Curran & Connors Advertising Brochure


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Curran & Connors Advertising Brochure

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Curran & Connors Advertising Brochure

  1. 1. Connect with your audience. Curran & Connors, Inc. :: Targeting a Specific Audience Through Advertising & Marketing
  2. 2. 00:00:07 00:00:08 00:00:09 00:00:10 You have a split second to make a connection. Does your message reach the decision makers? The people you need to reach—those who make decisions on purchasing products or services, investing funds in public companies or writing donation checks— are not easy to connect with. It takes a persuasively creative advertising & marketing program with a compelling message and distinctive graphics aimed with precision at a specific audience. That’s how Curran & Connors helps you connect.
  3. 3. Curran & Connors connects the creative Our Areas of Focus resources of a national firm with the know-how and personal service of a smaller local agency. Business-to-Business We create integrated advertising & marketing programs We create strategically targeted advertising targeted to reach business decision makers, communicating on an intellectual level that they can relate to. Our principal campaigns, develop powerful messaging strengths are the conceptualization of audience-specific advertising campaigns, development of efficiently and design sophisticated communication targeted media plans and design of distinctive communication materials. materials. In addition, we are adept at Financial Services working within constrained budgets. A long-established capability of Curran & Connors is the development of communication materials that appeal to the unique mindset of financial sector executives, buyers of financial services, investment professionals and investors. We offer: Whether our client is an investment bank announcing a •    dvertising A campaign creation deal, an insurance company launching a new product or a public company seeking to enhance its brand, we develop •    edia M targeting and buying targeted advertising programs and communications •    rand B identity communication literature that sets them apart from their peers. •    arketing M and outreach support Community Outreach •    nternet I and interactive development For rural or metropolitan area businesses, medical facilities, education providers, cultural entities and local non-profit organizations, we develop community-centric outreach programs that can effectively target key constituents while working within a more limited budget. From awareness- building advertising to direct mail appeals, we develop and implement comprehensive community outreach programs.
  4. 4. Precise Planning Business-to-Business HUB International connects its national advertising campaign with business customers in all 50 states and Canada through localized media programs and an online advertising tool that allows its 250 sales offices to personalize every ad. Restaurants—Toronto Personal Insurance—Chicago Real Estate—New York
  5. 5. Audience Targeting Financial Services Alliance Bernstein connected the primary decision makers at large pension plans with its new pension management solution through a targeted campaign of print and online advertising. Customized Retirement Solutions Campaign
  6. 6. Integrated Marketing Financial Services Rodman & Renshaw connected its brand with CEOs of growth companies with IPO aspirations through an integrated advertising & marketing program. Product Launch Advertisement Tombstone Advertisement
  7. 7. Cohesive Approach Community Outreach Sound Shore Medical Center connected the community of South Westchester with its diverse roster of health services and need for financial support through outreach program materials that spoke with a unified voice. Advertisement for Cardiac Care Brochure for Diabetes Program Gala Event Journal Web Site
  8. 8. Our Selection of Services Advertising Campaign Creation From messaging strategy and concept creation to copy development and layout design, we produce print and interactive advertising that creates interest and communicates effectively with specific audiences. Media Targeting and Buying From audience identification and prioritization to media planning and purchase negotiation, we develop and implement cost-efficient media buys to reach precisely targeted audiences. Brand Identity Communication From positioning refinement and tag line creation to logo design and graphic standards development, we translate branding strategies into verbal and visual brand identity components that work. Over the past four decades, Curran & Connors has evolved Marketing and Outreach Support beyond its core capability—annual report design and From corporate capabilities brochures and sales literature production—to meet the challenges of a continually to gala invitations and donor solicitations, we design and changing corporate environment. Our ongoing evolution produce the printed communication elements needed to translates into greater creative capacity, enhanced design implement marketing and outreach programs effectively. capabilities, cutting-edge technology and better service for you. With design studios in New York, Florida, California Internet and Interactive Development and Chicago, and offices in 16 locations across the country, From banner ads and Web-site design to electronic media we offer an intelligent business approach combined with presentations and e-card blasts, we create cost-effective, the creative talent and local market knowledge to help user-friendly interactive communication tools. you connect with your audience.