Marketing the Brand "YOU" - Old Dominion University AMA Marketing Week


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Learn how you can use social media more effectively in preparation for your first internship or job. Erica Campbell Byrum, Director of Social Media for and, presented this at Old Dominion University to AMA Club members during Marketing Week on October 8, 2013.

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  • Beyond branding, social media provides organizations with additional immediate opportunities to enhance their results in many areas of businesses including sales, customer service, public relations, recruitment, and research and development. In this session, I’m going to cover how tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are impacting the workplace, marketing and jobs of the future.
  • Let’s take a look at today’s agenda. We are going to kick off the presentation with a look at the social media landscape, then we are going to dive into a few key pieces that make up a successful social media strategy for our organizations and lastly we will cover 10 trends in social.
  • With social media, it is important to think strategy first and tools second.  You have to understand what it is you want your business to accomplish before you go out and start engaging in different tactics.It’s important for every business to have an overall strategy/plan.
  • Set Goals: Because your personal brand is built from the thoughts and words and reactions of other people, it’s shaped by how you present yourself publicly. This is something that you have control over. You can decide how you would like people to see you and then work on publicly being that image.
  • ResumeClean and professional attireBioHeadshotBusiness Cards
  • Strategic Relationship Development
  • Connect with hiring managers and internal employees
  • It let people know what I did to differentiate myself – showed my work
  • Marketing the Brand "YOU" - Old Dominion University AMA Marketing Week

    1. 1. @HamptonRoadsAMA #ConnectEducateGrow
    2. 2. • What is Personal Branding? • Who is a Personal Brand? • Why is Personal Branding Important? • Building Your Personal Brand
    3. 3. • Publicity and Visibility • Build Organizational Credibility • Lead Generation • Increased Engagement Levels • Expands Influence • Human Connect to the Organization • Idea Generation
    4. 4. • Look at your personal brand as an investment. • Set goals for your public image. – What are your goals? – What do you value? – What are your passions? – What motivates you? – What makes you standout? – How would like people to think of you? – What are you ‘about’ – What is your expertise and what is your style? • Craft your identity. • Keep your brand fresh. • Continue learning and updating your knowledge and expertise. • Distribute and get people talking. • Measure and repeat.
    5. 5. Business Cards {} Resume/CV Headshot
    6. 6. • Meta Data – Titles – Descriptions – Keywords and Tags – Headers • Usernames and Vanity URLs • Bios • Image File Names • Online Video and Presentations • Blogging and Guest Blogging
    7. 7. Headshot Vanity URL Bio
    8. 8. Presentations
    9. 9. Examples of Work Experience
    10. 10. Recommendations
    11. 11. Skill Endorsements Projects
    12. 12. Education Interests, Awards & Honors Organizations
    13. 13. Facebook ‘About’ Info & URLs
    14. 14. Twitter Skin Headshot, Header Image & Bio
    15. 15. Headshot, Info, URL, Cover Photo
    16. 16. Headshot, Bio, URL
    17. 17. Display Name & Headshot Bio & URL
    18. 18. Headshot, Bio & Links Tags Meta
    19. 19. • Grown my professional network • Allowed me to conduct business easier • Created niche experiences • Created speaking opportunities • Generated ideas for work • Created a forum to share • Positioned myself as an industry thought leader
    20. 20. /EricaCampbell @EricaCampbell Erica Campbell Byrum /EricaCampbellByrum /EricaCampbellByrum /EricaCampbellByrum /EricaCByrum