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  1. 1. ElasticPath 6.1.2eCommerce PlatformDecember 2009
  2. 2. Introduction ElasticPath is an enterprise level eCommerce platform based on open source softwares Velocity for the view DWR for Ajax OpenJPA for persistence Spring container for inversion of control Spring MVC and Spring Security Solr for the search engine Eclipse RCP for the admin interfaces Suns Core Web Services technologies 2
  3. 3. Clients
  4. 4. Advantages Robust and scalable Java solution All source code provided, no vendor lock-in Based on well known open sources: Spring, Open JPA, Solr Complete and up to date documentation More than 2000 unit tests provided that facilitate the adoption of test driven development Admin interface based on Eclipse RCP that enables customer service center representative and store administrators to perform their functions faster than a web interface Complete customer service center module Warehouse management module Flexible management of multiples sites and multiples warehouses Personalization and targeted selling (new in version 6.1.2)
  5. 5. Limitations No free version, need to paid for the licenses No content management system No publication mechanism (this should be partially corrected in version 6.2) Administration interface is in English only User segmentation very limited
  6. 6. Architecture
  7. 7. Deployment
  8. 8. Deployment Web Server Microsoft IIS Apache Application Server BEA WebLogic 9.2+ IBM Websphere 6.1+ JBoss 4.2+ and Apache Tomcat 5.5+ Database Oracle 10g & 11g Microsoft SQL Server 2005+ MySQL 5.0+
  9. 9. Features - Customer service center Modify client personal information, addresses and credit cards Reset customer password See a client orders and modify an order Create order on the behalf of the customer Audit trail of all actions on an order Audit trail of all payment gateway activities Returns and exchanges management
  10. 10. Features – Promotions Two types of promotions: Product catalogue : Simples promotions on products or group of products that apply to all users Shopping cart : Used to give a promotion depending on the content of the shopping cart or the profile of the user (limited) Start and end time of promotions and limit on number of uses. Multiple use coupon associated with any promotion (no single use coupon) Gift certificates (by email only)
  11. 11. Features – Dynamic content
  12. 12. Multiple catalogues, stores and warehouses
  13. 13. Features – Catalogue management Share catalogue between multiple stores Product in multiple categories Complete control on SKU (price, image etc…) Configurable SKU selector Image engine for resize images Merchandizing Cross-Sells, Up-Sells, Accessories, Warranties and replacement items Top selling products Optional inventory management Custom category types and product types
  14. 14. Features – Others Warehouse picklists and packing slips Configurable shipping service level and shipping regions Flexible taxes management SEO friendly Reporting using BIRT Web services interface Import/export tool and CSV import wizard Role-based granular security
  15. 15. Demo 15