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Leveraging Social Media Marketing: Lincoln Property Company Annual Marketing and Training Conference


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Erica Campbell, Director of Marketing for For Rent Media Solutions presented this in Phoenix, AZ on 4/28/11 at the Lincoln Property Company Annual Marketing and Training Conference. …

Erica Campbell, Director of Marketing for For Rent Media Solutions presented this in Phoenix, AZ on 4/28/11 at the Lincoln Property Company Annual Marketing and Training Conference.

The social web is constantly posting, uploading, sharing and ranting-about your brand. By these actions, consumers post and update their needs, desires and complaints across forums, microblogs like Twitter and social networking sites such as Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn, for all to view.

Consumers are finally in control, and they have become the programmers, shaping their own experiences by interacting with our brands when they want, where they want, and how they want. Successful marketers need be at every touch point to connect with them. Maintaining an on-going positive relationship with your consumers, partners and prospects is critical to any brands long term success. Today, companies must be a part of the consumer dialogue.

This session discussed sideways marketing tactics that revolve around removing friction, noise in a crowded space and uncertainty for consumers.

Published in: Real Estate, Business, Technology
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  • Mobile media is quickly becoming essential to thetechnologically advanced marketing plan.• Smartphone users are driving growth in browser andapplicationsBrowser and app growth are up Social Networking: Fastest-growing category accessedvia browser-150 million users access Facebook thru their mobile phone
  • Recommendations build trust and influence purchase decisions.
  • Multi-Share: ShareThis AddThis Third Party Buttons and Boxes: Facebook Like Box Facebook Like Button Twitter “Tweet Button” Follow (Twitter) Widget
  • The combination of geolocation and social networks is also a huge avenue for Starbucks and the company was one of the first major brands to broker a deal with popular location-based social network Foursquare. Foursquare mayors of retail stores special ‘Barista’ badges that would come with discounts on drinks and food.
  • Create a hashtag for people to follow the conversation during the event & set up a Twitter fountain
  • Objective: The 2010 consumer promotion was designed to entertain, engage & drive repeat visits with the intention of ultimately increasing brand awareness, preference and consideration. Concept: The “Pet Pads Unleashed” Photo Contest encourages apartment renters to submit a photo of how their pet lives the apartment life for a chance to win $1,500. Three Finalists will take home a $400 gift card to a local pet store. 560photos submitted and 2,500+ votes300+ new Facebook Fans and 14,000+ pageviews and 2,700photo views16,000+ photo views on Flickr
  • Cost is Low Return is high and the level of involvement is highFacebook Photo Contest StatsTotal Photos Submitted: 32Total Photo Votes (Likes): 2,100Total Photo Comments: 388Total Wall Post Comments Related to the Contest: 196Total Wall Likes Related to the Contest: 39(contest time frame)Twitter Sweepstakes Stats100+ RT’s of the Tweet which included the RENT twitter handle name, FRC twitter handle name, the message and Hashtag #SaveonRENTThe Twitter profile saw a 35.5% increase in followers due to the sweepstake(Time frame Oct 14th-January 19th)
  • Eblast Launched 12.21.10 at 2:19 pm: The eblast was a success generating 300 additional Facebook “Likes” (fans) in one day.New “Likes” (Fans): 1,040Comments: 45Walls Posts: 20Total Interactions: 273Facebook “Likes” (Content): 208Pageviews: 5,170Unique Pageviews: 1,630Photo Views: 521
  • Let me show you how big brands are using integrated new media techniques and tools that we just covered to build strong brands
  • Let me show you how big brands are using integrated new media techniques and tools that we just covered to build strong brands
  • Transcript

