Hong Kong PhD Fellowships 2015/2016


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Information on the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship. Applications may be lodged from Aug to Dec 2014.

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Hong Kong PhD Fellowships 2015/2016

  1. 1. Q THF. H()NG KONG Q A POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY §i% E I7<§ DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING innovohon technology products l(flOWl€dg€ . _ logistics HONG KONG 2015-I6 mclncigemenl engineering The Research Grants Council (RGC) of HKSAR will soon invite applications for the "Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme" 2015-16. Students from worldwide will be recruited to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong. The Scheme will support students selected through open competition. In addition to the monthly stipend of HK$20,000 (i. e. approximately US$2,500) and a travel allowance of HK$10,000 (i. e. approximately US$1,300) per year for a maximum of three years awarded by the RGC*, each awardee of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University will also enjoy a 3-year tuition scholarship. We invite you to apply for the Scheme and to join ‘These terms were offered by the RGC last year. For the latest information of the Scheme, please visit the RGC website https: //cerg1.ugc. edu. hk/ hkpfs/ index. htm/
  2. 2. About The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) PolyU is a government—funded university in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. We have the largest number of students among the eight govemment-funded institutions in Hong Kong, and have a long and proud history of providing internationally competitive and professionally oriented education. We conduct world-class research in a large number of areas and our research emphasises high application value. PolyU has been ranked 159"‘ in the "Q5 World University Rankings 2012/2013" and 25"‘ in the "Q5 Asian University Rankings 2013”. About the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering was founded in 1950's. We are a dynamic and multi-disciplinary Department very strong in applied research. Over the years. the profile of the Department has broadened its scope, and now covers both the industrial and the service sectors. We have a critical mass of academic staff members who are world-class researchers in the strategic research areas of the Depa rtment, and with the research activities supported by state-of-the-art research facilities and centres. These include the State key Laboratory of UItra—precision Machining, the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Centre, the Micro/ Nano Fabrication Laboratory, the Ng Tat Lun Digital Factory, and the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre. _"‘. hk/ centres/ index) The Department offers PhD research degree programmes in various areas. as in the list below. You are most welcome to approach the corresponding staff member for academic advice. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Ultra-precision machining technologies and optics manufacture Prof. W. B. Lee (tel: 852 2766 6594; email: wb. lee@po| yu. edu. hk) Prof. Benny Cheung (tel: 852 2766 7905; email: benny. cheung@polyu. edu. hk) Dr Sandy To (tel: 852 2766 6587; email: sandy. to@po| yu. edu. hk) Laser materials processing Prof. H. C. Man (tel: 852 2766 6629; email: hc. man@polyu. edu. hkl Prof. TM. Yue (tel: 852 2766 6601: email: tm. yue@polyu. edu. hk) Dr Monica Mahesh Savalani (tel: 852 3400 3190; email: monica. mahesh. sava| ani@po| yu. edu. hk) Materials technology Prof, H. C. Man (tel: 852 2766 6629; email: hc. man@po| yu. edu. hk) Prof. KC. Chan (tel: 852 2766 4981; email: kc. chan@po| yu. edu. hk) Prof. C. Y. Tang (tel: 852 2766 6608; email: cy. tang@po| yu. edu. hk) Prof. TM. Yue (tel: 852 2766 6601; email: tm. yue@polyu. edu. hk) Dr Gary Tsui (tel: 852 3400 3254; email: gary. c.p. tsui@polyu. edu. hk) Net shape forming and blanking, and process simulation Dr LC. Chan (tel: 852 2766 6634; email: |c. chan@po| yu. edu. hk) Electronic assembly technologies, functional materials, and LED technology Dr Winco K. C. Yung (tel: 852 2766 6599; email: wincokc. yung@polyu. edu. hk)
