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Foundations of a Successful Social Media Strategy


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This presentation was delivered at the San Diego County Apartment Association Exposition on April 10th by Erica Campbell Byrum, Director of Social Media for and …

This presentation was delivered at the San Diego County Apartment Association Exposition on April 10th by Erica Campbell Byrum, Director of Social Media for and

Your residents, and the prospects you are targeting, are a lot different than they were in the past. Online social networking sites have revolutionized the way people interact with each other and gather information. Renters are talking about your communities, sharing opinions, and making referrals via social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Building and maintaining an on-going positive relationship with consumers through these marketing channels is critical to your company’s success! Social media holds tremendous opportunities for companies looking to drive new business, retain customers and increase revenue, but only if you first develop a solid foundation and an understanding of what makes the world of social media tick. Whether you are completely clueless, somewhat familiar, or advanced, we invite you to come listen as Erica Campbell Byrum, Director of Social Media for Dominion Homes Media, the umbrella division for For Rent Media Solutions and discusses how to leverage social media and become part of the consumer dialogue. This session will address the latest strategic insights in creating a center of excellence, social media best practices, improving consumer engagement, reputation management and other emerging opportunities.

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  • These social media stats on how consumers are using social media to connect with brands and influence purchase decisions really help to validate our social media offering.
  • Before you engage in social media, it’s important to decide what your social media identity will be and how you want to represent your brand.
  • Paid Media: Involves purchasing media which is important and needed in key periods to drive more engagement. Owned media: Is where a brand controls the media channel like a website or social media channel. This makes you more portable. Earned Media:  "Earned media" is an old PR term that essentially meant getting your brand into free media rather than having to pay for it through advertising. However, this has really evolved to more of permanent word- of –mouth that is being created through social media. There is no money being exchanged but it isn't free. You are paying in time.
  • Social media signals show extremely high correlation and associate with good rankings in Google. The correlation coefficient is displayed on the x-axis. Greater values along the x-axis (e.g. Facebook Shares) have a positive correlation (the more, the better) while lower values (Title Character Length) have a negative correlation. Therefore, we can say that the largest correlation occurs between Facebook Shares and the lowest between the Position of Title Keywords.
  • A study found that Google + 1’s had a significant result of 0.41 which allows us to assume that the quantity of +1s has the strongest correlation of any of the metrics analyzed
  • Increase sharing and site trafficBoost visitor engagementGive users a personal experience
  • You have to start paying for content and find a way to make yourself an authority, to make a rockstar out of one of your writers, or suck it up and hire someone who already is a rockstar and get them to write for your site. In today’s Web economy, the actual writer matters for ranking and it matters for links. It comes down to great content and relationships. Just like in the offline world. With a verified email: If you have an email address on the same domain as your content, you can go to to verify it. Using the form on that page will add your email address to the Work section of your profile, which by default is viewable only by your circles. You can keep your email private if you wish. It will also add a public link to the domain of the email address to the Contributor to section of your profile.Without a verified email: If can’t verify an email address on the same domain (say if you’re a contributor to the Huffington Post but don’t have a Huffington Post email address) you can still link your content to your Google+. In these circumstances, you’ll want to do it from your Author page on that site. Just link to your Google+ page in the bio area and Google will be able to pick that up. You can do it directly from the content, itself, but you don’t have to. You’ll also want to add the rel=me tag.
  • Ansley
  • Erica:According to RJ Metrics in 2012, over 80% of pins are repins on Pinterest.
  • Use Pinterest as a means to drive traffic back to your website,blog or apartments. Any image you post to your boards that originates from your source should include a link that takes followers back to the full listing or story.
  • Curate content by crowdsourcing it
  • Transcript

