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This presentation was given at the 2012 National Apartment Association Education Conference & Expo in Boston on June 28, 2012.

Social media is fundamentally shaping the direction of the Web and propelling innovation faster than ever, especially in the multifamily housing space. It's changing the way consumers connect and communicate about products and services. In this session, you will hear strategies that individuals and businesses can employ to maximize the benefits of social media and social e-commerce, while reducing your risk of liability and damage to relationships and reputation. You'll hear from experts as they equip you with the tools you need to get your arms around the fast-changing online social realm, provide tips on how to instantly form credibility with consumers, and establish your company as the definitive source in the industry.

The Panel:
-Craig Donato, CEO & Co-Founder of Oodle and Marketplace on Facebook
-Erica Campbell, Director of Social Media, For Rent Media Solutions
-Steven Williams, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC

-Moderator: Jim Kjolhede, President & Owner of Satteron Enterprises

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  • Visually compelling posts make for an easily scannable, engaging Timeline history
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  • Put Your Best Facebook Forward - NAA 2012

    1. 1. Put Your Best Facebook Forward –The Benefits, Dangers and Pitfalls of Social Media Craig Donato, CEO & Co-Founder of Oodle and Marketplace on Facebook Erica Campbell, Director of Social Media, For Rent Media Solutions Steven Williams, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC Moderator: Jim Kjolhede, President & Owner of Satteron Enterprises #NAAEduConf
    2. 2. The Opportunity
    3. 3. #NAAEduConf
    4. 4. 52 percent of a brand‟s reputation can be attributed to how social it is online, according to global executives in a recent study.Source: Weber Shandwick &Forbes Insights 2011 Flickr: Creative Commons Mavis
    5. 5. On Average, Facebook fans spend an extra $72 on products & are 41% more likely to recommend products vs. non-fans.Source: Knowledge Networks Flickr: Creative Commons Owenbrown
    6. 6. Social Media Is Becoming More Influential At EachPhase Of The Connected World
    7. 7. Two Giant Sources of Traffic
    8. 8. Changing HowConsumers Shop Online
    9. 9. Moving Beyond Search Traditional eCommerce Social Commerce Hunting & Fulfilling Intent Serendipity & Discovery Information Recommendations Google DNA: Algorithms Facebook DNA: Human#NAAEduConf
    10. 10. Biggest Impact: Top of Funnel• Fuels awareness• Compresses time spent on consideration• Effective conversion (when done right)#NAAEduConf
    11. 11. Sensitive to Social Signals of consumers tell their friends when they get a good deal (JWT Intelligence, Dec 2010) of people trust recommendations from their friends (Nielsen, Apr 2010) of people are more likely to buy based on a friend‟s recommendation (Nielsen, Apr 2010) of people are more likely to buy a deal after seeing a friend purchase it (Facebook, Aug 2011)#NAAEduConf
    12. 12. Consumers Engaged in Social Commerce on Facebook Facebook Users in US 138 Million Shared Product 35 Million (1 out of 4) 25% Asked for Recommendation 19% Million (1 out of 5) 26 16% Driven to Purchase 22 Million (1 out of 6) Source: Social Commerce IQ#NAAEduConf
    13. 13. Driving Significant Traffic to Social eCommerce Sites• Facebook is now the #3 source of inbound refers to Amazon & eBay (behind Google, Yahoo)• #1 source to online boutiques investing in social (e.g., One King‟s Lane) 20.5% 14.0% Inbound traffic to Inbound traffic to 11.6% 11.6% 6.3% 4.5% Facebook Google 4.0% 3.1% Facebook Google +21% +57% May ‟11 May ‟10 May ‟11 May ‟10 May ‟11 May ‟11 - 43% +44% May May ‟10 ‟10#NAAEduConf
    14. 14. How to Get Started
    15. 15. Time to Learn a New Game Search Marketing Social Marketing Find New Customers Market Through Your (Active Seekers) Existing Customers Drive Clicks & Leads Drive Retention & ReferralsGoogle DNA: Algorithmic Facebook DNA: Human #NAAEduConf
