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There’s nothing like partnership marketing when it comes to multiplying the results of your efforts at little to no additional cost to you or your partner organizations. If you get it just right—incorporating interactive elements that make people more likely to share your message with others—your marketing efforts won’t just double … they’ll multiply exponentially! This session will teach you how to conduct partnership marketing with maximum success including finding the right fit; making your pitch; keeping it relevant; crafting your cooperative agreement; contests and similar promotions that drive participation and word-of-mouth; building a cooperative network; and more.

This presentation was given at the Optimization Summit in Phoenix, AZ September 13, 2012 by Erica Campbell, Director of Marketing with For Rent Media Solutions.

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  • The best part about online contests is how easy it is to take them viral, encourage participation, and link them into your social marketing activities.
  • Enter to win 6 months free rent and if you brought a friend you were elegible to win $750 in referralcelebrated the grand opening of their new Michigan location in a unique way.  On October 22nd, owner Eric Brown hosted the Sharpie “Draw on the Walls” contest by opening up the space to the public and inviting 12 local artists to create innovative and eccentric designs on the walls of the building’s Co-Work space’s meeting rooms.Vitamin WaterOne of our Urbane Apartments has been temporarily transformed into a chic lounge atmosphere, thanks to help from sponsors like vitaminwater for providing an array beverages to quench your thirst and Sharpie for all the tools you need to spark some creative inspiration.
  • Along the way, they will have to face 50 challenges in order to receive clues on where they SxSW reception will be!  Winning team will receive a Chevy sponsored tweetup in their hometown…ours being DETROIT!
  • Partnership Marketing and Consumer Contests

    1. PARTNERSHIP MARKETING &<br />CONSUMER CONTESTS<br />Erica Campbell<br />Director of Marketing<br />For Rent Media Solutions<br />@ericacampbell<br />
    2. 11 STEPS FOR CREATING A<br />SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY<br />Define Objectives & Goals<br />Identify your Target Audience<br />Determine the Type of Contest & Partners<br />Create your Concept <br />Establish Rules & Prizes<br />Publish & Integrate<br />Measure your Results<br />Tweak your Strategy<br />Case Studies & Best Practices<br /> Legal<br /> Lessons Learned<br />
    4. DEFINE <br />GOALS & OBJECTIVES<br />Increase Brand Awareness: Create a general hype & enhance a product or service<br />Increase Reach: Access to new distribution channels <br />Generate Leads & Data: Improve referrals, retention and consumer loyalty<br />Gain Content or Consumer Insight: Repurpose for future marketing initiatives <br />Humanize your Voice: Engage socially, build relationships, reward your customers, and drive fan acquisition <br />Gain Competitive Edge: Opportunity for business growth/accelerated market entry<br />
    6. IDENTIFY YOUR<br />TARGET AUDIENCE<br />Will you target new customers or existing customers? <br />Where are your consumers engaging with your brand(s)?<br />What are your customers habits and behaviors offline and online?<br />How will you reach your audience?<br />What is your budget to reach them?<br />What is hot right now?<br />How do you incorporate trends?<br />What can you provide that they cannot get elsewhere?<br />What discounts can you offer or other advantages?<br />
    8. DETERMINE THE TYPE OF<br />CONTEST<br /> Contest: A contest rewards skill; winners are determined based on skill, popularity or judging. <br />Sweepstake: A sweepstakes awards winners at random; winners are determined based purely on chance.<br />
    9. DETERMINE THE TYPE OF<br />CONTEST<br />User Generated Contest (UGC): Photo, Video, Audio, Essay<br />Facebook Like Sweepstake <br />Blog or Post Comment to Enter Contest or Sweepstake<br />Twitter RT or Hashtag Contest or Sweepstake<br />Survey Form Contest or Sweepstake<br />Status Update Contest or Sweepstake<br />Event Sponsorship<br />
    10. DETERMINE WHO DO YOU<br />PARTNER WITH & WHY?<br />Who do you partner with and why?<br />How do you promote partnerships?<br />What type of event should you consider?<br />How do you promote your event?<br />How do you measure your results?<br />Measurement tools like bar codes<br />Social media interaction<br />Word of mouth marketing<br />
