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Graduation Handbook 2012

Graduation Handbook 2012



A graduation handbook produced by the M.Sc. in KM graduates at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012

A graduation handbook produced by the M.Sc. in KM graduates at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012



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  • Great ! This is our life-time memory. Thanks to our committee team who made it happen within 2 months. It is a gift to PolyU, to our honorable Professors, guests, to our fellow graduates and students.
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  • Thanks for Sharing! It has many happy memories for us students and this Handbook is our collective sense-making, it is also a good 'Practice' of KM!
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    Graduation Handbook 2012 Graduation Handbook 2012 Document Transcript

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    • 心 春 中 有 願 若 夏 百 朋 無 手 有 花夢 友 涼隨 煩 中 惱 書 風 秋心 晨動 有 事 望 冬 月 清 杯 聽 便 中心 逸 是 酒 雪隨 人夢 暮 間 節 錄求 有 自 : 好 宋 代 閑 禪 宗 時 無 門 悠 節 禪 師 3
    • Happy Moments 4
    • “I am very happy to witness graduates from our Master of Science program in Knowledge Manage-ment. This year, I am particularly glad to see more than 50 graduating; apart from local studentswe also have a lot from mainland China.There is a frequently asked question from people including our graduates “what is the applicationof Knowledge Management?” Actually, you are the best ones to answer as you have been exposedto various approaches, methods, tools, concepts and practices. Interestingly, depends on yourcontext and perception, the answer can be simple or complicated.Some of you may think knowledge management is to build a better system to store and captureknowledge in their organization. But if you think this is a very novel discipline, new, and curious tolearn what’s about it, congratulations!! It means you still have a curious mind and hungry to lookfor an answer.I think most of you have probably heard from Steve Job. His famous speech at Harvard Universityis to advise young graduates to “stay hungry, stay foolish”. If you stay hungry, you will have morecapacity for new learning. If we admit we were foolish, then we still have the drive not to disagreeothers so easily. These are very important mindsets to manage one’s knowledge, the knowledgeof organization and even the community at large.I always believe when we talk about Knowledge Management, we are not referring to informationmanagement. So the question boils down to “what is knowledge?” Operation-wise, we learn allthe things, and how to create, share, and apply “knowledge”. Here, knowledge is almost identicalto “information”. On the other hand, to understand what do we know is equivalent to understandourselves, our own mindset, and our own mental model.There are many ways to understand what is knowledge management as there are many ways tounderstand ourselves.Therefore, I wish you all a happy learning journey continuouslywhich never ends.Prof WB Lee(Converted by the Voluntary Organizing Committee from recording) ” 5
    • Happy Moments 6
    • “Following a quote for the producers and readers of Sharing:"Knowledge is a city, to the building of which every human being broughta stone." (Emerson)Congratulations to the graduates and best regards to the success of ”Sharing.Dr. Vincent Yeung“I am especially glad that most if not all of our students, are not just studying in our programs butin fact they are coming with a passion. They actively contribute, they actively share, and they ac-tively spread the words about KM raising awareness in the city and elsewhere. They show respectfor each other, and they continue to learn. I think we have a very cohesive learning group movingforward. In that way, everybody, not just the people here, but everybody will benefit.Looking into the future, I expect everybody to continue their learning and sharing. We meet regu-larly online and in person. Together we update each other, we bridge the theories and practices,and hopefully through all these activities we raise the awareness about KM to more and morepeople, then the momentum will get pickup even further. I’d like to see much more thrivingefforts in the near future.We believe, we try, we work together, we collaborate, and we will succeed.Prof Eric Tsui(Converted into writing from recordingby the Voluntary Organizing Committee) ” 7
