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Video & Photo Sharing for Optimum Growth & Brand Exposure


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With shoot-and-upload video getting easier by the day, and more and more consumers sharing their digital photos; the explosive use of video and images on the web is only going to increase. This …

With shoot-and-upload video getting easier by the day, and more and more consumers sharing their digital photos; the explosive use of video and images on the web is only going to increase. This Optimization Summit #optsum session reveals the secrets behind using video and images online and how to take advantage of the popular video and image-sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Snapfish, Shutterfly, and more. You’ll learn video consumption trends; and tips for getting your images in the top of customer search results; editing apps and tips; strategies for optimizing your visual media assets to better engage your audience and potential customers to take action.

Published in: Real Estate
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  • How big the size of the market is and various components of it
  • Every minute, 20 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube2 (YouTube)It would take 412.13 years toview every YouTube video2Consumers are 47% more engaged in ads that run in online video compared to traditional TV1 (Nielsen)
  • Not only more people are watching video but the number of streams per person is on the rise.
  • The trends to watch in 2010 include increased integration of real-time (i.e. Twitter) and vertical-specific search results as the engines seek to both improve the user experience and move the consumer more efficiently down the decision funnelMobile: As more consumers turn to their mobile devices for consuming content and managing their digital lives, there issignificant opportunity for innovators to deliver new value to consumers in how they use these devices
  • Managing Your Social Media Expectations- Episode 35
  • Drag-and-drop your photos and videos onto a map (using the Organizer) to show where you took them, or browse a world map to see where other people have been and what they saw. Websites like Flickr, Picasa, Nikon myPicturetown, PhanPhare and SmugMug allow you to browse through your photos on a map, search by location, and transform your latest trip into a journey friends and family can partake in.
  • Prints, posters, cards, calendars, canvas, books, and collages
  • The U.S. core search market grew 16 percent overall in 2009, driven by a 6-percent gain in unique searchers and a10-percent gain in searchers per searcher.
  • Any site with video on it can have Google serve targeted ads into those videos using Ad Sense for video
  • If you want to increase the reach of your videos you can sign up for the YouTube Video Partner Program and your videos will be hosted on YouTube and will be distributed across sites on the Google Ad Network and through other platforms like the mobile phone and the iPod and if you don’t have video or you would like to supplement your video content on your site you can add Google Video Ad Sense Units to your pages and select the videos of YouTube partners to play on your site. With all of these you will get a share of the ad revenue.
  • If you want to increase the reach of your videos you can sign up for the YouTube Video Partner Program and your videos will be hosted on YouTube and will be distributed across sites on the Google Ad Network and through other platforms like the mobile phone and the iPod and if you don’t have video or you would like to supplement your video content on your site you can add Google Video Ad Sense Units to your pages and select the videos of YouTube partners to play on your site. With all of these you will get a share of the ad revenue.
  • AdSense for Video
  • TERM BIKE STUNTS: Any advertiser's text overlay ads may be displayed within videos as part of a contextually targeted campaign or placed by the advertiser.For text ads, only one ad will appear in this space at a time, cycling through up to ten text ads for 20 seconds each during the video stream. Users can hide or show the ad while they watch the video. Users can reopen the text overlay by mousing over the bottom 20% of the video stream's play space. They can also close the ad permanently by clicking the close button within the text overlay ad frame. If the user doesn't click on the final ad after all ten ads appear, the text overlay will automatically minimize. Three relevant text ads will load in the video stream screen when the video has finished playing.
