only more people are watching video but the number of streams per person is on the rise.
  • Old tried and true tactics that use new tools to create a strategy that creates strong brands Use new tactics and tools with old processes to create a strong brand Top process steps
  • Who is talking about you • What are they saying • Is it positive or negative • Where are the conversations taking place • What are your competitors doing • What’s the buzz about them • What content resonates with your audience • Where else is your audience talking • What social sites have the most conversations • Who are the thought leaders you should connect with • What are your opportunities and threats Who is talking about you?What are people saying?Are they positive or negative?Where are they happening?What site has the most conversations being said you?
  • TERM BIKE STUNTS: Any advertiser's text overlay ads may be displayed within videos as part of a contextually targeted campaign or placed by the advertiser.For text ads, only one ad will appear in this space at a time, cycling through up to ten text ads for 20 seconds each during the video stream. Users can hide or show the ad while they watch the video. Users can reopen the text overlay by mousing over the bottom 20% of the video stream's play space. They can also close the ad permanently by clicking the close button within the text overlay ad frame. If the user doesn't click on the final ad after all ten ads appear, the text overlay will automatically minimize. Three relevant text ads will load in the video stream screen when the video has finished playing.
  • Any site with video on it can have Google serve targeted ads into those videos using Ad Sense for video
  • Ensure your contest is easily sharable by embedding “share this” links on the contest site, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and everywhere else people will come across it.
  • 120+ videos 99,000+ visits24,000+ votes 79,000+ unique visitors4,800+users 335,000+ pageviews
  • Cost is Low Return is high and the level of involvement is highFacebook Photo Contest StatsTotal Photos Submitted: 32Total Photo Votes (Likes): 2,100Total Photo Comments: 388Total Wall Post Comments Related to the Contest: 196Total Wall Likes Related to the Contest: 39(contest time frame)Twitter Sweepstakes Stats100+ RT’s of the Tweet which included the RENT twitter handle name, FRC twitter handle name, the message and Hashtag #SaveonRENTThe Twitter profile saw a 35.5% increase in followers due to the sweepstake(Time frame Oct 14th-January 19th)
  • Objective: The 2010 consumer promotion was designed to entertain, engage & drive repeat visits with the intention of ultimately increasing brand awareness, preference and consideration. Concept: The “Pet Pads Unleashed” Photo Contest encourages apartment renters to submit a photo of how their pet lives the apartment life for a chance to win $1,500. Three Finalists will take home a $400 gift card to a local pet store. 560photos submitted and 2,500+ votes300+ new Facebook Fans and 14,000+ pageviews and 2,700photo views16,000+ photo views on Flickr
  • Let me show you how big brands are using integrated new media techniques and tools that we just covered to build strong brands


  • 1. Video & Photo Sharing for Optimum Growth & Brand Exposure
    Erica Campbell
    Sr. Manager, New Media Marketing
    For Rent Media Solutions
  • 2. Agenda
    Did you know?
    State of Video & Photo
    12 Steps for Building a Great Brand Using Photos & Videos
    Case Studies
    Lessons Learned
  • 3. Did you know?
  • 4. Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old
    Source: US Census Bureau
  • 5. 96% of Millennials have joined a social networking site
    Source: Mr. Youth and RepNation Media (April 2008)
  • 6. Average family phone call today
  • 7. YouTube is the second largest search engine
  • 8. YouTube is the most popular video platform for video engagement in the blogosphere with 81.9% of total embedded and linked videos; followed by Vimeo (8.8%), Daily Motion (4%) and MySpace (1.1%).
    Source: YouTube Report
  • 9. 4 billion+ photos hosted & 4.8 million things were geotagged this month
    Source: Flickr
  • 10. 50 million tweets per day — that's an average of 600 tweets per second
    Source: Twitter Blog
  • 11. 99% of companies use social media for recruitment
    Source: Survey by OSCAR, talential, usage
  • 12. More than 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month
    Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events.