    • 尋 思達 恒 豪 哲 世 毅 冀 輝 闖謙 博 學 情 辯 盼 慎 蓋 德勉 躬 津 眾 盡 誰 滙 邁 懶互 繹 廣 敬 知 識 管 理 守窗 遠 揚 交 貫 凝 高 勝 會寒 宏 顧 同 能 低 理 雅 負日 圖 儕 方 思 賢 在 大 事今 嗚 齊 端 雲 朝 他 剛 潔力 敢 穩 論 真 實 冠 趣 啓 草草不工,望勿見笑 8
    • “Dear Graduates, Students, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my great pleasure to join the graduation dinner of the Mas-ter of Science in Knowledge Management (MSc in KM) programme inPolyU. This year, we visualize another cohort year of 51 studentsgraduated from this progamme. Congratulations to everyone who has devoted excellent effort intheir studies and has achieved such important accomplishment. I would also like to express my sin-cerely thanks to the organizer of this graduation dinner. The MSc in KM programme was launched in 2004. At that time, the general public has arelatively low level of awareness regarding Knowledge Management (KM). In the last few years,we gradually observed a change in our society. More and more companies from various industriesstarted to work on KM. It is also good to see more KM practitioners in HK nowadays. On the otherhand, the MSc in KM programme has also undergone its evolution of change from HKCyberUmode of delivery to the mixed mode of delivery, which was introduced in last year. It is also en-couraging to notice a significant increase in the number of non-local students. Up to now, the MSc in KM programme has produced more than two hundred KM graduatesand professionals who are contributing their knowledge to various industries including the Govern-ment, Manufacturing Industries, Education Sector, Social Service Sector, Healthcare, Business andFinance, Construction, etc. I am also pleased to see that there is a strong sense of belonging amongthe current students and an excellent alumni network established among the graduates. This is welldemonstrated by the successful establishment of different self-organizing communities such asK4fun, etc. These communities are growing even bigger and bigger and are evolving with high sus-tainability. Our graduates do demonstrate a good show case of making KM as their professional interestand lifelong business with fun in their daily life. Their spirit and effort put in promoting and practic-ing KM is highly acclaimed. As one of the faculty staff who teaches in this programme, I really en-joy my teaching and time in this programme which provides me valuable teaching and learning ex-perience. I proud of your accomplishment and achievement in your studies and professional devel-opment in KM. I wish you every success for your future endeavors. ”Yours sincerely,Prof. Benny CheungProfessor and Associate DirectorKnowledge Management and Innovation Research CentreDepartment of Industrial and Systems EngineeringThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University 9
    • Happy Moments 10
    • 我並不是 KM 學生,但由 Donna 決定修讀 KM 那一天開Looking back the past one year I spent in KM, it is really one of 始,我與 KM 便結下「不解之緣」....the most meaningful and unforgettable memory in my life. Notonly for the knowledge I got in this programme, but also for thepeople I met in this family. 雖然直至現在我仍然不理解 KM 究竟是什麼東西,為何In the course project, we build up team and work hard together. 「知識」需要「管理」,但參與幾次有關 KM 的活動We discuss, argue and help with each other. We are excited (knowledge cafe, dialogue)後,我開始體會到 KM 的精神about each new idea and every improvement we get. On the 是「Sharing」。原來分享自己的知識,經驗以及看法,有Google+ platform, we build up circle and share knowledge to-gether. We post articles, give comments and discuss with each 可能會為其他人帶來新的知識,亦有可能幫助我們解決工other. We obtain more information and understand the 作甚至生活上的困難!去年謝師宴上,各畢業同學分享感knowledge deeper. 受時都說修讀 KM 後令他們的思維以及對事情的看法有所I am thankful for the Pro- 改變,而我亦因為「遇上」KM 後令我更樂於與別人分享 -fessors I met in KM who 分享我的知識,分享我以往的經驗以及分享我對事情的看teach me the knowledge 法。and guide me to study ina better way. I am thank-ful for the classmates I 多謝 KM 令我改變對「分享」had in KM who accompa- 的看法,我更多謝 KM 讓我認ny me and keep me 識了一班可愛的 KM buddies!strong in difficulties. I am 雖然我們大多數的聚會都是吃thankful for the time Ispent in KM which makes 喝玩樂,但仍感激他們樂於和me grow up and be more 我分享他們的知識和經驗,令confident in future. 