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  • 1. YHI, GODDESS OF THE LIGHT: THE LEYENDMany moons ago, the land was dark and silent.Nothing moved. It was the Time of the Dream.In a dark and deep cavern a beautiful youngwoman named YHI slept. Waking her gently, theGreat Spirit whispered to her, “YHI... YHI... get up.”As YHI opened her eyes, she emitted beams of lightThat eleiminated the darkness all across the land.She got up and began a long trip. As YHI walked,flowers sprouted up under her feet and she did notrest until everything was covered with a blanket ofgreen. Whith her magical light she made the waters.Once the land was full of brilliance and life, YHItransformed herself into an enormous ball of fire. YHI SPA INVIGORATE YOUR SENSES
  • 2. Welcome to YHI SPA, a place by the energía de YHI,and a plece dedicated to purifying the body balancing the mind, and elevating the soul. WELCOME TO YHI SPA As you enter YHI SPA, y ou will enter a Zen-like santuary with soothing aromas, soft mystical music to awaken your spirit and the tender touch of expert hands that will linger in your memory as an unforgettable moment of wellness . We have selected extraordinary Spa treatments with the most prestigious products to balance, revitalize, and energize you whole body At YHI SPA, we are committed to promoting an energizing and involving space to awaken your senses within a spa experience devoted to the total wellness of body, mind and spirit.
  • 3. In an inspiring and harmonios atmosphere of and you will experience the myth of the goddess and the power of theGOLDEN FLOWER queen through the colors, aromas, sounds and textures of our signature service that not only cleanse, nurture andCOLECCTION SIGNATURE protect your skin but also draw out impurities and stress from within and connect your spirit to the universal elements that bring life and wholeness.Taino Queen Anacaona, also called Golden Flower,was celebrated as a composer of ballads, ballets, plays RENEWAL Empower, renew and replenish your inner self as the artist,and narrative poems, for her beauty and as the ruler the co-creator and the ruler of your well-being as you enjoyof Jaragua the largest Taino kingdom on Hispaniola. our Golden Flower Signature Collection.As a high priestess, Anacaona invented many ritualsfor the gods that raised her to the level of a goddess.To see or be near her was spellbinding. She oftenbathed in the many waterfalls of her reign. Her soulfulnature and the nature of her kingdom made her specialand unique. GOLDEN FLOWER SIGNATURE TREATMENTThis signature collection honors Golden Flowerscreative connection to nature with treatments that HYBISCUS JOURNEY 80 min.incorporate the healing and beautifying qualities oforganic herbs, fruits and flowers from the local Hybiscus flowers, known locally as cayena, are believed topharmacopeia and eco-systems; her soothing and hold the power to connect to the positive energy of spiritualinspiring melodies with the sounds of nature and well-being. The traditional red, pink and yellow blooms havewaterfalls that will embrace your being once you a sweet nectar, and soothing, protecting effect on the skin.enter our tropical spa; and the grounding movements Your hybiscus journey starts with a rejuvenating and soul cleansing floral footbath. A moisturizing and healing hybiscusof the ruler, through the artistic techniques of our spa and bay-rum sugar scrub is followed by a calming andtherapists who offer glowing scrubs, detoxifying wraps, detoxifying whole body massage with our signature Goldensacred baths and aromatherapeutic, whole body Flower Oil.massage rituals to bring the queens gifts of relaxation,peace of mind and rejuvenation to your body, mindand soul.
  • 4. YHI Corporal Peeling 25 min. A total body exfoliation that uses therapeutic oils and walnut shells to help regenerate the skin and remove impurities, achieving a healthy look and smooth texture.ABUNDANCE Anacaona Body Glow 25 min. Try one of natures treats, freshly shredded young coconut, ideal for sensitive skin. After the blend is gently rubbed all over your body and removed with a wet, warm cloth, a nutritive, sweet and healing cream of tropical flowers is applied to the skin. Citrus Cafe Scrub 25 min. The most fragrant, invigorating and detoxifying scrub of all blends organic coffee and lemongrass. After the cleansing comes the our cooling and soothing application of our tropical flowers cream is applied to refresh and replenish any lost moisture during the exfoliation process. Cocoa Glow 25 min. The perfect cure for dry skin. Scrub you body with chocolate that leaves your skin moisturized and velvety.