    If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world
    (behind China and India)
    Source: Facebook
  • 13. People who use mobile devices are 50% more active on social sites
    4 mobile phones were sold for every
    PC sold in 2009
  • 14. 25% of search results for the world’s Top 20 largest brands are linked to user-generated content
    Source:: MarketingVox and Nielsen BuzzMetrics
  • 15. State of Video & Photo
  • 16. 2009 Total U.S. OnlineVideo Market
    Online video viewing accelerated in 2009, with 19 percent more people in the U.S. viewing more videos for longer
    periods of time
  • 17. Video is # 1 growth segment
  • 18. Who is Watching Video?
    Two-thirds of U.S. online users watch video each month
  • 19. U.S. online video advertising will surpass
    $1 billion in 2010
    Video Ad Spend
  • 20. Video Streams
    The number of video streams consumed online set to double over next 5 years
    Source: Forrester
  • 21. 12 Steps for Building a Great Brand Using Videos & Photos
  • 22. 12 Steps for Building a Great Brand Using Videos & Photos
    Develop Internal Resources
    Define Objectives & Goals
    Follow Best Practices
    Develop a Content Strategy
    Publish your Content
    Optimize for Search
    Promote & Seed your Content
    Engage your Customers & Critics
    Discover Influencers
    Measure Results
    Tweak Strategy
  • 23. Step 1
  • 24. Listen:
    Monitor and protect your brand on the Internet
    using these tools:
    Global Internet: Google Alerts, SocialMention, RSS Feeds, Trendrr, monitorThis
    Blogs and Microblogs: Twillerts, Technorati, Twitter Search, Google Blog Search, SocialOomph, TweetDeck, HootSuite, Seesmic, IceRocket, Monitter
    Facebook: Facebook Insights, SocialOomph
    Video Sharing Sites: YouTube Insights, Tubemogul, YouTube Comment Alerts
    Paid Services: Nielsen BuzzMetrics, Radian6
  • 25. Social Media Training
    Step 2
    Develop Internal
  • 26. Develop Internal Resources:
    Publish and Distribute a New Media Policy
    When are your employees your employees?
    Are you responsible for their actions when they are “on the clock”?
    Are you responsible for their actions when they are on their own time?
    Consider your audience and be authentic
    Remember to protect proprietary and confidential information
    Develop a Training Program
    What training are you going to provide for your employees?
    Proper use of your social media
    Proper use of social media in their lives
  • 27.
  • 28. Friending your manager on Facebook and then complaining about your job can get you fired
  • 29.
    There’s nothing new about employees behaving badly, but technology will always offer up new avenues to shock, intimidate and offend.
    ~ Shanti Atkins, CEO of ELT, Inc., specialists in online ethics

  • 30. Step 3
    Define Objectives
    & Goals
  • 31. Define Objectives & Goals:
    Increase Brand Awareness: Create a general hype & enhance a product or service
    Increase Reach: Broaden reach of core company's target audience
    Generate Leads & Data: Improve referrals & repeat purchases
    Gain Content or Consumer Insight: Repurpose for future marketing initiatives
    Humanize your Voice: Engage socially, build relationships, reward your customers, and drive fan acquisition
    Gain Competitive Edge: Offset new competition
  • 32. Step 4
    Follow Best Practices
  • 33. Follow Best Practices:
    Content creation essentials
    Earn consumer trust. Stop talking, start listening
    Quality over quantity. Visitors need to be impressed with your content
    Offer value. Validate your commitment to knowledge and not sales
    Keep it relative. Fresh relative content increases search and attention
    Get friends. Gain a fan base in advance
    Don’t over do it. Content should be relative to your overall theme
    If at first you don’t succeed… Try again and again and again. Experiment with the call to action
    Cut out the noise. Keep your content clear, simple and easy to understand
    Keep your voice in tune. You’ll connect more effectively with your consumer
    Integration is key.Don’t forget traditional marketing
  • 34. Step 5
    Develop a Content Strategy
  • 35. Develop a Content Strategy:
    Things to consider in your strategy:
    What is your mission statement, brand position or brand promise?
    What is your brand personality?
    What is your brand identify?
    What differentiates your brand?
    What is your company story?