    • 1. Leveraging Social Media Marketing:
      Lincoln Property Company Annual
      Marketing & Training Conference
      Erica Campbell
      Director of Marketing
      For Rent Media Solutions
    • 2. Agenda
      Did you know?
      Benefits of Social Media
      Advanced New Media Tactics
      Contests, Sweepstakes & Partnership Marketing
      Fair Housing Best Practices
    • 3. Did you know?
    • 4. Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old
      Source: US Census Bureau
    • 5. 96% of Millennials have joined a social networking site
      Source: Mr. Youth and RepNation Media (April 2008)
    • 6. Average family phone call today
    • 7. 50 million tweets per day — that's an average of 600 tweets per second
      Source: Twitter Blog
    • 8. YouTube is the second largest search engine
    • 9. 99% of companies use social media for recruitment
      Source: Survey by OSCAR, talential, usage
    • 10. If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world
      (behind China and India)
    • 11. Russia has a population of 142M. That’s not even half of Facebook’s user base
      Facebook has more users than there are people in the U.S.
      Source: Facebook
    • 12. 4 billion+ photos hosted & 4.8 million things were geotagged this month
      Source: Flickr
    • 13. People who use mobile devices are 50% more active on social sites
      4 mobile phones were sold for every
      PC sold in 2009
    • 14. 25% of search results for the world’s Top 20 largest brands are linked to user-generated content
      Source: MarketingVox and Nielsen BuzzMetrics
    • 15. Social media marketing spend will reach $3.1b in 2014
      Source: Forrester Research
    • 16.
    • 17. Social Media.
      It’s engagement. It’s brand awareness. It’s public relations. It’s listening. It’s loyalty-building. It’s responding. It’s customer service. It’s not always easy. It’s not about a campaign. It’s about a conversation.
      …& it’s NOT always about revenue.
    • 18. Benefits of
      Social Media
    • 19. Improve Branding
      Increase Traffic & Boost SEO
      Discover the Influencers
      Build Loyal Advocates
      Encourage Referrals
      Manage your Online Reputation
      Provide Customer Service & Gain Feedback
      Create Buzz
      Benefits of Social Media
    • 20. Recommendations Build Trust
      Nearly one-fourth of U.S. adults say they have posted comments or reviews online about the products or services they buy.1
      91% say consumer reviews are the #1 aid to buying decisions2
      87% trust a friend’s recommendation over critic's review3
      Online social network users were 3X more likely to trust their peer’s opinionsover advertising when making purchase decisions 4
      By 2020, 84% of marketers agree that building customer trust will become marketing’s primary objective5
      Source: 1 Pew Research Center, 2 JC Williams Group, 3 Marketing Sherpa, 4 Jupiter Research, 5 1 to 1 Media
    • 21. Advanced New Media Tactics
    • 22. Integrated Marketing Approach
    • 23.
    • 24. Foster retention and engagement among current fans, resulting in brand loyalty.
      Fan Acquisition
    • 25. Profile vs. Business Page
    • 26. Drive Shares & “Likes”
    • 27. Drive Shares & “Likes”
    • 28. Drive “Likes” & Awareness
    • 29. Drive “Likes” & Awareness
    • 30.
    • 31. Drive “Likes” & Awareness
    • 32. Keep your conversation going by delivering eye-popping content and engaging applications directly to fans' news feeds.
    • 33. Dynamic Rich Media
    • 34. Dynamic Rich Media
    • 35. Online Video
    • 36. Optimized Videos
    • 37. YouTube Search
    • 38. Video: Integrated into SERP’s
    • 39. Photos & Video
    • 40. Mix Media
    • 41. Mix Media
    • 42. Integration of Blog
    • 43. Integration ofTwitter
    • 44. Foursquare: Location-Based-Marketing
      This “check-in” notification can also be cross promoted on Facebook and Twitter.
    • 45. Integration of Foursquare
    • 46. Engaging Outdoor
    • 47. Marketplace on Facebook
    • 48. Give users the chance
      to weigh in & provide insight.
      Market Research
    • 49. Polls, Surveys & Quizzes