  • 5. Golden Flower Biomassage 25, 50 min. A refreshing and stimulating massage with Golden Flower signature oil to ease muscular strain, improve circulation, relieve depressionMASAJES and overcome mental and physical exhaustion. Walk away with a sense of profound tranquillity and balance. Muscular In Depth 50 min.A complete experience with an emphasis on deeper muscular work for Reflexology 25 min.total body wellness. A most relaxing treatment for stress reductionusing slow and deep finger pressure to deeply manipulate muscles and In this massage you will receive pressure on points in the feet andconnective tissue, combined with essential oils to relax, reenergize and hands. Relieve the pain in muscles with the fresh herbal aroma.soothe aching muscles. GROWTH Lymphatic Drainage 50 min. YHI Sports Massage 50 min. A relaxing massage that helps release toxins by applying light pressureA regenerative massage that helps unravel tension in sore, tight muscles, on the ganglions. It is also a helpful treatment for bodys retention ofenhance circulation and detoxify the body. It incorporates stretches to water.increase range of motion. It is recommended before or after a sportsactivity or wellness training. Feel your body sigh with relief. Paradisus Under the Stars 80 min. YHI Mandala Experience 80 min. A very special and luxurious massage under the stars. A soft massageAn ancient treatment that provides unique benefits and combines with the fresh breezes of the tropics and the magic of nighttime inaromatherapy and gem stones. It is designed to unite the body, mind Punta Cana.and soul in harmony. The healing ritual submerges you in a sea oftranquility and brings total liberation from tension while stone therapymelts you into a blissful state. Combination Massage 80 min. Choice of two different types of technical massages; not include other YHI Abhyanga Massage 80 min. 80 minutes service.Profound relaxation for the overstressed, with the use of Abhiyanga andwarm oil. This rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage rejuvenates by Shiatsu 50 min.clearing stagnant energy and restoring the flow of "prana", the life forcethat stimulates your bodys vital energy. Your nerves are soothed as you In this easterm treatment you will experience pressure point energydrift into a deep state of bliss and joy. and stretching. YHI Indian Scalp Massage 25 min. Replenishing Green Massage 50 min.This head massage will immediately rejuvenate as it stimulates hairgrowth, hydrates the scalp and relieves stress and tension. A combination of green oils, Invigorating lime, and soy to nourish and revitalize the skin.
  • 6. TRANSFORMATION FACIALS Fresh Herbs Eco-Facial 25, 50 and 80 min. This facial is designed to help the skin escape from chemicals and preservatives found in many of todays facial products. It is composed of fresh-from-the-garden natural ingredients that clean, balance, hydrate and protect your skin from environmental pollution while promoting cell regeneration and facial tone. The 25 minute facial includes scrub on your face and neck with non- alcoholic products. The 50 minute facial includes an energizing, tonic and rejuvenating acupressure facial massage. The 80 minute facial includes cleansing, scrubbing, extraction, a mask plus a hands and foot massage. After Sun Facial Immediate relief for sensitive skin affected by ultra violet rays. Yhi Shine Face 25, 50 and 80 min. Individually tailored to your skins requirements, this luxurious pampering facial exfoliates, cleanses, hydrates and moisturizes. In addition, the face, neck and shoulders are massaged to enhance the benefits of the therapeutic oils. This wonderful facial journey will leave your skin velvety soft and refreshed. Ayurvedic Aroma Facial 50 min. Balance and purification are achieved with this facial. A therapy that leaves the skin truly revitalized and the mind totally relaxed, combining methods from the east, marma points and signature face and neck massage. Expertly blended pure essential oils and uniquely formulated rare herbs not only rejuvenates the skin, but calms the mind and spirit. Yhi Man Facial 50 min. This facial addresses the unique needs of a mans skin. The combination of exfoliation, massage and a face mask help to oxygenate and moisturize the skin, making it look and feel better. Marma Massage 30 min. The marma points are the "secret points or vital points". This ancient form of treatment dates back to between 1200-1500 b.c. and involves the use of fingers to stimulate the marma points thereby promoting physical and mental awareness. Each marma point corresponds to internal organs and systems of the body which react to manual stimulation.