    What do want your customer experience to feel like?
    Identify types of content
  • 36. Use the power of storytelling and information to market your ideas
  • 37. Content strategies must be supported by tactics:
    Strategy: Communicate
    Tactics: content, blogging and microblogging, video sharing, photo sharing, podcasting, media assets
    Strategy: Connect
    Tactics: social networks, print, Internet, mobile, outdoor, radio, TV
    Strategy: Collect/Categorize
    Tactics: social bookmarks
    Strategy: Customize
    Tactics: RSS, Widgets, Share
    Strategy: Conversation
    Tactics: comments, Q&A sites, reviews, forums
  • 38. Step 6
    Publish your Content
  • 39. Publish your Content:
    Types of Content
    User Generated Content (Contests/Surveys)
    Product/Service Announcements
    Episodic Series
    Personal Experience Stories
  • 40. Step 7
    Optimize for Search
  • 41.
  • 42. YouTube Ranking Factors
    Views & frequency
    Likes, dislikes
    Playlist additions
    Age of video
    Video responses
    Embeds & inbound links
  • 43. More Possible YouTube Ranking Factors
    Social Media Activity & Buzz
    News/Press/Press Release interaction
    Crowd Sourcing – Influencers & Media
    YouTube Partner Program
    Close Captioning/transcriptions
    Insight/Trends/Analytics indicators
    Authority Channel (Ex: BMW)
    Google & YouTube searches
    Channel Views
    Social Bookmarking
  • 44. Tips for Uploading to YouTube
    Create enticing titles are important
    Optimize the description text
    Maximize descriptive text (5,000 characters)
    Leverage tags
    Include most important keywords in the front of the titles, descriptions, and tags
    Allow commenting and rating
    Add tracking URLs to the descriptions (tiny URLs)
    Use annotations
    Respond to video comments
  • 45. Optimize Videos
  • 46. Recommendations for Uploading to YouTube
    Take advantage of HD
    HD – quality, multiple options
    16:9 Aspect Ratio Recommended (4:3) letterboxed
    HD = 1280x720 or 1080p
    Else = 640x360 (16:9), 480x360 (4:3)
    Mp4 file format
    .h264 video compression
    AAC or MP3 audio compression
    Frames per second: 30
    Maximum length: 10:59 (recommend 2-3 minutes)
    Maximum file size: 2 GB
  • 47. Video Shooting Tips:
    Make sure your camera’s recording speed is set to SP, and the aspect is set to 16:9
    Press the record button, wait 5 seconds then make the move (pan, tilt or zoom). Once the move is finished, wait 5 seconds leaving the camera still, and then pause the video. Establish the next shot, and do the same for every recording
    Ensure you make slow smooth pans and zooms
    Make sure the camera lens is clean
    Record time codes as you go and take directors notes
  • 48. Video Editing Programs
    Movie Maker
    Window’s free video editing software, which comes installed on new PCs. Use the program to create and share high-quality movies.
    Comes free with new Macs. iMovie offers many options for editing video and audio, and adding photos, music and narration to your movies.
    Snapz Pro X $
    Ambrosia software that allows you to effortlessly record anything on your screen, saving it as a QuickTime® movie or screenshot that can be e-mailed, put up on the web, or passed around however you want.
    Final Cut Studio $$ (Final Cut Express) $
    Apple program that allows you to import video, edit, make composites, add effects adjust audio, and add dynamic animated text.
    Adobe $$
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 software offers a start-to-finish video production solution. Compatible with PCs and Macs.