    • 50. Twitter Search
    • 51. LinkedIn for Prospecting
    • 52. Enable users to opt-in to receive your marketing offers directly from your Facebook Page & reward users for taking actions.
      Drive Leads & Sales
    • 53. Marketplace Network
    • 54. Specials, Coupons & Offers
    • 55. Reward Programs
    • 56. Referral Programs
    • 57. Email & Mobile Sign Up
    • 58. Increase Event Participation
    • 59. Increase Event Participation
    • 60. Optimized Twitter Profiles
    • 61. Engage with users using social media
      to recruit and source talent.
      Recruiting & Hiring
    • 62. Recruiting & Hiring
    • 63. Recruiting & Hiring
    • 64. Contests, Sweepstakes & Partnership Marketing
    • 65. “If Only Your Apartment Furniture Could Talk”Video Contest
      boost in college age visitors to site
      Direct navigation increased
    • 66. Pet Pads Unleashed
      560 photos submitted, 2,500+ votes, 300+ new Facebook Fans, 17,000+ pageviews and 2,700 photo views, and 17,000+ photo views on Flickr
    • 67. Viva La Vie Boheme
      Total Photos Submitted: 32
      Total Photo Votes (Likes): 2,100
      Total Photo Comments: 388
      Total Wall Post Comments Related to the Contest: 196
    • 68. Facebook “Like” Contest
      1,000+ New “Likes”,
      PV: 5,170, Unique PV:1,630,
      Photo Views: 521
    • 69. Status Update Contest
      Total Stories: 61
      New “Likes” (Fans): 111
      Comments: 54
      Wall Posts: 18
      Total Interactions: 83
      Facebook “Likes” (Content): 53
      PV: 958
      UPV: 258
    • 70. Ugly Sweater Contest
    • 71. Contest Comparison Matrix
    • 72. Partnership Marketing
    • 73. Fair Housing
      Best Practices
    • 74. The legal stuff: Social media marketing is advertising, so the rules and laws related to advertising apply…
      Use the logo!
    • 75. Human Models
      Human models should portray persons in an equal social setting and indicate to the general public that the housing is open to all without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin…
      Your community’s residents may be diverse but make sure your advertising is as well.
    • 76. Model/Photo Releases
      You can use good Model Release language on a page that contains multiple signature lines.
      So at the pool party, title your Model Release page with, for example, “Hawaiian Pool Party – July 13, 2011,” have your good language, and ask residents to sign. (This also applies to employees)
    • 77. Playing by the Rules- Contests, Sweepstakes & Lotteries
      Contests and sweepstakes are legal but a lottery is not legal (only States have the power to run a lottery).
      Let’s look at the differences between a contest, a sweepstakes and a lottery. There are 3 elements to consider:
    • 78. Consideration + Prize = Contest
      You have to do something to win a prize, such as take the best photo/video or come up with the best slogan or best design; this is the “consideration” that is required of you.
      In theory, though, there is no “chance” since the “best” entry will win (in other words, it is not random).
    • 79. Chance + Prize = Sweepstakes
      You don’t have to really do anything - give consideration - to win, but winning is based on chance, i.e. a random drawing.
      We have to be careful not to require that people visit your community or perform in some other way in order to qualify for the drawing, because then…
    • 80. you have all 3 elements and this is BAD!
      Because now there is a LOTTERY and this is illegal!
      Chance (random drawing) + consideration (you are requiring of me) + prize
    • 81. Resources
    • 82. Free Social Media Monitoring Tools
    • 83. Updates & Management
    • 84. Rules of Engagement
      Best Practices
      Be educated on what you are talking about.
      Always be transparent.
      Be human.
      Update frequently.
      Add value.
      Keep it timely.
      Re-Postable Content.
      Listen to your consumers.
      Learn from past mistakes.
      Be courteous and professional.
    • 85. Stay Connected with Trends
    • 86. Follow Me
    • 87. Q&A
    • 88.
      Photo Credits