  3. 3. "Il' " Iiwi imii: r 1 ii‘ ‘ -‘in ii iii‘ llil‘l‘ Distribution requirements, enterprise resource planning and manufacturing information systems Dr W. H. lp (tel: 852 2766 6602; email: wh. ip: g:»polyu. edu. hk) Dr P. Ji (tel: 852 2766 6631; email: p. ji@polyu. edu. hk) Dr Eric W. K. See-To (tel: 852 3400 3002; email: eric. see-to: ;:iJ polyu. edu. hk) . |l Hi‘ “ ‘llll ~f I| ii. . tliili‘ ‘Ii Knowledge systems, organizational learning and intellectual capital management Prof. W. B. Lee (tel: 852 2766 6594; email: wb. |ee@po| yu. edu. hk) Knowledge portals, e-leaming, blended learning, collaboration tools and personal knowledge management Prof. Eric Tsui (tel: 852 2766 6609; email: eric. tsui-L; -_i‘vpolyu. edu. hk) Knowledge engineering and management, knowledge mining and business intelligence, Intellectual capital management, technology forecasting and roadmapping Prof. Benny Cheung (tel: 852 2766 7905; email: benny. cheung; ;iipolyu. edu. hk) Business intelligence and knowledge mining Dr Eric W. K. See-To (tel: 852 3400 3002; email: eric. see-to; 'c_iipolyu. edu. hk) . l'1|l'-I Ii MI‘ , . lliili ERP, virtual warehouses, e-logistics, lnfotronics and RFID applications Dr W. H. lp (tel: 852 2766 6602; email: wh. ip: jgupolyu. edu. hk) Logistics and supply chain management, distribution scheduling and optimization strategy Prof. Felix Chan (tel: 852 2766 6605; email: f. chan@poiyu. edu. hk) Dr Tommy KL Choy (tel: 852 2766 6597; email: kl. choy»: ‘z_1‘ipolyu. edu. hk) Dr C. Y. Chan (tel: 852 2766 4980; email: cy. chan@po| yu. edu. hk) Dr Nick S. H. Chung (tel: 852 3400 3790; email: nick. sh. chungi_'r_i: polyu. edu. hk) Green logistics, inventory management, demand forecasting, and sourcing decisions Dr Carman Lee (tel: 852 3400 3899; email: ckm. |ee: 'g': po| yu. edu. hk) vnl ijli nil‘ Iii Mechatronics and control, product innovation, intelligent product development and micro-injection and micro-fabrication Prof. KL. Yung (tel: 852 2766 6592; email: k| .yung@po| yu. edu. hk) New product development, product family design, integrating marketing, engineering and supply chain for product design, and modelling of customer satisfaction Dr CK Kwong (tel: 852 2766 6610; email: c. lckwong. :;z»polyu. edu. hk) Product lifecycle management, reverse engineering, rapid tooling, CAD/ CAE/ CAM, geometric modelling and design innovation Dr KM. Yu (tel: 852 2766 6603; email: km. yuu; a‘-polyu. edu. hk) Green product design and life cycle assessment, and green manufacturing Dr Winco K. C. Yung (tel: 852 2766 6599; email: wincokc. yung.3i~polyu. edu. hk) Healthcare product design, nanoparticle based biosensing technique and biosensor miniaturization, . _ Dr Roy W. C. Law (tel: 852 2766 6607; email: roy. |awi: z_i-polyu. edu. hk) C “ Design and Fabrication of microeiectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Dr C. H. Cheng (tel: 852 2766 6593; email: ching-hsiang. cheng: §=po| yu. edu. hk) Special forming equipment design and manufacture Dr LC. Chan (tel: 852 2766 6634; email: |c. chan~: c1'polyu. edu. hk) To discuss the possibility of pursuing a research topic not covered in the list (Q-:7i"i‘: " above, please contact the Departmental Research Committee Chairman, _ " Prof. T. M. Yue at tel. : (852) 2766 6601; email: tm. yue@po| yu. edu. hk ‘v.
  4. 4. » - R , , - o '-‘3.rc. .:3 13 is . . us We encourage you to apply for the Scheme and join our Department; simply make an initial application on-line through the electronic system in due course: i_ T 2 i Ii l . l . '. . I. l i .1. . The exact application schedule is to be announced by RGC, however, it is expected that the system will be open for applications in early September 2011:, and will close by early December 2014:. Enquiry: Miss iris Ko (email: iris. ko@polyu. edu. hk) Department's website: www. ise. po| yu. edu. hk (This leaflet is subject to review and change by Dept of ISE from time to time. ) . _~--1