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  • 1. Penguin Review Mrs. Briggs Grade 2
  • 2. Penguin Review
    • Penguins live in cold places, like Antarctica .
  • 3. Penguin Review
    • A group of penguins is called a rookery.
    • A group of penguin chicks is called a kindergarten.
  • 4. Penguin Review
    • Some penguins use pebbles to build a nest.
  • 5. Penguin Review
    • Some penguins do not lay eggs in a nest. Instead, they carry them on their feet.
  • 6. Penguin Review
    • Both the mother and father penguins can watch the eggs. Sometimes, only the father watches the eggs.
  • 7. Penguin Review
    • When a Little Blue penguin is born, they have gray feathers.
  • 8. Penguin Review
    • Penguins can not fly.
    • Penguins are great swimmers.
  • 9. Penguin Review
    • Penguins use their wings for swimming.
  • 10. Penguin Review
    • When a penguin jumps in and out of the water to get air, that is called porposing.
    • This is also a way to avoid their predators, such as the leopard seal.
  • 11. Penguin Review
    • Penguins like to eat squid and krill.
  • 12. Penguin Review
    • Penguins cannot move fast on land. They slide on their bellies to move quickly. That is called toboganning.
  • 13. Penguin Review
    • Penguins ruffle their feathers and pant like dogs when they are hot.
  • 14. Penguin Review
    • Penguins have a layer of fat to keep them warm.
  • 15. Penguin Review
    • When a Gentoo male wants to mate, it gives a pebble to the Gentoo female.
  • 16. Penguin Review
    • Some penguins, like Gentoos, can be aggressive and steal pebbles from other’s nest.