  • 49. Optimizing Photos for Web
    Use the “Save for Web” feature
    Reduce image file sizes without sacrificing the quality of the images
    Use image specification tags- make small photos larger which saves space
    Use an online image compressor- reduces photo size without reducing the quality
    Use image editing program to convert images to a GIF or JPEG- loads faster
    Make the image names of your files match what is actually represented in the file
    Use special contextual tags for social sites with image search (captions, comments, cross-grouping, location, and themes)
    Use Alt Tags
    Optimize the page the image is on and use a robots.txt file
  • 50. Photo Editing Programs
    Microsoft Office Picture Manager
    Adobe Photoshop $$
  • 51. Some Examples
  • 52. Long Tail Search
  • 53. Image Search
  • 54. Video Integrated into SERP’s
  • 55. Google Universal Search
  • 56. YouTube Search
    Promotional Video Ads
    Advertisers bid on these positions
    Organic “Natural” Search Results
    No cost; results are based on YouTube algorithm of relevance to search query
  • 57. Comments, Ratings & Views
  • 58. YouTube Annotation Players
  • 59. YouTube Annotations
  • 60. YouTube Audio Swap
  • 61. YouTube Closed Captions & Subtitles
    CC help with long tail search, don’t require audio, and are indexed by YouTube and Google
  • 62. YouTube Playlists
  • 63. Driving Traffic Back to your Site:
    InVideo Ads & Companion Ads
  • 64. Driving Traffic Back to your Site:
    Text Overlay Ads
  • 65. In-Video Ad Formats
    More than four in five US Web sites accept in-stream video ads
  • 66. In-Video Ad Formats
    Users prefer in-stream ads to any other in-video ad format
  • 67. Step 8
    Promote & Seed your Content
  • 68. Promote & Seed your Content:
    Have an integrated strategy
  • Video Sharing Sites
  • 85. Automated Video Distribution
    Automated Video Distribution services allow you to upload your video to multiple video sharing sites in an automated way. Many of the services above allow you to easily track the performance of your videos in real time such as viewership, engagement, comments, ratings, search rankings and more.
  • 86. Photo Sharing Sites
  • 87. Twitter: Sharing Videos
    Video sharing services make it easy to share video with your Twitter followers.
  • 88. Twitter: Sharing Photos
    Photo sharing services take care of shortening the photo URL and posting the URL and your message to your Twitter account. Many also let you tweet a photo from your mobile phone.
  • 89. Some Examples
  • 90. Make Print More Interactive
  • 91. Optimize for the Mobile Space
  • 92. iPad App
  • 93. Facebook
  • 94.
  • 95.
  • 96. Video Ads on
    your Website
  • 97. Companion Ads
  • 98. Google AdSense
  • 99. Google AdSense Pre/Post Roll
  • 100. Hello!
    Step 9
    Engage your Customers & Critics
  • 101. Engage your Customers & Critics:
    Tips to help increase engagement:
    • Have a human voice
    • 102. Vary content types and sources
    • 103. Determine your frequency
    • 104. Add value
    • 105. Keep content timely
    • 106. Post credible content
    • 107. Offer incentives and reward customers
    • 108. Ask for feedback
    • 109. Encourage re-posting
  • Encourage Sharing
  • 110. Encourage Sharing
  • 111. Encourage Sharing, Voting & Commenting
  • 112. Use RSS
  • 113. Step 10
    Discover the Influencers
  • 114. Discover the Influencers:
    Here are some tips on how to identify them:
    Identify key players online and off: Are they young, tech-savvy professionals, bloggers, trendsetters, celebrities, locals?
    Conduct research: Use search, keyword and analytic tools, consider inbound links, surveys
    Look for patterns: Who is retweeting, Facebooking, bookmarking and commenting?
    Share of voice: Look for high follower/subscriber counts, multiple active discussion threads or responses, frequent posts/updates
  • 115. Step 11
    Measure your Results
  • 116. Measure your Results:
    Categorize your metrics:
    • Reach- how far and wide your messages spread
    • 117. Impact- how your efforts change consumers’ actions or opinions
    • 118. Quantity- how many consumers interact with your initiatives
    • 119. Quality- strength and depth of consumers’ interactions with your initiatives
  • 120.
