Succeeding with Social Media in Orlando, FL


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Your residents, and the prospects you are targeting, are a lot different than they were in the past. Online social networking sites have revolutionized the way people interact with each other and gather information. Renters are talking about your communities, sharing opinions, and making referrals via social media platforms like Facebook® and Twitter™.

Building and maintaining an on-going positive relationship with consumers through these marketing channels is critical to your company’s success! Whether you are completely clueless, somewhat familiar, or advanced, we invite you to come listen as Erica Campbell, Director of Social Media for Dominion Homes Media, discusses how to leverage social media and become part of the consumer dialogue.

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  •  Looking for and acquiring a home (be it renting or buying) has been called one of life’s major stressors. Engaging feedback from one’s ‘social network’ can ease the anxiety of this decision. Leveraging social networks provides a human element to your brand and brings a trust factor to the rental process, since users can interact with their friends,ask questions, receive feedback, make comments and respond to listings. By integrating social media marketing into your mix, you are giving current resident and prospects a seamless method for tapping into your comminutes throughthe tremendous power of social media. Why is it that some facebook pages have loyal followings, thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments on every post while others sit forgotten? It’s the content! Join Erica Campbell, Director of Marketing at For Rent Media Solutions as she shares advanced new media tactics and best practices to actively engage your residents and prospects across all of your social media platforms. Learn how other companies have done it right and what exactly you can do to make social media the best performing tool in your marketing arsenal!
  • Social networking sites reach 82% of the world’s online population representing 1.2 billion users around the world; making it the fastest growing platform for marketing and advertising dollars…and it is no different in the multi-family industry.
  • In December 2011, we announced the upgrade of our social media offering to Marketplace Network 2.0, which reaffirms our commitment to community development, building relationships and fostering resident satisfaction.Marketplace Network 2.0 is the result of another exclusive partnership—this time with We Build Your Social Media, a Web-based virtual social media agency. This exclusive partnership includes a customized version of We Build Your Social Media’s Social Media Management System that will provide For Rent and its clients with a 360 degree social media tool that encompasses social ecommerce, publishing, broadcasting, graphic design, education and reporting. The roll out of Marketplace Network 2.0 will begin in April 2012 to all FRMS’ Expert customers, with more features scheduled for later in the year at no additional cost. For a small monthly fee, this product emphasizes the four components of social media effectiveness; Growth, Engagement, Measurement and Education.  
  • An organization with a customer-centric approach is a huge challenge to create but provides a coherent customer experience.
  • Development of corporate policies, with particular emphasis on those relating to social media participation is important which we have touched on before in past webinars. It is also important to define the rules of engagement to be followed to help guide your organizations response to threats. By building in a defined set of response procedures, it is possible to minimizethe amount of damage that a social media crisis can inflict.Questions that need to be addressed are:-When are your employees ‘your’ employees?-Are you responsible for their actions when they are “on the clock”? -Are you responsible for their actions when they are on their own time? -Consider your audience and be authentic-Remember to protect proprietary and confidential information
  • Facebook is all about conversation. It’s necessary to immerse yourself in it to keep afloat and to stay relevant. Comment Guidelines sets the boundaries for acceptable behavior on the company’s Facebook page. Know what the media, competitors, employees and residents are saying about you and track the content of the conversation to gauge success. It’s good to respond to the three inevitable types of conversation:Apartment community questions, resident complaints and complimentsSome things to consider: Will you reject comments which include offensive or inappropriate language?Will you allow personal attacks? In an ideal world you might allow people to question or argue your company’s content – after all, this medium is about conversation. However as we all know, this isn’t an ideal world. Even if you do allow criticism, consider outlawing aggressive attacks. – On-topic comments: What will you do with comments that veer away from the topic of the post or other peoples’ comments? Will you allow comments that appear to be spam? Will you take action against repeat offenders? Will you provide a way for commenters to contact someone if their comment is not approved, or if they have other questions?
  • Have a ‘plug and play’ platform where you brainstorm possible crises that could occur with your property’s Facebook page so you can react in a timely manner when in fact it does occur. Play out these scenarios to help you build canned responses.Educate you staff internally. Implement an employee policyEnsure factors that make up your brand integrity are balanced Find and address the negative influencer
  • Oodle operates a network of online marketplaces with millions of monthly unique users—a network that includes Oodle Marketplace and the Marketplace on Facebook.—a site that estimates more than 1M unique visitors to the Rental and Apartment category on a variety of exclusive classified sites on average each month. Oodle is an online venue where over millions of users are searching for products and services. Shoppers can ask questions, get feedback, “Like”, Share, leave recommendations and make contact with the seller.Marketplace Network provides your client’s apartment with exclusive exposure and primary search placement on hundreds of online classified sites such as Marketplace on Oodle, Marketplace on Facebook, Walmart Classifieds and that connect buyers and sellers. Premier or higher listing is easily fed to Oodle, then syndicated, or pushed, to Oodle’s entire network. With this partnership, For Rent is the exclusive Internet Listing Service provider.