    16. 16. A tool to be leveraged across the fabric of the company: different functions, uses and valuesProduct Development Marketing Online Presence • Lead Generation• Feedback • Message Reach • Ratings & Reviews• Early Warning • Brand Reputation • Communities• New Product Ideation • Rich Media • Customer Stories • Influence Sales Customer Service HR/Legal• Leads & Referrals • Listening • Recruitment• Collaboration • Retention • Overall Counsel• Thought Leadership • Outreach #NAAEduConf
    17. 17. Assign a Social Media Ambassador• Passion• Social media savvy• Enthusiasm• Good communicator and writer• Knowledge of brand touch points• Good technical skills with computers and online applications• Willingness to take on the time commitment required #NAAEduConf
    18. 18. Create a Center of Excellence
    19. 19. Admin Roles#NAAEduConf
    20. 20. Create a Content Strategy• Define an effective channel strategy• What is your mission statement, brand position or brand promise?• What is your brand personality?• What is your brand identity?• What differentiates your brand?• What is your company story?• What do you want your customer „s experience to feel like?• Identify types of content #NAAEduConf
    21. 21. Develop a Content CalendarLocal Events Neighborhood Resident Apartment News News Living Tips #NAAEduConf
    22. 22. Comment Guidelines• Develop a listening framework• Will you reject comments which include offensive or inappropriate language?• Will you allow personal attacks?• What will you do with comments that veer away from the topic of the post or other peoples‟ comments?• Will you allow comments that appear to be spam?• Will you take action against repeat offenders?• Will you provide a way for commenters to contact someone if their comment is not approved, or if they have other questions? #NAAEduConf
    23. 23. Best Practices
    24. 24. Social Marketing: Step-by-Step Fuel growth & visibility Spark & join conversations Enlist community of residentsEstablish authentic presence#NAAEduConf
    25. 25. Social Marketing: Step-by-Step Fuel growth & visibility Spark & join conversations Enlist community of residentsEstablish authentic presence #NAAEduConf
    26. 26. Polish Your Page• Not the Same as a Website• Be Human & Authentic• For Your Residents• For Prospects• Get a Vanity URLwww.facebook.com/username #NAAEduConf
    27. 27. Use Bold Visuals
    28. 28. Capture Your Brand
    29. 29. Capture Your Brand
    30. 30. Capture Your Brand
    31. 31. Showcase Your Fans
    32. 32. Create Photo Albums#NAAEduConf
    33. 33. Upload Videos#NAAEduConf
    34. 34. Update the „About‟ Section#NAAEduConf
    35. 35. Use Milestones for Storytelling
    36. 36. Use Milestones for Storytelling
    37. 37. Social Marketing: Step-by-Step Fuel growth & visibility Spark & join conversations Enlist community of residentsEstablish authentic presence#NAAEduConf
    38. 38. Promote Your Page • Recruit Residents • On Your Website • In Your Emailshttp://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/ #NAAEduConf
    39. 39. Promote Your Page• In Your Office• Email Signatures• Brochures/Print• Door Hangers #NAAEduConf
    40. 40. Fan Acquisition#NAAEduConf
    41. 41. Facebook Apps:Integrate your othersocial media profilesinto your page asapps.
    42. 42. Social Marketing: Step-by-Step Fuel growth & visibility Spark & join conversations Enlist community of residentsEstablish authentic presence#NAAEduConf
    43. 43. Spark Conversations Encourage residents to tag themselves in photos.#NAAEduConf
    44. 44. Spark Conversations• Post on other local Pages• Comments increasevisibility Don‟t forget – Oak Street will be blocked off on Sunday for street fair Burlingame Fire Department is conducting great emergency preparedness workshop this Saturday! Find out more here… #NAAEduConf
    45. 45. Research suggests posting at 7am, 11am, 3pm, 5pm, and 11pm but continue to test. Frequency is king but don‟t overwhelm your fans.Source: Buddy Media 2011 #NAAEduConf
    46. 46. Posts between 100 and 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) see about 60% more „Likes‟, than longer posts.Source: Facebook #NAAEduConf
    47. 47. Visually Compelling Posts Win
    48. 48. Emphasize on Visualization: Posts including a photo album, a picture or a video generate about 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement than the average post, respectively.Source: Facebook
    49. 49. Fill-in-the-blank postsgenerate about 90%more engagement thanthe average post.Source: Facebook #NAAEduConf
    50. 50. Spark ConversationsAskQuestions #NAAEduConf