  • The social media video contest was supported by online and offline advertising including outdoor, national print advertising targeting college students and apartment renters, online banner advertising that incorporated social media placement, eblasts that reached over 56,000 apartment seekers, text messaging that targeted apartment seekers, and a national public relations campaign. With a desire to make participation as easy and creative as possible, the only guidelines werethat video must include one of the following ideas:∞ Creatively tell through the eyes and voice of your apartment furniture whyyou should win $10,000∞ Promote® and/or For Rent Magazine® somehow in the video ContestCriteriaDisplayA major display ad campaign ran with,, and many other leading Internet sites.The banner ad campaign received 182 million+ impressions and 124,000+ clicks in May and June 2008. The ad creative changed according to the contest phase.Email BlastEmail blast was sent to 56,000 apartment seekers who submitted a guest card on in the month of April 2008.3 weeks later a follow up eblast was sent to all of the unique email addresses that opened the first one.Social MediaAll phases of the contest were promoted on the social media profiles including MySpace and Facebook. All contest videos were syndicated to over 13 social media sites including YouTube. Consumers also could use a syndication widget to easily distribute their favorite video to more than 20 popular social networking Web sites.Sharing and Viral Distribution Ability to e-mail a friend with a direct link and use social bookmarking icons to upload videos to personal social networking profiles like MySpace, Facebook, etc… Ability to syndicate content by embedding an external video player on other sites Ability to click through to from each video via watermarks of the logo PrintA ‘Win $10,000!’ icon was placed on all For Rent Magazine®front covers nationwide in May 2008 to drive traffic to the contest.A contest flyer was distributed via email to colleges, universities, and film schools nationwide to share with their students.A contest flyer was distributed via email and sales blitz's to property managers and owners nationwide to share with residents.Billboard/OutdoorOutdoor displays, both billboard and digital boards were posted in 14 locations in Columbus, Ohio and 7 locations in San Antonio, TX. All boards in each market received a 25 total market showing. MobileApartment seekers received the following text message along with property info after texting in from our now leasing banners and yard signs at apartment communities:Enter's "If Only Your Apartment Furniture Could Talk..." Video Contest at for Your Chance to Win $10,000!
  • e statistics tell a robust story but a critical additional dimension is the brand was able to build. Becoming top of mind and to be poised effectively insomeone’s consideration set when they are in-market for a new apartment is key. Attracting theyounger demographic helps secure a consumer as they continue to make housing decisionsthrough the years.There is also an inherent level of authenticity that comes from consumer conversations. Theinterest and leads received are more personal as people are sharing their story and ForRent.comcan use these insights to serve up the best solution to meet their unique needs.
  • Participants were asked to tell their story by creating a video in their own unique way for a chance to win $10,000 in cash!  Or they could have voted for their favorite for a chance to win $1,500 in cash!
  • Time Frame: Contest ran for a little less than 2 months (56 days) and consisted of three phases. Start date: November 9, 2009 and end date: January 14, 2010.
  • If you want to increase the reach of your videos you can sign up for the YouTube Video Partner Program and your videos will be hosted on YouTube and will be distributed across sites on the Google Ad Network and through other platforms like the mobile phone and the iPod and if you don’t have video or you would like to supplement your video content on your site you can add Google Video Ad Sense Units to your pages and select the videos of YouTube partners to play on your site. With all of these you will get a share of the ad revenue.
  • This is a conversation, not a broadcast. In any conversation – in a business or socialsetting – you wouldn’t just barge in. You’d likely listen first, understand what the group istalking about, then contribute your point of.Listen to the true voice of the consumer. You might be surprised at what you hear.Metrics matter for any initiative. Establish a social media benchmark that shows volumeof discussion around your categories, a breakdown by key topics, brand awareness, andbrand sentiment before you embark on a campaign using Web 2.0 tools.Outputs: • Did you get the coverage you wanted? Outtakes: • Did your target audience see the messages? • Did they respond to the messages? Outcomes: • Did audience behavior change? • Did influential members respond? • Did your relationship change? • Did sales increase?
  • #4. nature of the opinions expressed by consumers who talk aboutyou and the influence of those consumers.
  • Engagement is key to improving satisfaction, loyalty rates, and revenue. By listening to customers, and letting them know that you are listening, you can improve your business, your products, and your levels of service. Find your most enthusiastic customers and encouraging them to pass along your messages for you in the - URL cruncher with dashboard metrics enables measurement of number of clicks, countries clicked from, conversations around the site
  • This is one of the more obvious ways of measuring social media. Google Insights - Compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames.