  • 7. SACRED MASKS AND WRAPS YHI Beautiful Skin 110 min. Yhi beautiful skin is a luxurious skin and tightening body treatment incorporating the benefits of firming botanicals combined with a slim and sculpting massage. You will feel rejuvenated and your body toned. Taino Mud Wrap 50 min. Cleanse, regenerate and restore the flow of energy in your body when red and green clays are mixed with our signature blend of freshly cut and sifted moisturizing and uplifting hibiscus and ylang-ylang flowers, detoxifying and energizing lemon peels, basil and bay-rum herbs and healing and rejuvenating ginger and patchouli roots. Slimming Wrap 50 min. This herbal oil and mineral salts wrap will get your lymphatic system going, reawaken the body organs, and also tighten muscle tissues. A paste of antiseptic eucalyptus oil, warming and firming calcium rich salts and toxin flushing lime, is rubbed and let dry so that its healing properties start to soak into the skin. After the wrap, a moisturizing flower lotion is applied to leave your silhouette back in shape.RESTORE Tropical Fruit Body Mask 50 min. papaya and pineapple, two very rich & hydrating fruits, will be smeared all over your body and left to promote sweat under a plastic sheet. Papain, will soften and revitalize the skin when absorbed. After washing off the fruit you will feel the results! Chardonnay Wrap 50 min. Inmerse yourself in this exquisite treatment and invigorate your senses. After Sun Body Treatment 50 min. Immediate relief for sensitive skin affected by ultra violet rays.
  • 8. SACRED MASKS AND WRAPSAromatic Herbal Bath 45 min.Traditional herbal therapeutic bath that helps cleanse and refresh withanti-inflammatory organic rosemary and lavender flowers. Ideal foreasing muscle pain and improving blood circulation. REGENERATETropical Bath 170 min.It offers properties that help to eliminate toxins. Additionally, thecombined usage of coconut with coconut oil, vanilla and citrus, createsand essence that will awaken the senses.Golden Flower 45 min.The flowers are chosen for their fragrance and rich colors. Savour thisluxurious cleaning experience and let yourself enter into a deep stateof relaxation and tranquility.
  • 9. PACKAGES Calm your Spirit 170 min.HIDROTHERAPY RITUAL 25 min. Facial.Spa, "salus per aquam", a traditional water ritual used by Hot stone Manicure and Pedicurethe Roman and Greek cultures, is based on alternating froma heat phase to a cool short phase, followed by relaxationand hydration. Prepare your body and relax your mind Just Arrived 80 min.through our Spa water ritual, which enhances the benefits Anacaona Scrubof the treatments. Experience the most revitalizing sensations Lymphatic Drainagethrough our guided Hydrotherapy routine. Pretty body and face 190 min.All rituals include a hydrotherapy ritual Slimming Wrap[40 a 60 minutos] REPLENISH Madala Litt Beauty salon service Start your hydrotherapy ritual with a revitalizing shower. Romantic 160 min. Detoxify your body with our herbal steam or dry Chardonay Wrap sauna. 25 min. Facial Paradisus Under Start Relax in our Jacuzzi. Finalize the ritual with a cool shower or cold plunge. For Gentlemen 170 min. Rest in between each session and help yourself to a refreshing beverage (fruit juice, tea or chlorophyll). Man Facial Yhi Combination Massage Revitalize your body and enjoy your spa treatment! Anti Callus Special for Brides 165 min. Manicure & Pedicure French 25 min. Facial Hair Style Make up
  • 10. HANDS AND FEET COLLECTION Eneryhi Manicure 60 min.BEAUTY SALON Eneryhi manicure and pedicure are our signature full hand and foot top treatments. In this service we are using our best signature collectionWash and blow dry short hair skin care products with relaxing yet invigorating spa technique to treat you to the extreme.Wash and blow dry long hairLadies cutHair Styling of Fiancee Eneryhi Pedicure 60 min.Highlights In this ritual we offer our best signature collection skin care productsCut Gentlemen to relax your feet. You start with an exfoliation and then a reflexologyChildrens Cut up to 10 years massage to offer vitality and rest. INVIGORATEShave of Beard and Upper LipMake up Spa Manicure 50 min.Color This deluxe citrus therapy is the ultimate restorative treatment forBraids hands. An intensive two-step exfoliation using a citric acid and parafin dip deeply hydrates and restores the skin to a more youthfulBeauty Salon Add-ons appearance. It is topped off with an essential oil infused, vitamin-enriched ceramide hand and arm massage, and perfect polish of the nails. Hands will be restored and radiant.ManicurePedicureNail color change Spa Pedicure 50 min.Intensive anti-calluses pedicure The ultimate in pedicures, a luxurious, marine-inspired treatment for the feet that features a four-step exfoliation process-beach sand,Depilations quartz, sea salt and alpha-hydroxy acid-followed by a rejuvenating marine-algae foot mask, and award-winning cucumber heel therapyEyebrows to revive dry, cracked heels. This pedicure culminates in a pamperingMoustache foot and calf massage, and perfect polish of the toe nails.UnderarmsHalf LegFull Leg Hydrating hand treatment (Parafin) 15 min.BackArms Ideal for dehydrated skin, this treatment starts with an exfoliation, followed by a moisturizing lotion hand massage that prepares your skin for the benefits of a thermal wrap. A complete therapy for tired hands that relaxes the mind and nurtures the skin. Hydrating foot treatment (Parafin) 15 min. Dry, tired feet are exfoliated and massaged, then covered with a hydrating foot mask to revive the skin. Thermal booties complete the soothing process for soft heels and toes.