    11. DETERMINE WHO DO YOU<br />PARTNER WITH & WHY?<br /><ul><li>Create value
    12. High end or low end - every brand is promoting value - what better way than to create value with brand partnerships
    13. Choose partnerships wisely
    14. Seek out similar target audiences & brand images
    15. Seek partners that support your goals </li></ul>Green partners, lifestyle brands, employee discounts<br /><ul><li>Choose a combination of national & local partners
    16. Craft the right pitch</li></li></ul><li>Don’t be afraid to hook up to someone else’s wagon<br />
    19. 4. CREATE YOUR CONCEPT<br />
    20. CREATE YOUR<br />CONCEPT<br />A video contest inviting users to create a new commercial for one of your products or services.<br />A user-generated content contest that awards the best ‘personal experience stories’.<br />A photo contest related to your product or service.<br />A product invention contest with a large cash prize.<br />An event driven contest or a scavenger hunt.<br />An exclusive benefit to your customers.<br />
    21. 5. ESTABLISH RULES & PRIZES<br />
    22. ESTABLISH<br />PRIZES<br />Will the winner be determined by public voting, a jury or at random? <br />What is the judging criteria?<br />How long will your contest run?<br />How many phases will you have?<br />What kind of prizes will you offer and what is the monetary value?<br />How many winners will you have?<br />
    23. Partner Up. Get Swag. <br />Give It Away.<br />
    24. ESTABLISH<br />RULES<br /><ul><li>Who Can & Can’t Participate: age, geographic area
    25. Contest Dates: start and end date
    26. How to Enter: detailed information
    27. Selection of Winners: how and when
    28. Prizes: what specifically and monetary value
    29. Privacy Policy: what will we do with the info and content from everyone who enters
    30. Publicity:we can use your name and photo likeness (unless you are under 18)
    31. Contest Sponsor and Admin: who is it
    32. General Conditions: we can cancel it if becomes a comprised contest
    33. Limitations of Liability: from injury, death, any liability
    34. Disputes: how to submit, who pays fees and settlements
    35. Winner’s List: this must be published somewhere, how to get it </li></li></ul><li>ESTABLISH RULES<br />RISK MITIGATION<br />Publish your rules and link to them:<br />For a contest on Twitter or any other site where you can’t post the rules, create a rules page somewhere on your web site<br />For voting contests:<br />Let the public narrow the entry pool down to the final round<br />Don’t let the public vote for the final winner<br />Pre-appoint an expert or celeb to judge the final winners<br />When in doubt, contact a legal expert:<br />Your lawyer<br />Vitrue and Wildfire are companies that specialize in helping other companies develop rules and manage contests<br />
    36. ESTABLISH RULES<br />SAMPLE PHASES<br /> Phase 1: Drives contest submissions and entries of consumer- created content<br />Phase 2: Encourages rating and commenting for strong member interaction<br />Phase 3: Narrows the winners to only the top submissions<br /> Phase 4: Features the winning submissions and highlights the promotion success<br />
    37. 6. PUBLISH & INTEGRATE <br />
    38. PUBLISH &<br />INTEGRATE<br /><ul><li>TV
    39. On-Site
    40. Contest & Sweepstakes Sites
    41. Blogger Outreach
    42. Universities/Colleges
    43. Film/Photography Schools
    44. SEM/SEO
    45. Print</li></ul>Email<br />Display Ads<br />Video<br />Mobile<br />Public Relations<br />Social Networking Sites<br />Outdoor<br />Radio<br />
    47. PUBLISH & INTEGRATE<br />CONTESTS SITES<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
    48. 7. MEASURE YOUR RESULTS<br />
    49. MEASURE YOUR<br />RESULTS<br />Reach- how far and wide your messages spread<br />Impact- how your efforts change consumers’ actions or opinions<br />Quantity- how many consumers interact with your initiatives<br />Quality- strength and depth of consumers’ interactions with your initiatives <br />
    50. 8. TWEAK YOUR STRATEGY<br />
    51. TWEAK YOUR <br />STRATEGY<br />Evaluate your metrics<br />Evaluate the contest type<br />Evaluate your partners <br />Evaluate the landscape <br />Trends come and go<br />Be nimble and adaptive <br />Consider your budget<br />Continue to identify key influencers<br />
    52. 9. CASE STUDIES<br />