  • Retention: A positive side effect of increased customer engagement is an increase in customer retention.Twitter search allows you to search for keywords or phrases in real time, Tweetbeep sends you alerts when someone mentions your particular keyword/phrase/product/etc. What you should measure • How many times your product/company/article/etc. is mentioned. Trend this over time to see progress. Google Alert: Google alert gives you email notifications when someone mentions a particular keyword or phrases. What you should measure • How many times your is mentioned daily, weekly, monthly. Trend this over time to see progress. Tweetburner: Tweetburner allows you to track how many times people click on the links you share via Twitter. What should you measure • How many times people are clicking on the links you send out via Twitter. • Track the most popular categories and types of links people click on the most. • Track how active your twitter followers are with you content.
  • Views, demographics, top videos, videos per video, regional popularity, share of discovery, comments per view, subscribers
  • If you want to increase the reach of your videos you can sign up for the YouTube Video Partner Program and your videos will be hosted on YouTube and will be distributed across sites on the Google Ad Network and through other platforms like the mobile phone and the iPod and if you don’t have video or you would like to supplement your video content on your site you can add Google Video Ad Sense Units to your pages and select the videos of YouTube partners to play on your site. With all of these you will get a share of the ad revenue.
  • If you want to increase the reach of your videos you can sign up for the YouTube Video Partner Program and your videos will be hosted on YouTube and will be distributed across sites on the Google Ad Network and through other platforms like the mobile phone and the iPod and if you don’t have video or you would like to supplement your video content on your site you can add Google Video Ad Sense Units to your pages and select the videos of YouTube partners to play on your site. With all of these you will get a share of the ad revenue.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Video & Photo Sharing for Optimum Growth & Brand Exposure
      Erica Campbell
      For Rent Media Solutions™
      Sr. Manager, New Media Marketing
    • 2. Agenda
      State of Video & Photo
      Best Practices
      Publish Your Video/Photo
      Optimizing Your Video/Photo for Search Engines
      Distribute Your Video/Photo
      Promote Your Video/Photo
      Video & Photo Search
      Video Advertising
      Case Studies/Examples
      Strategies/Integrated Marketing Approaches
      Metrics & Analysis
      Lessons Learned
    • 3. State of Video & Photo
    • 4. Does online video work?
    • 5. YES.
    • 6. Oh wait.
      Did you want proof?
    • 7. Photos & Videos
      4 billion – Photos hosted by Flickr
      2.4 million – Things tagged this month on Flickr (March 2010)
      3 billion – Photos uploaded each month to Facebook
      30 billion – At the current rate, the number of photos uploaded to Facebook per year.
      32.4 billion – Total videos watched in the US (January 2010)
      1 billion – The total number of videos YouTube serves in one day
      12.7 billion – Videos viewed per month on YouTube in the US (January 2010)
      903 million – Videos viewed per month on Hulu in the US (January 2010)
      187 – The number of online videos the average US Internet user watches in a month (January 2010)
      82% – Percentage of Internet users that view videos online (USA)
      39.5% – YouTube online video market share (USA)
      81.9% – Percentage of embedded videos on blogs that are YouTube videos
    • 8. Every min, 20 hrs of video are uploaded to YouTube
      173 millionU.S. Internet users watched an average of 187 videos per viewer during Jan1
      135.4 million viewerswatched12.7 billion videos on YouTube.com1
      The average online video viewer watched 453 minutesof video (Nearly 7.6 hours of video) 1
      The duration of the average online video was 4.1 min1
      Marketers are set to spend more than $1billion
      on online video advertising in 20102
      Source: 1 comScore Media Metrix Jan ’10, 2 Forrester Feb ’10, 3 YouTube
    • 9. 2009 Total U.S. OnlineVideo Market
      Online video viewing accelerated in 2009, with 19 percent more people in the U.S. viewing more videos for longer
      periods of time
    • 10. Video is # 1 Growth Segment
    • 11. Who is Watching Video?