我深深體會到 KM 精神!Cheers for this great family, for every KM member and for ourfriendship lasting forever! Natalie Wong Crystal DuWhen sharing becomes a habitAs I graduate, sharing is the most cherished concept I gained. I had often been so wrapped upin the daily business that I missed opportunities to share. I found easy excuses that not be-cause I am selfish people but life gets so hectic and it can seem awkward or unnatural to reachout to another and share. This is a shame because it built fences that kept me away from myfamilies, colleagues, friends, communities and the world.George Bernard Shaw once said: “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchangeapples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an ideaand we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas”. This is very true…To help myself remember to share, I started three years ago to make a point of finding onething a day to share. Anything from simple; say offering an umbrella to a friend walking withme under the sun, to beyond material things by sharing thoughts and feelings with others, andlisten to theirs as well. The more I share, the easier it becomes and it starts to feel more naturaland less like an intrusion or invasion.Slowly, sharing becomes a habit of mine and it helps let go of my ego and suspicion, allows me to come to my senses and comedown to my fences. More importantly, it develops good feelings when I have shared with somebody. As I become more com-fortable with sharing, perhaps I can look for ways to share that I might not have considered before…Now I believe sharing is having a portion of something with others so we can pass them along to the next generation. Sharinggives me a warmest feeling like hugging…you have me in your arms and I have you in mine…Donna Tse 11
    • Happy Moments 12
    • Dear KMIRC Professors My dear professors and classmates, I am very happy to come to Hong Kong and knowThe well-structured program has offered me val- all of you!uable opportunities to learn more about After one year’s full-time KM Study, I not only gainKnowledge Management, and your approachesto stimulate my interest and participation of re- lots of valuable tacit knowledge, but we togetherflective learning were memorable. The program form our own KM Community and I believe ouris definitely a good investment and valuable as- beautiful friendship will benefit us for a life time!set for my personal and career development. Iwould like to express my sincere thank you for Collaboration is the beauty of KM! So I wish weyour effort and mentor on my studying through- can keep collaborating with each other and com-out the MscKM courses and get successfully municating about our work, life, beliefs, experi-graduated. I really learn and gain wonderful ex- ence any anything interesting happened……perience from the courses, and will listen toyour teachings to practice what I have learned, The more we share,and to reflect what I have practiced, learning the more we can learn;how to learn. I am proud of be- then innovation willing an MscKM student from become our friends!Year 2009 to Year 2011, and willhighly recommend the program At last, please acceptto everyone I know. my best wishes to all of you!Thanks and Best Regards! Graduation is just the beginning for our next life! Come On!David Xu Dong Autumn LINMscKM Graduate of Year 2011 Email: haiqiulin930@gmail.com知識便是力量這一句名言其實要修正,應該是懂 Group projects! It has been the best and most challenging experience I had. Thanks to all my得運用知識和智慧才能發揮力量,雖然知識無處 hardworking professors (Smiley). My team不在,但要能把它發掘、收集、和內化成為自己 went through laughter and tears accompanied by constructive criticisms, disagreements and的知識,再具體化顯示出來,便需要利用不同的 sleepless nights. The best part is, whatever the技巧、方法及有系統分類的管理它,把它精簡 outcome is, we always tap each other’s backs for a job well done. It may not be best practic-化。因此, 很難套用任何標準來定義〔知識管 es, but definitely some lessons learnt.理〕,而且〔知識〕本身是不斷更新轉變的。雖然〔知識管理〕能應用 Thanks to all the professors who gave us the opportunity to learn with them. Congratula-的層面是很廣泛和能使 tions to all my fellow graduates!某方面有所增值,若人 Jhoanna Daria的心智處於固步自封,墨守成規而不想改變,便不能配合〔知識管理〕及發揮它的效能。 Alva Ho 13
    • Happy Moments 14