  • 11. YHI MOVEMENT STUDIO Personalized one-on-one wellness programs specially designed to meet your mind and body goals. Our experienced personal trainers will assess your needs, develop custom exercise movement therapy and provide instruction in an individual or group session. One-on-one 25 min. One-on-one 50 min. Group Training 50 min. Abs / Pilates / Yoga / Spinning 25 min. Abs / Pilates / Yoga / Spinning 50 min. Pilates: low impact training system developed by German athlete Joseph Pilates, these exercises involve stretching and strengthening of bones and muscles. Spinning: high impact exercise that takes place on a stationary bicycle where the instructor varies the intensity of weight on the pedals while motivating music plays. Aqua Flex: combines exercises for legs, arms and waist underwater. Yoga: millenarian Hindu technique that combines stretching exercises to achieve well-being in body and mind.DETOX Batuka: dance aerobics class. Meditation: relaxation of mind and body using techniques to distance from the earth plane.
  • 12. H O W TO S PAWho will assist me with selecting a treatment? Where should I leave my jewels and valuables?Spa representatives are available to assist you with spa service Lockers are provided for your convenience; however the spa is Not responsibleselections, including the sequence of treatments. for lost or forgotten valuables.How to choose a therapist? What Important spa policies should I comply with?All therapists are highly trained professionals, who will do their Smoking, food, beverages, cellular phones and bare feet are not allowed insidebest to make your experience an unforgettable moment of wellness. the spa facilities. Spa guests must be 18 years of age or older.What kind of precautions should I take? What Is the cancellation policy?We recommend to taking your treatment after waiting 30 minutes after Please notify us 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time to avoidyour last meal. And will not be rendered to any guest under the influence of being charged 50% of the price of the service. However, appointments may bealcohol or drugs. Shaving prior to an exfoliation treatment and sunburnsprior to any Spa service should be avoided. rescheduled with a minimum of 4 hours prior notice, based on availability. What happens if I am late for an appointment?What If I have health Issues? Keep in mind that arriving late will simply limit the time of your treatment. If youPlease notify the Spa representative when booking your treatments if you arrive late, you will be asked to sign a service waiver stating that you agree tohave high blood pressure, allergies, physical disabilities, or are pregnant. accept the time remaining for your service. Depending on the length of your service, a late arrival may constitute a no-show, and a charge equal to the price of the service will be added to your account.How early do I need to check in for my scheduled appointment?Please check in at least 30 minutes before your appointment to allow timeto receive your locker assignment, change into your robe and slippers, How should I pay for my treatments and spa services?and unwind in the Spa relaxation area. we encourage you to arrive60 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment to enjoy our hydrotherapy Spa treatment may be charged to your room; pay in cash or credit card.ritual. Its mandatory the use of swimsuits. Advance reservations are suggested We encourage you to make spa appointments as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability of your preferred treatments and times. Please dial 8114 or visit the spa reception area.Should I wear undergarments for the treatment?Disposable undergarments will be provided for body treatmentsupon request.