      Two-thirds of U.S. online users watch video each month
    • 12. U.S. online video advertising will surpass
      $1 billion in 2010
      Video Ad Spend
    • 13. Video Streams
      The number of video streams consumed online set to double over next 5 years
      Source: Forrester
    • 14.® Videos
      >3,900 videos
      >1.6m views in Feb
      >20m lifetime views
      Premier packages with video increased LEADS 19%
      Premier Extra packages with video increased LEADS 7%
      Premier Extra packages with video increased LEADS 24%
    • 15. 2010 Trends
      Search: Increased integration of real-time (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace) and vertical-specific search results
      Content: Higher quality video and more seamless integration of video ads are emerging and adding value to the digital advertising market
      Mobile: Up-tick in mobile Web usage offers significant opportunity for marketers especially with increase in access to mobile video and social networking sites
      Behavioral Targeting: Social networks collect behavioral information allowing marketers to target people based on their expressed interests
      Metrics: Marketers need to go from tracking audience reach and segment reach to tracking influence reach —how many people are witnessing your campaigns and what they’re doing as a result
    • 16. Goals
    • 17. Social Media Marketing Goals
      Increase Brand Awareness
      Increase Consideration
      Increase Preference
      Increase Traffic
      Reputation Management
      Improve Search Engine Rankings
      Improve Service/Sales
    • 18. Best Practices
    • 19. Content Creation Essentials
      Earn consumer trust. Stop talking, start listening
      Quality over quantity. Visitors need to be impressed with your content
      Offer value. Validate your commitment to knowledge and not sales
      Keep it relative. Fresh relative content increases search and attention
      Get friends. Gain a fan base in advance
      Don’t over do it. Content should be relative to your overall theme
      If at first you don’t succeed… Try again and again and again. Experiment with the call to action
      Cut out the noise. Keep your content clear, simple and easy to understand
      Keep your voice in tune. You’ll connect more effectively with your consumer
      Integration is key. Don’t forget traditional marketing
    • 20. Q&A
    • 21. Publish Your Video & Photo
    • 22. Types of Content
      User Generated Content
      Product/Service Announcements
      Episodic Series
    • 23. Branded Video
    • 24. Consumer Generated Video
    • 25. ‘09 Contest Winner
    • 26. Product / Service Announcement s
    • 27. Vlogging/Blogging
    • 28. Episodic Video Series
    • 29. Events
    • 30. Training
    • 31. Video Tips
    • 32. Video Shooting Tips
      Make sure your camera’s recording speed is set to SP, and the aspect is set to 16:9
      Press the record button, wait 5 seconds then make the move (pan, tilt or zoom). Once the move is finished, wait 5 seconds leaving the camera still, and then pause the video. Establish the next shot, and do the same for every recording
      Ensure you make slow smooth pans and zooms
      Make sure the camera lens is clean
      Record time codes as you go and take directors notes
    • 33. VideoEquipment
    • 34. Video Equipment
      FlipShare software makes it easy to email videos, edit individual clips, make custom movies, capture still-image snapshots, and upload video to Facebook™, MySpace™ , YouTube™ and other sharing sites.
    • 35. Video Editing Programs
    • 36. Video Editing Programs
      Movie Maker
      Window’s free video editing software, which comes installed on new PCs. Use the program to create and share high-quality movies.
      Comes free with new Macs. iMovie offers many options for editing video and audio, and adding photos, music and narration to your movies.
      Final Cut Studio $$ (Final Cut Express) $
      Apple program that allows you to import video, edit, make composites, add effects adjust audio, and add dynamic animated text.
      Adobe $$
      Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 software offers a start-to-finish video production solution. Compatible with PCs and Macs.
    • 37. Photo Tips
    • 38. Grainy Photos
      Sometimes cameras can produce grainy
      images like this one. When production
      receives grainy photos, there is nothing they can do to make it look crisp and clean.
      This photo was shot correctly and is clean
      with no visible grain
    • 39. Vertical Photos
      Vertical pictures are great to show the height of a building or size of something tall and narrow for the web or print. Video however has a horizontal display and will not allow the full frame to be shown.
      This picture is stretched to fill the black sides but crops off the top & bottom.