    54. PHOTO CONTEST<br />‘COOLEST SPACE IN YOUR PLACE’<br />Received 251 entrant photos, 30 internal photos<br /> increased 245 fans and increase 395+ fans<br />Over 250,000 Facebook Interactions<br />Almost 20,000 page views to the Facebook Application<br />Over 600,000 impressions on <br />22 million impressions and 4,065 clicks on Facebook <br />Exposed to finalists network which equals 55,000+  <br />
    55. VIDEO CONTEST<br />‘IF ONLY YOUR APARTMENT FURNITURE COULD TALK’<br />Direct navigation increased<br />20%<br />57% <br />boost in college age visitors to site<br />$10,000 <br />Cash Prize<br />
    56. VIDEO CONTEST<br />WHY WE WENT WITH A 3RD PARTY<br />Brand Ownership: Contest concept & messaging of choice. <br />Consumer Self Expression & Engagement: Features encourage participation: consumer rating, voting & commenting, consumer viewing by most recent, top rated & most viewed submissions.<br />Sharing & Viral Distribution: Users share across the web using: Email to a friend, direct URL link and embed player options. <br />Safe Content Management: 24/7 content and program management for brand safety and control.<br />
    58. “Social media is my life,” says Walsh. “In fact, I even created a Facebook group for my video submission to gain more views and votes. It’s like a chain reaction. I tell 10 people, they tell 10 people and it spirals.” - Brendan Walsh<br />( A 20 year-old student from Steubenville, Ohio, majoring in digital media production at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh)<br />
    59. VIDEO CONTEST<br />AD VALUE<br />
    60. VIDEO CONTEST<br />CASE STUDY<br />
    62. VIDEO CONTEST<br />‘Ready2Move’?<br />$10,000 Cash Prize<br />$1,500 Voting Prize<br />24,000<br />79,000<br />335,000<br />Votes<br />Unique Visitors<br />Pageviews<br />
    63. VIDEO CONTEST<br />‘READY2MOVE?’<br />
    65. PHOTO CONTEST<br />‘VIVA LA VIE BOHEME’<br />Results:<br />Total Photos Submitted: 32<br />Total Photo Votes (Likes): 2,100<br />Total Photo Comments: 388<br />Total Wall Post Comments Related to the Contest: 196<br />RT’s: 100+<br />Followers: 35.5% increase<br />
    66. PHOTO CONTEST<br />‘PET PADS UNLEASHED’<br />Results:<br />560 photos submitted, 2,500+ votes, 300+ new Facebook Fans, 17,000+ pageviews and 2,700 photo views, and 17,000+ photo views on Flickr, $1,500 Cash Prize<br />
    67. PHOTO CONTEST<br />‘PET PADS UNLEASHED’<br /><br />
    68. STATUS UPDATE<br />‘WORST GIFT EVER’<br />Total Stories: 61<br />New “Likes” (Fans): 111<br />Comments: 54<br />Total Interactions: 100+<br />Facebook “Likes” (Content): 53<br />
    69. FACEBOOK ‘LIKE’<br />CONTEST<br />Total Stories: 61<br />New “Likes” (Fans): 111<br />Comments: 54<br />Total Interactions: 100+<br />Facebook “Likes” (Content): 53<br />New “Likes” (Fans): 100+<br />
    72. CASE STUDIES<br />
    73. Turn your clubhouse into a Co Workspace<br />
    74. URBANE APARTMENTS<br />PARTNERSHIP MARKETING<br />Sharpie: Draw on the Walls Contest<br />Vitamin Water: Hydration Gallery<br />
    75. URBANE APARTMENTS<br />PARTNERSHIP MARKETING<br />Yelp: Spam – a – Rama #meet-up <br />#LaughUp with National <br />Comedians in town<br />
    76. URBANE APARTMENTS<br />PARTNERSHIP MARKETING<br />SxSw Chevy Road Tour<br />
    78. 10. LEGAL<br />
    79. FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS<br />GUIDELINES<br />Use a 3rd Party App: The contest must be run through a custom app either on a Canvas Page or an app on a Page Tab.<br />Use of the Facebook Name: Only use the Facebook name to communicate where to enter the contest.<br />Promotions on Facebook must include the following:<br />A complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant.<br />Acknowledgement that the contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook.<br />Disclosure that the participant is providing information to [disclose recipient(s) of information] and not to Facebook.<br />Include disclosures near entry field: <br />Facebook is not connected to your contest in any way: release from liability, they aren’t sponsoring your contest, and info you collect does not go to Facebook.<br />Read the complete terms at:<br />
    80. TWITTER PROMOTIONS<br />GUIDELINES<br />Contests on Twitter may offer prizes for tweeting a particular update, for following a particular user, or for posting updates with a specific hashtag.<br />Twitter is not liable for any content users post.<br />Twitter can do anything they want with the content users post, but users retain rights to it, too. (They will not share personal info)<br />If Twitter is not available during you contest, they will not be liable for any damages. <br />Read the complete terms at<br />