    51. 51. Spark Conversations Posts that end with a question have a 15% higher engagement rate.Source: Facebook #NAAEduConf
    52. 52. Spark Conversations“Pin” a post to thetop of the Page, sothat it is the first thingusers see upon arrivalfor a 7-day period.#NAAEduConf
    53. 53. Spark Conversations Remember your Page is a Place#NAAEduConf
    54. 54. Spark ConversationsPrioritize your contentwithin the Timeline bystarring stories(most engaging ones)and allowing it to expandwith double width onthe Timeline. #NAAEduConf
    55. 55. Join ConversationsRegularly watch whatpeople are sayingwww.youropenbook.org/When jumping in,tread lightly #NAAEduConf
    56. 56. 1-to-1 Messages Timeline introduces a new “Message” button that appears next to the “Like” Button at the top of the Page (it can be hidden) . Brands can not initiate a 1-to-1 conversation. However, they can now receive messages from users and respond through the platform.#NAAEduConf
    57. 57. Social Marketing: Step-by-Step Fuel growth & visibility Spark & join conversations Enlist community of residentsEstablish authentic presence#NAAEduConf
    58. 58. Don‟t Forget SEO• Name your Pageafter your business(vanity URL)• Use About Box, InfoTab: descriptive text,key links• Get links to yourPage #NAAEduConf
    59. 59. Fuel GrowthUse Marketplace on Facebookwww.facebook.com/marketplace1M+ in-market users onFacebook #NAAEduConf
    60. 60. Fuel Growth With Facebook Insights, you can:• Understand the performance of your Page• Learn which content resonates with your audience• Aggregate demographic data about the people who „Like‟ your Page• Optimize how you publish to your audience so that people will tell their friends about you. #NAAEduConf
    61. 61. Promote Resident Events#NAAEduConf
    62. 62. Cross Promote City Events#NAAEduConf
    63. 63. Capture Emails#NAAEduConf
    64. 64. Deliver Value @ Tag BusinessesPartnership Marketing:Design Concierge Services & Green Partners #NAAEduConf
    65. 65. Facebook Offer Posts Using the „Offer‟ post, brands can feature a promotion on their page, allow users to claim it and have the coupon sent directly to the user‟s email or mobile device.#NAAEduConf
    66. 66. Give Fans Exclusive Access#NAAEduConf
    67. 67. Promotions & Sweepstakes Status Update Giveaway Caption Contest#NAAEduConf
    68. 68. Create A Career Center App#NAAEduConf
    69. 69. Social Marketing: Step-by-Step Fuel growth & visibility Spark & join conversations Enlist community of residentsEstablish authentic presence #NAAEduConf
    70. 70. Legal Considerations
    71. 71. What Are We Talking About? Cellphones/Smart phones MP3 Payers Blogs Social Media – MySpace – Facebook – Pinterest – LinkedIn – Twitter – YouTube – Google+#NAAEduConf
    72. 72. Misuse and Consequences Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Invasion of Privacy Claims Cyberstalking/bullying Defamation#NAAEduConf
    73. 73. Misuse and Consequences Harassment Contract obligations Loss of contracts/ customer relations Loss of employment#NAAEduConf
    74. 74. Why You Should Care About Social Media• Instant communication to anyone and everyone• Lost productivity at work• Increased demand on computer system• Risk of losing control over confidential and proprietary information#NAAEduConf
    75. 75. Why You Should Care About Social Media • Liability for employee‟s conduct • Copyright issues • Customer/client privacy privilege issues#NAAEduConf
    76. 76. Best Practices/Policies• No use of company-owned equipment for personal use• No personal social media use during work hours• General conduct rules apply to social media use Policy• All use of company property subject to monitoring• Discipline for misuse #NAAEduConf
    77. 77. Best Practices/Policies• No 1st Amendment rights – But …. public employers – NLRB rules• No right to/expectation of privacy – But … public employers – Whose equipment – Whose email account – Company time – Policy in place #NAAEduConf
    78. 78. Employees‟ Privacy Rights • Do you permit personal use? • Do you have a policy in place? – Do you enforce it? • Do you practice what you preach?#NAAEduConf
    79. 79. Legal Proceedings• Discoverability of e-communications – Like any other communication • Relevance, authenticity• Discoverability of social media – Generally the same as other info – But, to see “behind the curtain” usually requires something “in front of it” #NAAEduConf