  • measure what pieces of content (type) cause amplification (allow your social contributions to spread to your 2nd, or even 3rd, level network). Understand times
  • Succeeding with Social Media in Orlando, FL

    1. 1. SUCCEEDINGWith Social Media Erica Campbell Director of Social Media Dominion Homes Media @ericacampbell
    2. 2. AGENDA• Social Media Landscape• Education• Growth• Engagement• Measurement• Ignition Points
    4. 4. Social Networking is the most popular online activity worldwide & reaches 82% of the online populationSource: comScore Top 10 Need-to-Knows About Social Networking and Where It‟s Headed Report December 2011
    5. 5. Social Media Is Becoming More Influential At EachPhase Of The Connected World
    6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPEBenefits of Social Media • Create awareness, buzz and brand positioning to prospective renters. • Connect with your best and most likely customers by giving them a reason to like or follow the brand in social channels. • Increase resident satisfaction which decreases turnover and increases occupancy. • Engage residents by making community communications more participative and personally relevant. • Influence residents to share their positive experience and encourage them to refer their friends.
    7. 7. RETURN ON INVESTMENTROI = [Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment] / Cost of Investment The formula
    8. 8. The investment-return relationship Non- $$$ $$$ Action Reaction Financial FinancialInvestment Impact Impact This is very important but ROI doesn‟t live here Non-Financial Impact = Potential
    9. 9. MARKETPLACE NETWORK 2.0Product Overview The Complete Social Media & Retention Solution Marketplace 2.0 is your new home for social media management, with all the tools you need in one powerful package. This product emphasizes the four components of social media effectiveness; Growth, Engagement, Measurement and Education.
    10. 10. Augment your social media engagement efforts, stay current & learn up-to-date skills to maximize your exposure.EDUCATION
    11. 11. EDUCATIONOrganize Yourself Internally Customer Human Marketing Sales/Leasing Legal Service Resources
    12. 12. EDUCATIONSocial Media Ambassador• Good communicator and writer• Good technical skills with computers and online applications• Active in the social media realm, particularly Facebook• Excellent understanding of your company, history and reputation• Team player with the ability to take charge and lead others when necessary
    13. 13. EDUCATIONSocial Media Policy• Create conversation guidelines for employees and social media admins.• When are your employees “your” employees?• Are you responsible for their actions when they are “on the clock”?• Are you responsible for their actions when they are on their own time? Social Media• Remember to protect proprietary and confidential information. Policy• Draft a social media style guide.
    14. 14. EDUCATIONWhat is Your Content Strategy?• Define an effective channel strategy• What is your mission statement, brand position or brand promise?• What is your brand personality?• What is your brand identity?• What differentiates your brand?• What is your company story?• What do you want your customer experience to feel like?• Identify types of content
    15. 15. EDUCATIONCreate a Content Calendar Local Events Neighborhood Community Apartment News News Living Tips
    16. 16. EDUCATIONComment Guidelines• Develop a listening framework.• Will you reject comments which include offensive or inappropriate language?• Will you allow personal attacks?• On-topic comments: What will you do with comments that veer away from the topic of the post or other peoples‟ comments?• Will you allow comments that appear to be spam?• Will you take action against repeat offenders?• Will you provide a way for commenters to contact someone if their comment is not approved, or if they have other questions?