      Vertical pictures result in black sides if not stretched.
    • 40. Sizing Photos for Video
      Print: 300 dpi and higher is essential. Bigger the better.
      Video: dpi doesn’t matter. What does matter is the aspect ratio. Keep image size around 1700x960
      (i.e) 853x480 (16:9 Wide Screen) aspect ratio
      High quality and vertical photos straight from the camera are a challenge to make look good at that ratio
      Avoid vertical & panoramic pictures
      3072x2304 sized down to fit 853x480. Notice the black sides.
      Stretching to fill the sides crops the top & bottom areas.
    • 41. PhotoEquipment
    • 42. Photo Equipment
    • 43. PhotoEditingPrograms
    • 44. Photo Editing Programs
      Microsoft Office Picture Manager
      Adobe Photoshop $$
    • 45. Optimize for Search Engines
    • 46. Video SEO
      Google finds your video content
      Google successfully indexes your video content
      Google will display your video content when specific keywords are entered as search terms
    • 47. Video SEO
      Video optimization allows your video content to achieve maximum visibility among your target audience
      Plays an important role in your overall video strategy
      Should be used in conjunction with best practices for general SEO
      Its not just about syndicating your videos to multiple sites
    • 48. How SEO Works: Spiders
      How Spiders Work
      Consumers use Google, Yahoo!, AOL, MSN or another search engine to locate an apartment
      The search engine sends out a spider to relevant web sites
      The spider reads content found on the pages and follows links to other pages within the site
      The search engine collects this information and stores it in an “index”, which usually includes most of the content visitors see
      To ensure the complete search engine index remains up-to-date, the spider regularly revisits all pages. Any changes are recorded and reflected in an updated index (time frame varies engine to engine)
    • 49. How Does a Spider Work?
    • 50. How SEO Works: Relevancy
      Relevancy means choosing the keywords that best describes what the site or media asset offers. Quality traffic depends on relevancy.
      Target Your Audience
      •  If you're researching “apartments for rent in Seattle” and the word “apartments for rent in Seattle" appears multiple times in a Web document, it's reasonable to assume that the document will contain useful information. Therefore, a document that repeats the word “apartments for rent in Seattle" over and over is likely to turn up near the top of your search results list.
      • 51. Include keywords frequently throughout the page, near the top of the description, and in headlines.
    • Search Engine Ranking Factors
      Keyword use in title tag
      Overall popularity of site- “Trust” & “Authority”
      Anchor text of inbound link
      Age of site
      Internal link structure
      Keyword use in page content
      Outbound links to quality/relevant sites
      Age of page
      Keyword use in heading tags (H1, H2, H3)
      Age of link
    • 52. Keyword Generation
      SEO copywriting is just like conventional copywriting… but with the search engines in mind. Place keywords in descriptions, headers, tags, titles, call to action links (hyperlinks) etc…
      • Use specific “key phrases” not “keywords”. “Expand” terms where appropriate
      - Use “apartments for rent,” not just “apartments”
      • Use location, property name, landmarks, call to action
      • 53. Plural, tenses, abbreviations, slang, synonyms, etc…
      • 54. Different listings can target different keywords
      • 55. Be descriptive vs. generic
      • 56. Do not keyword stuff the short description
    • Keyword Research Tools
      Google Insights
      Google Suggest
    • How to Make Video SEO Work For Your Web Site
      Create your video, create video landing pages and surround video with content
      Submit video to Google using a Video Sitemap via Google’s Web Master Tools
      Use a robots.txt file on all video pages
      Include meta tags (Title tags should align with Title’s on video pages)
      Include Long Tail Search terms
      Videos were 53X more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking1
      Source: Forrester
    • 60. HTML Code: Meta Tags
    • 61. Meta Tags
    • 62. What the Consumer Views
    • 63. What the Spider Views
    • 64. Optimizing Photos for Web
      Use the “Save for Web” feature
      Reduce image file sizes without sacrificing the quality of the images
      Use image specification tags- make small photos larger which saves space
      Use an online image compressor- reduces photo size without reducing the quality
      Use image editing program to convert images to a GIF or JPEG- loads faster
      Make the image names of your files match what is actually represented in the file
      Use special contextual tags for social sites with image search (captions, comments, cross-grouping, location, and themes)
      Use Alt Tags
      Optimize the page the image is on and use a robots.txt file
    • 65. Distribute Your Video & Photo
    • 66. Video Sharing Sites
    • 67. Automated Video Distribution
      Automated Video Distribution services allow you to upload your video to multiple video sharing sites in an automated way. Many of the services above allow you to easily track the performance of your videos in real time such as viewership, engagement, comments, ratings, search rankings and more.
