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Great white sharks project
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Great white sharks project


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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  • 1. Eric Rivera 1/24/12
  • 2. *Title*Link*Scientific Name Of Animal*Range and habitat*Diet*Physical description*Breeding info*Speacial features*Weird info*conclusion
  • 3. The scientific name of the great white sharkis carcharadon also known as the great white,white pointer, white shark, or white death.
  • 4. *Great white sharks live in almost allcoastal and offshore watersbeetween 12 and 24 °C*Great white sharks have migratedacross the world*There destination is still unknown*great whites can dive down (3,000ft)
  • 5. *Great white sharks need much fishfor there diet they eat seal, sea otter, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, sealions and much more healthy seafood
  • 6. *The Great White Sharks bottom is white and its top can be gray, slate brown or blue black.*The great white shark has 2/3 the brain working on detecting smell.*With 3,000 teeth it can be easy to catch its prey.*The great white has a sixth sence very small electrical charges.*Weight’s up to 5,000 pounds and grows up to
  • 7.  White sharks display oophagy White sharks are 120-150 cm long It may take about 18 months with female breeding
  • 8. *Extremely sensitive sense ofsmell*Strong Striking death blows*Many rows of razor sharp teeth*Largest great white shark onrecord measured 21 ft long
  • 9.  Shark Attacks on humans are not an appropriate prey because there digestion is to slow for human bones. The great whites attack vary viscously and even will wait for there prey to suffer befor being consumed Great white sharks are the only sharks that put there heads above waterMany shark attacks have happened even on boats.
  • 10.  Great white sharks have a great sense of smell, and can adapt to all sorts of environment. Great white sharks are killing machines they get a vary good diet in and are very skilled and fast or muscular. What ever you do don’t come in contact with a great white. Great white sharks can migrate vary far and don’t usually go to close to shore lines but have been known to get close. Becarfull with a ferious great white because your life can be on the line.