    80. 80. Real World Tools Lamebook.com Textsfromlastnight.com Hacking#NAAEduConf
    81. 81. Real World Examples Employee Sabotage Virgin Atlantic Airlines – Facebook posts • Called passenger “chavs” • Cabins have cockroaches • Criticized safety standards – Brought company into disrepute and insulted passengers – Major marketing campaign ($$$$) to recover #NAAEduConfPhoto Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lbaviation/6102494523/sizes/z/in/photostream/
    82. 82. Real World Examples Employee SabotageDomino‟s Pizza – Film posted online • Cheese up the nose, passing gas on pizzas, & other health code violations – Over 1 million viewers – Within top 12 Google searches for Domino‟s – Felony charges #NAAEduConfPhoto Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/janetmck/6992426851/sizes/z/in/photostream/
    83. 83. Real World Examples Employee Sabotage Burger King KFC#NAAEduConf
    84. 84. Real World Examples Self Destruction The former mayor of Arlington,Oregon‟s Top Model Mayor Oregon posed for a picture on a fire truck in her underwear in 2004 (before she was elected). Posted the picture to MySpace page, and was fired. A political adversary started distributing copies of the photo to discredit her. In a recall vote, was removed from office. #NAAEduConf
    85. 85. Real World Examples Self Destruction • Stacy Snyder, a college student , posted thisThe Drunken photo on her MySpace page titled, “Drunken Pirate.” “Pirate” • Just days before her graduation, the University discovered the page, accused her of promoting underage drinking and refused to issue her teaching degree. • Snyder sued citing a violation of her First Amendment rights. • Snyder lost her case because there was overwhelming evidence (beyond just the MySpace picture) demonstrating that she was continually and habitually unprofessional with her students and the mentoring staff.#NAAEduConf
    86. 86. Real World Examples Self DestructionGetting Hot in Austin! In 2010, an Austin firefighter was fired when a woman with whom he was having an affair notified the Fire Department that he had posted nude photos of himself on an online dating website. In the photos, he wore items of clothing identifying himself as an Austin Fire Department employee.#NAAEduConf
    87. 87. Real World Examples Self Destruction#NAAEduConf
    88. 88. Real World Examples The Boss is Watching#NAAEduConf
    89. 89. Real World Examples The Boss is Watching#NAAEduConf
    90. 90. Real World Examples BUSTED!Drug dealer accidentallytexts state cop about aplanned drug deal. Copmeets him at the drop.(Chicago – November 2011)#NAAEduConf
    91. 91. Real World Examples BUSTED!Carjacker takes photo ofself with cellphone foundin car. Phoneautomatically uploadsphoto to owner‟sFacebook page.(Georgia – Summer 2011) #NAAEduConf
    92. 92. Real World Examples BUSTED! Custody battle – mom trashed dad in court, but not on Facebook. Court orders mom to disclose passwords so court can see posts about “what a good father he is” (November 2011)#NAAEduConf
    93. 93. Real World Examples BUSTED!Prison guard fired for pulling over carat gun point. In wrongful dischargecase, he claims to be a pacifist andhates guns. But see, FB photosbrandishing many guns and saying“just wait until I come back….”(Pennsylvania 2011) #NAAEduConf
    94. 94. Real World Examples BUSTED! Robber convicted based on video confession he posted on his MySpace page (Florida 2011)#NAAEduConf
    95. 95. Real World Examples BUSTED!Ex-wife, who claims to bedisabled, seeks spousal supportfrom ex-husband claiming she cannotwork. He finds photos on herFB page showing her nightly bellydancing gig.(New York 2011)#NAAEduConf
    96. 96. Real World Examples BUSTED!Murder suspect convictedafter jury is shown his MySpacephotos showing him holdingmurder weapon and “throwing” agang sign.(Michigan 2009) #NAAEduConf
    97. 97. The Ultimate Lesson… Once it‟s out there: It can be seen by many, and likely cannot be removed!#NAAEduConf
    98. 98. Q&A
    99. 99. For more information, contact: Steven M. Williams, Esq. Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman, P.C. swilliams@cohenseglias.com Erica Campbell For Rent Media Solutions Twitter.com/ericacampbell Craig Donato Oodle and Marketplace on Facebook Twitter.com/Oodle Jim Kjolhede Satteron Enterprises jimk@satteron.com #NAAEduConf