    • 68. Photo Sharing Sites
    • 69. Photobucket: One Click Sharing
    • 70. Examples
    • 71. Facebook: Sharing Videos
    • 72. Facebook: Sharing Videos
    • 73. Facebook: Sharing Photos
    • 74. Facebook: Sharing Photos
    • 75. Twitter: Sharing Videos
      Video sharing services make it easy to share video with your Twitter followers.
    • 76. Twitter: Sharing Photos
      Photo sharing services take care of shortening the photo URL and posting the URL and your message to your Twitter account. Many also let you tweet a photo from your mobile phone.
    • 77. MySpace
    • 78. Flickr
    • 79. Maps & Geotagging
      View photos on a map and search photos by location
    • 80. Promote via Syndication
    • 81. LinkedIn
      • Post a YouTube link to your status
      • 82. Send link to your groups and specific connections
      • 83. Encourage company and residents to post it
    • Blog
      • Embed it to your blog
      • 84. Include SEO text and meta tags
      • 85. Encourage people to blog it
    • Widgets
      Promote your videos, photos, contests or online promotions with unique and engaging widgets. Embed it on your site, blog, or social network profile.
    • 86. Widgets
    • 87. Make Stuff
    • 88. Mobile
      65m active users access FB thru mobile devices
      People who use mobile devices are 50%more active on SN’s
      Facebookjust named the most visited social network site on mobile internet increased >600% in ‘09
      20% of tweets come from mobile devices
    • 89. Mobile
    • 90. Print
    • 91. Print
    • 92. Share Feature
    • 93. Share Feature
    • 94. Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
    • 95. what?
    • 96. RSS is your online paper boy
    • 97. Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
    • 98. Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
    • 99. Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
    • 100. Video & Photo Search
    • 101. Why The Shift To Search?
      People are used to using search engines to find content online
      Consumers add the word “video” or “image” to the end of their search queries
      Universal/Blended Search
    • 102. 2009 U.S. Core Search Trend
    • 103. Share of Search Market
      The chart below shows the percentage of searches done by US web surfers at home, work and at universities in February 2010 that were performed at a particular web site or a network of web sites:
      Source: comScore February 2010
    • 104. Video Dominates Universal Search
      58% of those who searched Google saw a universal result at least one time
      38% who searched Google were served video in the universal Search page
    • 105. Images & Universal Search
      Images make up 13% of share of Google Universal Search Results
    • 106. Video Integrated Into SERP’s
    • 107. Image Search
    • 108. Google Universal Search
    • 109. Universal Search: TwitterReal-Time Results
    • 110. Images, News, Videos, Tweets
    • 111. Images, News, Videos, Tweets
    • 112. Long Tail Search
    • 113. YouTube Search
      Promotional Video Ads
      Advertisers bid on these positions
      Organic “Natural” Search Results
      No cost; results are based on YouTube algorithm of relevance to search query
    • 114.
    • 115. Comments, Ratings & Views
    • 116. Q&A
    • 117. Video Advertising
    • 118. Video Ads on Your Web Site
    • 119.
    • 120.
    • 121. Google AdSense
    • 122. Google AdSense Pre/Post Roll
    • 123. YouTube
    • 124. YouTube Channel
      • Free outlet for PSA’s, testimonials, events, product launches, training & viral videos
      • 125. Promote a video contest
      • 126. Use RSS to syndicate videos
      Tip: Promote your channel on marketing collateral, email signature and social media profiles
    • 127. YouTube Annotations
    • 128. YouTube Captions & Subtitles
    • 129. YouTube Audio Swap
      When you add a new soundtrack, the audio track on your video will be permanently replaced. You may want to upload a few videos to experiment with.