    17. 17. EDUCATIONHave a Reputation Mgt Plan Risk Table SWOT Analysis
    18. 18. EDUCATIONWho Responds?• Regional/Corporate – Pros: Not emotionally tied to the issue/concern – Cons/Challenges: Could cause for delay because they must obtain all info from on-site team before responding & should stand behind the on-site team, if possible• Property Manager – Pros: Knows all the details, backstory & may personally know the resident with the issue/concern – Cons/Challenges: Too emotionally invested, especially if he/she is the target of the review or comment
    19. 19. EDUCATIONTake the Conversation Offline
    20. 20. EDUCATIONTraining Center & Live Support Educate Your Team • Stay ahead of your competition and learn up-to-date skills • Save time and money by using our live support from a social media specialist • Access our training portal 24/7 and listen to live or recorded webinars • Avoid compliance infractions and other pitfalls • Take advantage of our social media policy and guidelines
    21. 21. Foster retention & engagement among current fans, resulting in brand loyalty.GROWTH
    22. 22. GROWTH Fan Acquisition
    23. 23. GROWTHFan Acquisition
    24. 24. GROWTHFan Acquisition
    25. 25. GROWTHFan Acquisition
    26. 26. GROWTHFan Acquisition ~ Sweepstakes App • Increase Facebook “Likes” and engagement • For Rent manages the sweepstakes, provides the legal rules and financially supports the prize of an iPad 2 • Provide you with supporting collateral to promote the contest
    27. 27. GROWTHCapture Email Addresses
    28. 28. GROWTHFoursquare
    29. 29. GROWTHInstagram
    30. 30. GROWTHPinterest Pinterest is the 3rd largest social network and is an invitation only social network that allows users to visually share, curate, and discover new interests by posting, also known as „pinning,‟ images or videos to their own or others‟ pinboards (i.e. a collection of „pins,‟ usually with a common theme).
    31. 31. GROWTHPinterest
    32. 32. GROWTHPinterest
    33. 33. GROWTH Traffic jumped by 900,000 unique visitors from February to March for Pinterest a total of 18.7 million unique visitors.Source: Compete
    34. 34. GROWTHPinterest
    35. 35. GROWTHPinterest •Over 7,400 visits to contest blog •307 boards created, 3,952 pins & 3,930 repins
    36. 36. GROWTHPinterest Integrate with Facebook
    37. 37. GROWTHPinterest I will send a Pinterest invite to the first 4 people that Tweet me right now to: @ericacampbell
    38. 38. GROWTH[INFOGRAPHIC] Graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly.Source: Wikipedia
    39. 39. GROWTHSocial e-Commerce Second Prospects can Lead inquiry largest recommend, “Like” online & “Share” classified site
    40. 40. GROWTHHow the Marketplace Network WorksExpansive network filled with millions of users!
    41. 41. GROWTH„Likes‟ & LEADS™ Priority Placement in Search Results Guest Card and Ability for Prospect to Share
    42. 42. GROWTH„Likes‟ & LEADS™ Link to your Facebook Business Page Facebook “Like” Plug-in Door Hangers & Welcome Signs
    43. 43. Unique Guest Card & Phone Call TrackingMedia Center ShowcasingPhotos & Video Recommendations
    44. 44. GROWTHSet Up a Facebook Business Page For Rent takes the work load off your staff: • We set up your Facebook Business Page or optimize your existing account with photos and apartment details.
    45. 45. GROWTHAvailable Apartments App For Rent will install the app that provides online availability right from your Facebook Business Page.
    46. 46. GROWTHRecommendations App • For Rent installs the app which provides a platform for residents to give positive recommendations and referrals • Easy for both residents and leasing managers • Helps build credibility and reputation • Deepens the relationship between the apartment and the resident
    47. 47. GROWTHRecommendations App Cont. Your positive recommendations are also automatically pushed to your Marketplace ads for all prospects to see. REPLACING THE NEED TO GO TO APARTMENTRATINGS.COM
    48. 48. Establish direct connections with residents & prospects to build relationships, cultivate business opportunities & keep your conversation going.ENGAGEMENT
    49. 49. Cover Photo Admin Panel & TimelineProfile Picture Apps FacepileAbout Section ComposerPinned Post LikesThumbnail Image
    50. 50. ENGAGEMENTUse Bold Visuals in Your Cover Photo
    51. 51. ENGAGEMENTUse Bold Visuals in Your Cover Photo
    52. 52. ENGAGEMENTCapture Your Brand
    53. 53. ENGAGEMENTCapture Your Brand
    54. 54. ENGAGEMENTCover Photo & Welcome App Welcome App Cover Photo
    55. 55. ENGAGEMENTDesign a Cover Photo • Our easy-to-use edit tools let you create semi-custom Cover Photos to increase brand awareness and engagement • Make edits in real time and upload to your Facebook Page within minutes
    56. 56. ENGAGEMENTDesign a Welcome App • Our easy-to-use edit tools let you create semi-custom Welcome Apps • Customize to company requirements to meet brand guidelines • Make edits in real time and upload to your Facebook Page within minutes