    • 1. • Social Media Stats• Strategy• Social Media Marketing Trends – Social Signals – Facebook – Photo Sharing – Video – Microblogging• Ignition Points Agenda
    • 2. Social Media Stats
    • 3. Social Media Stats
    • 4. Social Media Stats
    • 5. Get Organized
    • 6. • Increase brand awareness, reach and retention• Increase website traffic and drive leads• Humanize your voice• Position yourself as the local expert• Recruiting and hiring• Provide thought leadership and credibility• Effectively market promotions, specials and events• Manage your online reputation• Improve search engine rankings• Establish partnerships Define Objectives and Goals
    • 7. • Passion• Social media savvy• Enthusiasm• Good communicator and writer• Knowledge of brand touch points• Good technical skills with computers and online apps• Willingness to take on the time commitment required Recruit Super Fans
    • 8. • What is your mission statement, brand position or brand promise?• What is your brand personality?• What is your brand identity?• What differentiates your brand?• What is your company story?• What do want your customer experience to feel like?• Identify types of content• Integration is key Develop a Content Strategy
    • 9. Develop a Content Calendar
    • 10. Establish Governance
    • 11. Fuel growth and visibility Spark and join conversations Enlist community of fansEstablish authentic presence How to Get Started
    • 12. 2009
    • 13. 2011
    • 14. 2013
    • 15. POEMSource:, graphic: For Rent
    • 16. Google SearchRanking Factors
    • 17. • Followers/Likes/Check-ins/Google+/Shares• Mentions• Frequency• Topic/Relevancy• Reputation/Authority/Influence Social Signal• Engagement (Klout) Ranking Factors• Length of time online
    • 18. •Recruit Fans•Get a Vanity Promote: •On your Website •In your Emails •In your Office •Email Signatures •Brochures/Print Polish & Promote Your Pages
    • 19. Google Author Tag andSocial Extensions
    • 20. Reviews
    • 21. Reviews
    • 22. Use Creative Cover Photos
    • 23. Use Milestonesfor Storytelling
    • 24. Create Photo Albums
    • 25. Fan Acquisition
    • 26. ‘Like’ Sweepstakes Contest
    • 27. Timing of Posts
    • 28. Timing of Posts
    • 29. Encourage Interaction
    • 30. Encourage Interaction
    • 31. Visually CompellingPosts Win
    • 32. Fill-in-the-blank postsgenerate about 90%more engagementthan the average post. Fill-In-The-Blank Posts Source: Facebook
    • 33. Branded Quotes
    • 34. Posts that end with a question have a 15% higher engagement rate. Ask QuestionsSource: Facebook
    • 35. ‘Pin’ a Post
    • 36. Star Stories
    • 37. Create an Event
    • 38. Brands can feature apromotion on theirpage, allow users toclaim it and have thecoupon sent directly tothe user’s email ormobile device. Offer Post
    • 39. Use Pinterest to VisuallyHighlight Products
    • 40. Pinterest DemographicSource: Modea
    • 41. Pinterest Demographic
    • 42. Power of Pinterest
    • 43. Power of Pinterest
    • 44. Power of Pinterest
    • 45. Top 10 Categories on Pinterest 10 Most Popular Board Names 1. Home (17.2%) 1. For the Home (3.15%) 2. Arts and Crafts (12.4%) 2. My Style (1.97%) 3. Style/Fashion (11.7%) 3. Products I Love (1.86%) 4. Food (10.5%) 4. Books Worth Reading (1.68%) 5. Inspiration/Education (9.0%) 5. Food (1.23%) 6. Holidays/Seasonal (3.9%) 6. Favorite Places & Spaces (1.00%) 7. Humor (2.1%) 7. Recipes (0.75%) 8. Products (2.1%) 9. Travel (1.9%) 8. Craft Ideas (0.74%) 10. Kids (1.8%) 9. Christmas (0.72%) 10. Crafts (0.65%) Pinterest Categories and Board NamesSource: RJ Metrics
    • 46. 10 Board Ideas
    • 47. 1. Introduce Your Team
    • 48. 2. Showcase Your Listings
    • 49. 3. Resident Testimonials
    • 50. • Seasonal Boards • Apartment Décor – Small Spaces – Closets – Organization – Furniture • Recipes • Hobbies – Fashion/Style – Sports – Luxury Cars • Crafts/DIY Projects4. Lifestyle Content
    • 51. • Cities• Neighborhoods• Dining Guide• Shopping• Nightlife• Transportation• Events• Entertainment• Schools• Local Businesses• Beauty/Spas 5. Local
    • 52. 6. Include Video
    • 53. 7. Apartment Staging Ideas
    • 54. 8. Moving Tips
    • 55. 9. Marketing and Leasing Ideas
    • 56. 10. Resident Event Ideas
    • 57. Image Optimization Best Practices
    • 58. Source: RJ Metrics 2012
    • 59. Best Time to PinSource: Pinerly Study
    • 60. Include Description,Link and Call-to-Action
    • 61. ‘Pin In’ Buttonand Bookmarklet
    • 62. Add Pricing and Hashtags
    • 63. Creative Board Namesand Captions
    • 64. Curate Content:Run a Contest
    • 65. User Insight andCompetitive Intel
    • 66. Stories aboutlocations told throughcompelling and beautifulphotographs Instagram Account
    • 67. • 90 million Monthly Active Users• 40 million Photos Per Day• 8500 Likes Per Second• 1000 Comments Per Second Instagram Stats
    • 68. • Snap a photo with your mobile phone• Choose from 20 different filters to transform the image• Tag the photo with a foursquare location• Include a message & use hashtags• ‘Like’ & comment on posts from other users• Search the site & app to discover content How It Works
    • 69. Filter Options
    • 70. Before After Filter Options
    • 71. • #love • #tweegram • #instagood • #summer • #me • #instagramhub • #cute • #bestoftheday • #tbt • #iphoneonly • #photooftheday • #igdaily • #intsamood • #fashion • #beautiful • #nofilter • #picoftheday • #food • #girl • #sunset • #igers • #sky • #instadaily • #fun • #iphonesia • #instamood • #follow • #instagramers • #happy • #lol Search Users and HashtagsSource:
    • 72. Engage with Users
    • 73. • Curate content ranging from loosely brand-related to product-specific• Engage with users to build trust and an online community• Drive traffic back to your website and social channels• Run contests and provide giveaways• Humanize the brand image What Can Brands Do?
    • 74. Set Up Your Profile
    • 75. • Select your username• Include your logo• Craft a description• Provide a website URL• Follow other users• Recruit residents and staff to follow the brand Set Up Your Profile
    • 76. Nearly 1,000 photos Crowdsource and Curate Content submitted
    • 77. Crowdsource andCurate Content
    • 78. Instagram Facebook App
    • 80. eBooks
    • 81. Photo Editing Tools
    • 82. YouTube Account
    • 83. Video SEO
    • 84. Playlists and Annotations
    • 85. Videos Drive Traffic
    • 86. YouTube Facebook App
    • 87. Create a Twitter Profileand Hashtag
    • 88. Contests, Incentivesand Provide Value
    • 89. Twitter Party/Twitter Chat
    • 90. Socially EnabledDigital Outdoor
    • 91. Linky Party
    • 92. Ignition Points1. Start your search for your internal social media rock star.2. Develop a social media policy.3. Decide on the themes for your content, create a content calendar and make the promise to post.4. Establish an ambassador program.5. Create a cohesive branded look for all social profile skins.6. Create some videos and upload photos.7. Promote events, specials and promotions on social media networks.8. Select a unique hashtag.9. Launch a contest.10. Have fun and test things.