    81. PLAYING BY THE <br />RULES<br />Contests and sweepstakes are legal but a lottery is not legal (only States have the power to run a lottery). <br /> There is a differences between a contest, a sweepstakes and a lottery and there are 3 elements to consider: <br />chance…consideration…prize<br />
    82. PLAYING BY THE RULES <br />CONSIDERATION + PRIZE = CONTEST<br /> You have to do something to win a prize, such as take the best photo/video or come up with the best slogan or best design; this is the “consideration” that is required of you. <br /> In theory, though, there is no “chance” since the “best” entry will win (in other words, it is not random).<br />
    83. PLAYING BY THE RULES <br />CHANCE + PRIZE = SWEEPSTAKES<br /> You don’t have to really do anything - give consideration - to win, but winning is based on chance, i.e. a random drawing. <br /> We have to be careful not to require that people visit your community/website or perform in some other way in order to qualify for the drawing, because then…<br />
    84. PLAYING BY THE RULES <br />YOU HAVE ALL 3 AND THIS IS BAD!<br />Because now there is a LOTTERY and this is illegal!<br />Chance (random drawing) + consideration (you are requiring of me) + prize<br /> IS A LOTTERY<br />
    85. LEGAL<br />COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT<br />Significant limitations imposed by Big Company as to how and where the Big Company logo and other intellectual property/marks can be used<br />Prohibitions from Big Company to not reverse engineer any programs<br />A requirement whereby Small Company cannot tell others about the arrangement made with Big Company (the business details)<br />The right of Big Company to seek an injunction if Small Company does anything that violates the agreement<br />Language that if Small Company does anything bad that makes people go after Big Company, that Small Company will "cover" (indemnify) Big Company.<br />Two practical tips would be:<br />1.  Small Company should try to make as many of the conditions "mutual" - i.e. Big Company needs to be limited to how/where Small Company's logo can be used; Big Company will indemnify Small Company if Big Company does anything bad that makes people go after Small Company, etc.  In other words, much of the agreement should say "Both parties" a lot.<br /> <br />2. Small Company should check with their insurer to see if they have coverage for sweepstakes and contests; this might already be part of the their policy or it can perhaps be added as a rider. <br /> <br />
    86. 11. LESSONS LEARNED<br />
    87. LESSONS <br />LEARNED<br />Metrics and Rules: Establish clear metrics and contest rules before you begin your program. (Have legal review rules)<br />Test: Test the full functionality of your campaign prior to the start. (Both front end and back end)<br />Advanced Seeding: Begin blogger outreach 1-2 weeks prior to the contest or partnership versus during the time frame.<br />Resources: Estimate the amount of time and effort it takes to sustain social media momentum throughout the contest and partnership period.<br />Timing of Announcement: Leave 1-2 weeks before announcing the winner in order to get winners scheduled for an interview.<br />
    88. LESSONS <br />LEARNED<br />Budget: Promotional spend is critical to the success of the campaign. Don’t underestimate budget. Include an allocation for promotions, both planned and contingency. Think about hidden promotional costs.<br />Prizes: Make sure the prizes are motivating, relevant & the concept is FUN.<br />Continue the Momentum: Dedicate time to engage in long term social media by following up with the contest winners, entrants and participants. <br />Refine your Strategy: Learn from your mistakes, evaluate your metrics and the landscape. Trends come and go. Be nimble and adaptive.<br />
    89. LESSONS LEARNED<br />TAKE ACTION TODAY<br />Brainstorm potential partners (locally, regionally, nationally) <br />Read the Terms of Service for the sites that you will be using<br />Draft a Rules template for your legal teams<br />Talk to a web developer, if needed, about setting up a rules web page or a contest microsite<br />Research a social media contest professional <br />
    91.<br />@ericacampbell<br /><br />facebook/ericawcampbell<br /><br />