    • I was introduced to Knowledge Management the first timeback to 1999 by leading an EDMS project, then followed bynumbers of projects such as building intranet, knowledge 蔡琳琳portal infrastructure design and implementation, CBT sys-tem design and management, etc. Although each of theseprojects was only tiny little piece of the big KM puzzle, I was 加入 KM 的这个大家庭真是一件非常幸运already fascinated! 的事情。精彩丰富的课程让我领略着知识 世界的精彩纷呈,耐心博学的教授让我充Enrolled to the MScKM program made my 满了吸取知识的热情,热心真诚的同学让eyes wide opened and understood what Ihave known about Knowledge Management 我在交流中体验着知识流动的快乐。感谢was just the tip of an iceberg! I felt lucky not KM, 感谢有你~only because PolyU has the leading experts inthis area, but I also felt deeply honored tohave the opportunity to meet many nice,helpful and supportive classmates. Learn-ing could not be that interesting and funwithout them!I would like to take this opportunity to sa-lute them – the professors, the instructors,my classmates and friends – for their tire-less efforts, care and supports!TAM, Kin Wing (Ken) Email: Consultant.Ken@gmail.com 2010 年初,遇到一個很有學問的客戶,在我介紹我公司研發的一套智能軟件的時候,這位客戶問我,這是 AI 還是 KM? OMG ! 甚麼叫 KM?就這樣,踏足了這個學習 KM 的旅程。 在這之前,我還上了一個 Certified Knowledge Professional 的短課程,被這個既好聽又虛榮的課程名字觸動了我。在這個 CKP 的 課程裡,碰上了 Prof Lee, Prof Tsui, 還有其他部門裡的同事,特別是 Prof Tsui 的平易近人但又不平凡的魅力,燃起了我再次投入 學習的衝動。在過去 30 年的工作經歷裡,特別是我離不開做開荒牛的宿命,碰到大大小小各種各樣不同的問題和困難,作為一 個所謂的管理者,實際上甚麼都不懂,都是依賴員工的能力、智慧、經驗、協同和團隊精神來操作整個團隊、機構和業務,到 最後,我的成功是有賴於過去員工所賦予的。大家一起一邊做,一邊學,形成了自己的一個管理風格和理念,而這個理念,跟 KM 非常的配合,所以,產生了一個很好的共鳴。我過去的經歷,也驗證了 KM 在實際商業環境下能發揮的效果。 這一年,遲掉了工作專心讀書,換來了辛苦卻又無窮的樂趣,原先沒想會完成的 MScKM 課程,不 知不覺間就完成了,而且還有點意猶未盡的感覺。因為,在這學習過程裡,又讓我產生了新的疑問 和觀點,也許,這就是學海無涯吧。感謝身邊的同學,讓我又重溫了年輕時候的一點幹勁和衝動, 借這裡,真的要說一聲對不起,做 projects 的時候,他們都讓我給 drive 瘋了。慶幸的是,當這個辛 苦的時間過去之後,大家都能找到一份認同感和共鳴,謝謝各位合作過的同學給我這個機會和容 忍。沒有合作過的同學,雖然沒有一起做過作業,但多少都有在我們的 forum 或 PLE&N 交過手,也 都是一個緣份。這一點一點,都紀錄在我的人生路上,謝謝各位老師,同學和校友。這個很可能是 我這輩子最後的一個正式課程,有你們的陪伴,知願足矣!無憾、無憾! 祝願大家也找到心中所想的,在這個 KM 的平台上,把 KM 融合到工作及生活裡,發光、發亮! KFC (MScKM 白頭佬) 15
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    • “One of most important aspects of taking the MSc. KM course was I managed to unlearn a lot of things, includingmost of the KM subjects, but still managed to improve myself and moveahead. Somehow I believed I took this courseat the right time of my life…”Kevin Hau2011 MSc. KM graduateMy Feeling & Thoughts about MScKM/KM by Maria LeungMScKM is a good Graduate Program that provides concepts, methods and ideas in managing knowledge in the 21 st century. Ilearnt the Knowledge Management (KM) process - to acquire, store, retrieve, share, transfer, re-use and re-create, as well asthe value of KM for individuals, organizations and communities. The program is desirable for business men, working profes-sionals to refresh and revitalize to meet for new challenges under this digitalknowledge economy. During the study, I have encountered many difficulties whenworking on projects, assignments and preparing for exams. Yet I enjoyed the learn-ing process. From the program I not only learnt new knowledge, but also got toknow many new classmates and KM experts from local, mainland China and over-seas. I even met a classmate from my Undergraduate Program - What a Coinci-dence!The professors and lecturers like Prof. Eric Tsui, Dr. Benny Cheung, Prof. Eng Chewand Prof. W.B. Lee are all enthusiastic in KM. They have led by example to sharetheir knowledge with us to facilitate knowledge transfer, re-use and re-create. Oneperson that impressed me most is Prof. Eric Tsui. He is always helpful and givesquick response to my questions. Very often he shared information on upcomingKM events, new KM postings and updates on his new learning experience in KM. His passion and devotion in driving KM inHong Kong and Asia Pacific have strong influence on me. His perseverance in motivating us for continuous exploration in KMis being noted and treasured. I wish I can be like him - to apply what I learn in KM to help individuals and organizations to sus-tain and grow in this challenging environment. I am a keen learner that enjoys learning and sharing to widen my horizon. I be- lieve everyone can be a teacher of me. After taking the MScKM program, my learning desire is strengthened. I will not only attend talks and courses in Hong Kong, if possible, I will also join seminars and programs that are held overseas. Besides the KM program has largely enhanced my IT knowledge. Now I can be able to use various IT tools for research, document management, communication and e-learning. I can also adopt social media like Facebook, Google+, PLEN for