19.2 china limits european contacts


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19.2 china limits european contacts

  1. 1. China Limits European Contacts Chp 19.2 By Madeleine, Antony, Antonio and Grace
  2. 2. Essential Questions • How did the Ming dynasty and the Qing Dynasty affect Chinas society? • How did the Dynasty's limited trade with Europe affect how everyday life was for them? ak
  3. 3. Vocabulary/Key People • Ming Dynasty-China became the main power in Asia (1368- 1644) • Hongwus- Peasnts son who wanted the rebel army that drove the Mongols out of china. (1368-1398) • Yonglo- Hongwus son, he followed in his fathers commands and moved the royal court to Beijing. (1398-TBD) • Zheng He- He was a Chinese Muslim who led all of the seven voyages. • Manchu's- Invaders who were from the northeast great wall of china and took over them. • Qing Dynasty- A Chinese name for their dynasty • Kangxi-Emperor in 1661-1772 who ruled approximately 60 years.
  4. 4. China Under The Powerful Ming Dynasty Hongwu became first Chinese emperor by driving out the Mongols His goals were to restore farming industry, Erase all traces of Mongols that passed, and try to gain Chinas power By increasing the farming industry they grew rice, cotton and sugar cane, and as well as raise fish. Later on he became paranoid and killed thousands of officials who were innocent g
  5. 5. China Under The Powerful Ming Dynasty (continued) • Yonglo was Hong Wu’s son who followed his fathers steps • Moved the royal court to Beijing which led to be Chinas capital today • He hoped that he would impress the whole world with his voyages • Zheng led all the voyages from Southeast Asia to Eastern Africa • 300 ships sailed on each expedition and on some, 27,000 people belonged to the crew • The majority of the people were soldiers, sailors, carpenters, doctors, and religious leaders a
  6. 6. Manchus Found the Qing Dynasty • Manchus invaded China and caused the downfall of the Ming Dynasty • The Qing Dynasty emerged and ruled more than 260 years and expanded borders to Taiwan, central Asia, Mongolia, and Tibet • Kangxi became emperor in 1661, he lowered the taxes and reduced government expenses • Kangxi got support by offering the people government positions g
  7. 7. Manchus Found the Qing Dynasty (continued) • China had rules for trade such as paying tribute and trading at special ports. • The Dutch were already masters of the Indian Ocean trade, they accepted and understood China’s trade restrictions. To earn China’s respect, the Dutch preformed “kowtow” which involved kneeling in front of the emperor and touching their head to the ground nine times. • This lead to the Chinese accepting Dutch traders and their goods. a
  8. 8. Manchus Found the Qing Dynasty (continued) • In 1793 great Britain wanted to become trade partners with China but they didn’t agree with China’s trade policies. • King George the III sent a letter trying to compromise with China • China rejected king George’s compromise • China stayed mostly isolated over the years not trading with other countries ak
  9. 9. Life in the Ming and Qing dynasty • Most Chinese families had farmed the land the same way they have always been taught • Irrigation and fertilizer increased during the Qing dynasty making families able to expand • Sons were worth more than daughters and had the responsibility to take care of his family • Females were not valued and were trained to supervise children's education • Most women grew up and found outside jobs such as midwives or textile workers that made silk a