    • 130. YouTube Playlists
    • 131. YouTube Partner Program
    • 132. YouTube Branding Options
    • 133. InVideo Ads & Companion Ads
    • 134. Text Overlay Ads
    • 135. In-Video Ad Formats
      More than four in five US Web sites accept in-stream video ads
    • 136. In-Video Ad Formats
      Users prefer in-stream ads to any other in-video ad format
    • 137. Q&A
    • 138. Contests & Sweepstakes
    • 139. Why do them?
      Your viewers want to help – just give them the incentive
      New ideas take shape
      Give customers a voice
      Build brand awareness
      Increase traffic and leads
      Increases engagement
      Increases fan & followers
      Gain advocates
    • 140. Contest Ideas
      Best decorated apartment
      Most creative use of space
      Best 30 sec spot promoting the property
      Most organized closet
      Best shoe closet
      How you live the life
      Best how-to-video
      Green living tips
      What’s your cause & how do you support it?
    • 141. High Level Contest Checklist
      Official Rules & Details
      Seeding to contest submission sites
      Internal/External Communication Plan
    • 142. Case Studies/Examples
    • 143. Video Contests
    • 144. ’08 Video Contest
      “If Only Your Apartment Furniture Could Talk”
    • 145. ‘08 Grand Prize Winner
    • 146. Our Objective & Concept
      The consumer promotion was created to reinforce our position as a leader in cutting edge marketing solutions and to prove that is “the” online destination for apartment searching.
      The “If Only Your Apartment Furniture Could Talk” consumer video contest encourages apartment renters to create a short video that tells through the eyes and voice of their apartment furniture why they deserve to win $10,000. The grand prize winner will receive $10,000. The top 10 finalists will take home an iPod Shuffle.
    • 147. Our Objective
      Video-Centric Social Media Contest
      Designed to entertain, engage & drive repeat visits
      Positions as video leader in the industry
      Seamless branding of products and services
      Consumers engage and interact with the brand
      Long-term value resulting from loyal users
      Personalized profile with pictures and interact with others via commenting, voting, rating and adding favorites 
    • 148. Contest Phases
      • Phase 1: Drove contest submissions and entries of consumer-created content
      • 149. Phase 2: Encouraged voting, rating and commenting for strong member interaction
      • 150. Phase 3: Narrowed the winners to only the top submissions
      • 151. Phase 4: Featured the winning submissions and highlighted the promotion success
    • ‘08 Video Contest Stats
      Direct nav increased
      boost in college-age visitors to site
    • 152. ‘09 Video Contest
    • 153. ‘09 Contest Promo Video
    • 154. Objectives & Benefits
      Increase brand awareness, consideration and preference
      Increase traffic to
      Increase qualified LEADS™ to advertisers
      Represent competitive edge and position as video leader in multi-family housing industry
      Encourage consumer engagement, interaction & viral distribution
      Build up content to repurpose
    • 155. Selection of Winners and Finalists
      Sponsor’s internal review panel choose 1Grand Prize Winner, 3 Finalists and one 1 randomly selected Voter.
      CONTEST: Contest winners will be selected according to the following judging criteria:
      - 20% Creativity and originality
      - 15% Overall quality and appearance of videos
      - 20% Relevance to contest theme ‘Ready2Move?’
      - 24% Promotion of and/or  For Rent Magazine and the usage of the branded billboard with tagline
      - 21% The total number of user generated Internet votes received     
      SWEEPSTAKES: The Sponsor will randomly select the potential Sweepstakes winner from all eligible voting entries received during Phase II and Phase III.
    • 156. ‘08 vs. ‘09 Video Contest Results
      Source: Vitrue and Google Analytics
    • 157. Contest PR
      According to Vocus, a PR software and news distribution service, the video contest generated $216,393.67 in free publicity.