knowledge dissemination, acquisition, sharing and transfer. As a non-IT person, I have made a big step forward. With my effort and team work, I can eventually graduate from the MSCKM pro- gram. Be able to complete the program is not the end of the KM journey. In fact Iam just like a child learning to walk in the KM road. I will start another KM exploration by “fitting” KMin my personal life and at work. Where will this road lead me to? I don’t know. I keep asking myself“How can people be benefited from KM?” It is the purpose I am pursuing for in my KM journey.MScKM is a highly recommended program for anybody who would like to bring out the value of theknowledge they possess. For all the hardworking, dedicating professors, lectures, facilitators of theMScKM program, I have a message to them from the bottom of my heart: Please ALWAYS take care ofyour health! As we know that “Be Healthy” is the foundation for anyone to lead any further growthand advancement in KM. For the fellow classmates, I would like to meet you again for learning, shar-ing and growing together in KM.Sincerely Wishing Everyone Joy, Accomplishment and Abundance in your continuous KM exploration! 17
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    • 回想起六年前,我只是一個為讀書而讀書的書呆子,跟其他同學一樣,目標只是一個大學學位。在隨意下,修讀了一個不怎了解的工業系統工程系。大家其實都不太明白這個學位的專業之處,也不知道將來自己可以找到什麼的工作類型。在升大學三年級時,找 FYP 時魚翁撒網式找project,最尾找到 Prof Tsui 同 Cherie Lui。多謝他們一路帶領小弟完成大學; 多謝他們給小弟畢業後的一個工作機會;多謝他們跟 Teresa Liew 教懂我一些工作上的知識;也多謝他們帶領我來到 MScKM 這個大家庭;以及多謝他們讓我認識到這一班同學朋友。大學畢業後這三年我覺得非常有意義。無論參加 KMRC 舉辦的活動,還是在課餘時間跟這班同學朋友的活動,我都獲益良多。 雖然我工作上己經離開了 KMRC,但我的精神長留於此。這個地方帶給我的是永不完盡。我也希望每位同學朋友也可以在這個地方找到他們想要的知識、智慧。Please call me啊 康时间过得真快,一转眼一年的学习时间已经结束了。第一次看到“知识管理”这个名词,是在入学申请时,对这个名词感觉既有些理解又那么陌生。尽管是凭着直觉报读了这个专业,但是今天我很庆幸自己当时的选择,收获颇多。这一年对知识管理有了一点自己的理解和感触。我觉得知识管理是企业必须的管理过程,融入到企业的每一个业务单元,知识无处不在,知识也无所不能,知识管理其实一直在被实践着,不论企业规模如何,每个企业每天都或多或少的在进行着知识管理的工作(比如最普通的档案管理、通讯录整理等等其实都是一种知识管理)。同时知识管理也是一种时尚,它代表着企业管理的一种趋势和先进理念,是提升企业效率的必经之路,尽管现在率先由少数企业尝试、但不久的将来这一管理理念必将为社会大众所崇尚和仿效。在这一年的学习中自己也有很多难忘的体验。每一科最有幸福感的日子就是结束考试的那一天,最有成就感的就是完成了各种 assignment 和report,最紧张的就是站在投影幕前进行 presentation 的那一刻,最开心的就是小组讨论时的头脑风暴过程,呵呵,不知道大家会不会有同感。毫无疑问,这一年中我们最需要感激的是我们的老师,真的非常非常辛苦,让我们深刻的体会到了师恩的无私,这种感激真不知该用什么样的文字来表述。当然也非常庆幸能够有缘结识这么多的同学,相信这些缘分也是可遇不可求的。祝福最最亲爱的老师和同学们在未来的日子里能够有更多的收获和幸福。ZhuLi 19
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    • Once upon a time...In 2006, we embarked the journey of Msc KM. I still remember the memories from first day lesson in ISE 543with Prof. Tsui, Desmond and I got to know our new KM buddies such as Danny, Teresa, TS, and many more.What we didnt know at that point was later we grew from a small group of KM students to 71 members com-munity called k4fun.During the 2 years on KM program, we had numerous opportunities to attend lessons from Prof. Lee, Prof. Tsui,Dr. Benny Cheung and other professors. The program also provided virtual and face-to-face platforms for us toexchange our KM ideas by conducting projects, discussions, and gatherings. Our friendship grew stronger andstronger and we all want to make an effort to stay together because every time we hanged out we enjoyed eachothers company.One day, we had the idea of forming a group during end 2008. We brainstormed the name to balance the factthat we didnt want the group to become too formal but wanted to keep the essence of KM. So we combined"knowledge" (the continuous learnings and exchange of ideas) and "fun" (the gatherings with fun, food andgreat friends) and agreed the name as "k4fun". We set up a website (Thanks to Anthony) in Jan 2009 - http://www.k4fun.anacel.com/ - and we started group blogging. You can still access it now as it is opened for public.The group basically meets once a month at a dinner venue to share on interesting topics or learnings from re-cent workshops. We also went to Macau, Ocean Park, Lamma Island, coffee tasting, count down on 12/31, hotpots/house visits at k4funers sweet home, etc. You may refer to the "minutes" category for the previous gath-erings and photos. At that time, we had a group of 15-16 friends.One day, someone brought up a great idea to migrate our group to facebook so k4fun group at facebook wasset up. It had accelerated the growth of k4funers as it was easier to refer a newcomer to join the group in FB.As of today, there are 71 members in the group. During different phases of the