  • 121. Step 12
    Tweak your Strategy
  • 122. Tweak your Strategy:
    Constantly refine your strategy and tactics:
    • Evaluate your metrics
    • 123. Evaluate the contest type
    • 124. Evaluate the landscape
    • 125. Trends come and go
    • 126. Be nimble and adaptive
    • 127. Consider your budget
    • 128. Continue to identify key influencers
  • 129.®
    Case Studies
  • 130. YouTube
    70+ city playlists and city specific videos
    42,000+ channel views and 637,000+video views
    5,000+ videos
    280 subscribers
  • 131. If Only Your Apartment Furniture
    Could Talk
    Direct navigation increased
    boost in college age visitors to site
  • 132. Grand Prize Winner
    Other Fun Videos:
    True Lease
    Your Apartment is Looking for You
  • 133. Ready2Move?
    Unique Visitors
  • 134. Grand Prize Winner
    All Contest Videos
  • 135. 2008 vs. 2009 Contest Stats
  • 136. Keep the Momentum Going
  • 137. Video Contest PR
    According to Vocus, a PR software and news distribution service, the video contest generated $216,393.67 in free publicity.
  • 138. Promotion Format
    1. micro-site:
    – Contest Web site lived on
    – Users could watch and share videos without registration
    – Upload and voting function required user email registration
    – Watermarked logo clicked through to FRC from each video
    – E-mail a friend and social networking profile widget
    2. Facebook application:
    – Application lived on an application page which was referenced
    from the existing Facebook page
    – Requires user to “allow access” to see and use all functions of
    the application (upload, gallery, etc) instead of email registration.
    – Major benefit: integrated “allowing access” will generate a
    Facebook news feed item for viral discovery (e.g. “Erica might
    win $10,000 in the “Ready2Move?” video contest)
  • 139. Selection of Winners & Finalists
    On or about June 24, 2009 Sponsor’s internal review panel
    selected one (1) Grand Prize Winner, three (3) Finalists and
    one (1) randomly selected Voter.
    CONTEST: Contest winners will be selected according to the
    following judging criteria:
    - 20% Creativity and originality
    - 15% Overall quality and appearance of videos
    - 20% Relevance to contest theme ‘Ready2Move?’
    - 24% Promotion of and/or  For Rent Magazine
    and the usage of the branded billboard with tagline
    - 21% The total number of user generated Internet votes
    SWEEPSTAKES: The Sponsor will randomly select the
    potential Sweepstakes winner from all eligible voting entries
    received during Phase II and Phase III.
  • 140. Viva La Vie Boheme
  • 141. Pet Pads Unleashed
  • 142. Social Media Event Contest
    The Facebook Fan page saw a 92% increase in fans in August 09’
    17% increase in pageviews
    32% increase in unique views
    2,200% increase in photo views
    14,700% increase in video views
  • 143. Consumer
    Contest Comparison
  • 144. Lessons Learned
  • 145. Contest Lessons Learned
    Metrics and Rules: Establish clear metrics and contest rules before you begin your program. (Have legal review rules)
    Test: Test the full functionality of your campaign prior to the start. (Both front end and back end)
    Advanced Seeding: Begin blogger outreach 1-2 weeks prior to the contest versus during the contest.
    Resources: Estimate the amount of time and effort it takes to sustain social media momentum throughout the contest period.
    Timing of Announcement: Leave 1-2 weeks before announcing the winner in order to get winners scheduled for an interview.
  • 146. ContestLessons Learned
    Budget: Promotional spend is critical to the success of the campaign. Don’t underestimate budget. Include an allocation for promotions, both planned and contingency. Think about hidden promotional costs.
    Prizes: Make sure the prizes are motivating, relevant & the contest concept is FUN.
    Continue the Momentum: Dedicate time to engage in long term social media by following up with the contest winners and entrants.
    Refine your Strategy: Learn from your mistakes, evaluate your metrics and the landscape. Trends come and go. Be nimble and adaptive.
  • 147. General Lessons Learned
    Your viewers want to help – just give them incentive
    Content is king and contacts are queen – make connections with your brand advocates, local film schools and media institutions
    One media or one profile is not enough to see the effects
    With depleted resources you must be creative
    Top management must be on board
    Everyone needs to work together
    Set realistic goals and don’t expect overnight results
    Resolve to respond to customer service issues within three hours
    It’s ok to fail
    Have fun
  • 148. Q&A
  • 149. Follow Me
  • 150.
    Photo Credits