    • 158. Press Conference
    • 159. Photo Contests
    • 160. Facebook Photo Contest
    • 161. Facebook Contest Results
      Total Photos Submitted: 32
      Total Photo Votes (Likes): 2,100
      Total Photo Comments: 388
      Total Wall Post Comments: 196
      Total Wall Likes: 39
    • 162. Facebook Contest Results
    • 163. Followed The Winner
    • 164. PR After the Contest
    • 165. Event Contest
      The Facebook Fan page saw a 92% increase in fans in August
      17% increase in pageviews
      32% increase in unique views
      2,200% increase in photo views
      14,700% increase in video views
    • 166. Flickr Photo Contest
    • 167. Q&A
    • 168. Strategies
    • 169. Strategies
      Connect with your consumers
      Be present on online social networks and create a profile for your brand
      Replay offline campaigns on the Internet
      Post your last TV campaign on YouTube, announce your coming event on Twitter, post feeds on Facebook, Blog about your brand...
      Set up collaborative tools
      Answer comments left by users on blogs and videos. Read what they say about your brand
      Make sure you offer tools to your customers to share your content
      Cross linking is critical
    • 170. Resources
      • Assign internal social media guru
      • 171. Establish policies and guidelines internally
      • 172. Leverage existing content
      • 173. Integrate with traditional marketing
      • 174. Use tracking tools
      • 175. Get employees and residents involved
    • Metrics & Analysis
    • 176. Social Media Marketing Goals
      Increase Brand Awareness, Consideration & Preference
      Increase Traffic
      Reputation Management
      Improve Search Engine Rankings
      Improve Service/Sales
    • 177. Categorize Your Metrics
      Reach- how far and wide your messages spread
      Impact- how your efforts change consumers’ actions or opinions
      Quantity- how many consumers interact with your initiatives
      Quality- strength and depth of consumers’ interactions with your initiatives
    • 178. Increase Awareness, Consideration & Preference
      Reach, frequency , impact, visits, repeat visits, # of referrals, # of conversions, time spent on site, # of referrals closed, # of advocates, mentions, Re-Tweets, comments, ratings, video views, when do users stop watching?
      Web analytics, internal data, Twilerts, Google Alerts,, Facebook Analytics, Blog Analytics
    • 179. Increase Traffic
      Visits, unique visits, pageviews, linkbacks, % of new visits, impressions, referring traffic sources, ROI and conversion rates
      Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, YouTube Insights, Google Insights, Web Trends, Omniture, Compete, Quantcast
    • 180. Reputation Management
      Press mentions, customer feedback, comments, ratings, @replies
      Google Alerts, YouTube Comment Alerts & Twitter Search, Twilerts, TweetDeck, Buzz Tracking, Tweetbeep, Tweetburner
    • 181. Increase Search Rankings
      Linkbacks, referrals, video views, ratings, comments (the more you have, the better chance you have of being placed highly on Google, resulting in lots of ongoing traffic)
      Keyword tracking reports, SEO Quake, Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, Web analytics, Alexa, SeoQuake, Thumbshots Ranking, SEOToolbox, Google AdWords Keyword Tool
    • 182. Improve Sales/Services
      # of conversions, consumer insight, customer feedback, ratings, reviews, testimonials
      % increase in phone leads, % increase in email leads, % increase in leases, % increase in walk-ins, % in testimonials, % increase in referrals
    • 183. YouTube Insights
    • 184. YouTube Insights: Demo’s
    • 185. YouTube Insights: Discovery
    • 186. Facebook Insights
    • 187. Lessons Learned
    • 188. Lessons Learned
      Your viewers want to help – just give them incentive
      Content is king and contacts are queen – make connections with your brand advocates, local film schools and media institutions
      One media or one profile is not enough to see the effects
      With depleted resources you must be creative
      Top management must be on board
      Everyone needs to work together
      Set realistic goals and don’t expect overnight results
      Resolve to respond to customer service issues within three hours
      Its ok to fail
      Have fun
    • 189. Q&A
    • 190. Questions?
      Contacting Me
      Twitter: or @aptsforrent