development, different mem-bers (old or new, current or past graduates) contributed to make the group grow bigger and bigger. We want tosay thank you to you all for those ofyou who contributed in the discus-sions, sharings, introducing the com-munity to your friends, and to helporganizing events.Our signature event is the annual grad-uation dinner. Every year, I had thefear that this may be the last gradua-tion dinner as we have no idea wheth-er there would be anyone to chair theorganization of the event for next year.We are very grateful and happy thatthis year is the 4th consecutive year.KF has taken up the challenge to or-ganize the event and demonstratedexcellent leadership with the seamlessdiligent contributions from the team ofDonna, Hong, Autumn, Ken, and Annie.The team had added new elements inthe event, the well structure website,special publication, and more - we are looking forward to an enjoyable night with all of you. This year, the par-ticipants number had been increased greatly - credits to the great achievements of the team. I dare say thisyear is the best in organization and utilization of KM concepts. We are proud of you!k4fun has been growing from 15-16 in size to 71 members. The dynamics are constantly changing. What havenot changed is our strong desire and determination to be together and accompany each other along the way infuture. I can assure you the sweet memories will not end here.Blessings from all of us to this years graduates. We wish you all the best wherever you are, and please stay con-nected!Jennyon behalf of k4fun early friends(Alva, Amy, Anthony, Candy, Cherie, Danny, Desmond, Henry, Joe, Katy, Lolitta, Paul, Teresa, TS) 22
    • Days after days, years after years, the wisdom of human being pass from one generation tothe next, shared between parents and kids, friends and peers, professors and students, ... Followingtradition in our MScKM program, we continue to organize this 4th annual graduation dinner in 2012,just like passing the Olympic torch from one year to the next. KM is like the fire on the torch, and wecarry the stories from the past to this year, and onto the next. Being involved in this Voluntary Organ-izing Committee, we feel honored to be one of the torchbearers, and so is every one of you witnessedby your participation.Bearing this very meaningful mission, and with the support from our fellowcoursemates with their participation, each one of us in the committee would sayyes, we have the passion, and we will make it happen, even though we found a lotof unexpected hard works in due course. We cant express how great it is to still have an opportunity to Ken meet the old friends after the course is finished, and we hope such opportunity will carry on and on, and forever. It is a reunion, a re-engagement, and a reminder of our journey together. We look forward to be one of the participants next year, and the next to come. We look forward that this be a culture of MScKM year after year, and become a MScKM spirit. By getting together, we have a common belief. We believe we practice KM together. Autumn We believe in collaboration, between different ages, different backgrounds, differentindustries, or even different countries. We believe we can break obstacles between people. We be-lieve together we can promote KM in our lives, in our works, and in our society. We believe togetherwe can sustain the culture of MScKM to the future, and lets keep this as our vision.This year we had done something a little bit different. We employ Google Sites &other technologies as our collaboration tools during our preparations, which willremain for next year like a repository. Last but not least, on behalf of all graduates, we wish to express Hong our sincere appreciation to our honorable professors who guided us in this KM journey. The committee also wishes to express our thanks to those who had contributed their words and photos and made this publication a success. Thanks to all friends and coursemates who join us in this once-a-year reunion dinner. Thanks to those coursemates who cannot join but still make their presence by contributing their words in our publication. Thanks to all of you who has made Donna this whole event an unforgettable memory for all of us. KF Annie Kevin Jessica 23 23
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