    57. 57. ENGAGEMENT Post Length Engagement rates on Thursday and Friday are 18% higher than other days of the week.Source: Buddy Media 2011
    58. 58. ENGAGEMENT Research suggests 7am, 11am, Timing 3pm, 5pm, and 11pm but continue to test. Frequency is king but don‟t overwhelm your fansSource: Buddy Media 2011
    59. 59. ENGAGEMENTTiming
    60. 60. ENGAGEMENTTiming
    61. 61. ENGAGEMENT Encourage Interaction Posts that end with a question have a 15% higher engagement rate.Source: Facebook
    62. 62. ENGAGEMENTEncourage Interaction Fill-in-the-blank posts generate about 90% more engagement than the average post. Source: Facebook
    63. 63. ENGAGEMENTMake a Visual Impact With PhotosPosts including a photo album, a picture or a video generate about180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement than the averagepost, respectively. Source: Facebook
    64. 64. ENGAGEMENTPost N‟ Leap Content Library, Scheduler & Posting Tool Saves You Time! • Easily select pre-written professional content from libraries to engage your residents • Schedule it in advance and post it across multiple networks and multiple accounts in one click • Use the „Autopost‟ feature for automatic content to be posted • Create your own content and libraries A picture or a video generates about 180% more engagement than the average post
    65. 65. ENGAGEMENTPhoto Albums
    66. 66. ENGAGEMENTPost Videos
    67. 67. ENGAGEMENTIntegrate With Other Social Platforms
    68. 68. ENGAGEMENTGive Fans Exclusive Access
    69. 69. ENGAGEMENTGive Fans Exclusive Access
    70. 70. ENGAGEMENTMarket Events
    71. 71. ENGAGEMENTDeliver Value @ Tag Businesses Partnership Marketing: DesignConcierge Services & Green Partners
    72. 72. ENGAGEMENTPromotions & Sweepstakes Status Update GiveawayPhrase that Pays Caption Contest
    73. 73. Monitor the health of your brand on the social web to understand your sentiment, key demographics, influencers & competition.MEASUREMENT
    74. 74. MEASUREMENTDistributionWhat social media channels are you using, how canpeople reach you, are you visible?• Followers• Fans• Number of mentions• Reach• Inbound links• Blog/YouTube subscribers
    75. 75. MEASUREMENTInteractionHow likely are followers going to engage, spread yourmessage and interact with each other? • Retweets • Contributors and active • Facebook Insights contributors • Forward to a friend • Pageviews • Social media sharing • Unique visitors • Comments • Traffic from social • Like or rate something networking sites • Reviews • Time spent on site • Response time
    76. 76. MEASUREMENTInteraction Google Analytics Facebook Insights
    77. 77. MEASUREMENTInfluenceHow do attitudes change due to the social media activities?This is the branding value that should convert into sales.• Share of conversation vs. competitors• Resident and prospect satisfaction• Sentiment positive, neutral or negative• Number of brand evangelists Insert this query into Google
    78. 78. MEASUREMENTCalculate the Engagement RateAmplification Rate Amplification = # of Retweets Per Tweet Amplification = # of Shares Per Post Amplification = # of Share Clicks Per Post (or Video)Conversation Rate Conversation Rate = # of Audience Comments (or Replies) Per PostApplause Rate Applause Rate = # of Favorite Clicks Per Post Applause Rate = # of Likes Per Post Applause Rate = # of +1‟s Per Post Applause Rate = # Likes Per Post (or Video)
    79. 79. MEASUREMENTROI & ActionHow many leases, renewals and other real world resultsdo you get from social media? • Sales revenue • Lifetime value of customers • Reduction in turnover • Increase in resident referrals • Issues resolved & resolution • Leasing & Maintenance staff rate time saved • Number of leads/Conversions • Share of repeat customers (per day, week, month) (from social media vs. other • Cost of lead channels) • Lead conversion rate • Transaction value per • Revenue (per follower, lead, customer customer) • NOI Increase
    80. 80. MEASUREMENTReporting Measure Your Success Expert customers receive access to an exclusive dashboard that showcases your social interactions activity coming from your Marketplace ad allowing you to track a unique guest card and phone call driven from Marketplace or a social networking site
    81. 81. MEASUREMENTROI & Action According to SatisFacts Research, each unit turned over at the end of a residents lease, averages a cost of $3,900 to the property manager. This turnover cost includes the loss of rental days while vacant, concessions and maintenance. The research also demonstrates 54% of turnovers are, in fact, controllable. Sense of community = Less turnover
    83. 83. IGNITION POINTSThings You Can Do Today!1. Start your search for your social media ambassador.2. Decide on the themes for your content, create a content calendar & commit to posting.3. Upload pictures & videos from past events & establish a goal for how many photos you would like to post per month.4. Create a Facebook Timeline cover photo.5. Start collecting email addresses from residents.6. Set up Google Alerts.
    84. 84. Follow Me
    85. 85. Q&A